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Rationally Saving People amidst the Chaos of the U.S. Election

Jan. 7, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in the U.S.

(Minghui.org) With the chaos after the U.S. election, some practitioners shared their understanding of Minghui editorial, “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals,” regarding that “This U.S. election is a battle between good and evil, a battle between gods and demons.” They called on everyone to send righteous thoughts. When the Trump team ran into obstacles left and right, we got more heavyhearted.

Looking back, I believe our motive was not so pure and was mixed with pursuit. If we all wanted to use sending forth righteous thoughts to quickly turn things around, instead of saving sentient beings through painstakingly clarifying the truth, then our cultivation would not be solid and we might get the opposite of what we wished for.

It is certainly right to send forth righteous thoughts, but it can’t replace our truth-clarification.

Of course, some practitioners think that this election has nothing to do with them and they don’t give it a second thought. That’s a bit extreme also.

After the outbreak of the pandemic last year, fellow practitioners working full-time in media and other projects were busier than before. However, some practitioners spent more time at home and didn’t work as hard to save people as before.

Although I had some success in clarifying the truth on social media for a few months in the spring and summer last year, it was different compared with the intensity and effectiveness of going out to save people.

It really concerned me to see the state where I live, a dark blue state and the birthplace of the United States, being gradually infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and my kindhearted fellow Americans were deceived by the CCP’s lies.

In October, some fellow practitioners designed posters and flyers for a petition calling on the world to end the CCP. As soon as I received the materials, I went out again to distribute them.

The owner of a repair shop said, “I’ve stopped reading or watching the lame-stream media now. It’s only lies and it's all messed up.” I introduced The Epoch Times to him. He immediately checked it on his phone and signed the petition to end the CCP.

Another time, a young manager agreed to sign the petition after I had only talked to him for a few minutes. We covered a range of topics, from the election fraud to the CCP's wild ambition, from how the Communist specter is ruling the world to how the younger generation in the U.S are being poisoned by communism. He told me in the end: “I was just confused four years ago, but now I understand. It takes time to come to this understanding.”

The owner of a high-end suit store thought I was asking to put up Shen Yun posters like before, as he had already known me after having watched Shen Yun three times. After chatting for a while, he asked all his staff to sign the petition and put up our “End CCP” poster.

The owner of a bakery shop was from Brazil. She took the poster to put it up in the center of the store and excitedly told her staffers about it. She also asked for an extra one for her other store.

Once I met a lady garment maker, a Chinese from Guangdong Province. Just as I unfolded the poster, she came over and said, “I'm rushing to make masks for the big rally on Saturday. I'll sign your petition. Is there anything else you want me to sign?”

The owner of a travel agent, a Hongkonger, didn’t only sign the petition online on her phone, but also donated on the website. She said it pains her heart to see that the United States is becoming what Hong Kong is now.

After the manager of a bank refused to let me leave fliers in their lobby, I went to the liquor store next door. When I was posting on the wall, the bank manager came in. He apologized, “I am sorry, but I want a copy of your flier. I want to learn more about it.” He told me that he saw a news piece regarding the CCP using money to manipulate the election. The owner of the liquor store was from India. He was shocked and in disbelief. The bank manager began explaining to him what he learned.

Once after I walked into a small high-end women’s clothing store, the boss was not there and the employees were not sure whether to take the fliers or not. When I was about to leave, two ladies who were shopping there suddenly said, “You are doing an amazing thing.” One of them asked to take a picture of the poster to post on her social media account.

There have been several similar situations recently, where the customers nearby asked me questions and showed their support as I was clarifying the truth to a store’s manager or owner. Some also asked for the fliers.

I also saw passersby voicing their support after seeing the posters on the store windows. There was a man parking his car, who rolled down the window and asked me what the poster was all about.

I met another store owner, who very much agreed with me and supported us, but he disliked Trump. I asked him: “Do you know that Trump dislikes the CCP just as you do?”

“Really? I did not see many reports on that.” I gave him several examples that we could not fully believe the media nowadays and I recommended The Epoch Times to him. I said this is a media that fearlessly provides the truth to the public. In the end, he expressed his appreciation for the conversation that gave him another chance to rethink some things.

When some store managers asked me which candidate I supported. My answer was, “I am not a fan of any president.” They were even more curious to listen to my explanation: “The Chinese Communist Party is evil and has been persecuting Falun Gong for 21 years. The CCP is the most dangerous and biggest enemy of mankind. It aims to destroy the United States with Communism. So no matter who is elected, as long as he can recognize the evil nature of the CCP, defend the tradition and respect faith, I will support him.”

I trust that those who listened to me clarify the truth, no matter what party affiliation they have or whoever they support, would be saved if they understood the truth.

Some people asked me: “How to disintegrate the CCP? Do you think this poster can disintegrate the CCP?” I replied: “I am a volunteer and I do it with my conscience and sense of responsibility. I only hope that more people can understand the truth. When people are awakening, the power of compassion will dissolve all evil.” They all agreed with me.

My husband is a software engineer. Last year, he worked at home due to the pandemic. He began working after we send forth righteous thoughts at 5 a.m. After breakfast, we would go out putting up posters together. We would listen to the Fa teachings on the road and send forth righteous thoughts. After we returned home in the afternoon, he would work again until night. After his shift was over, we would clarify the truth on Twitter. We would study the Fa and do the exercises after that. I noticed I became less and less disturbed by the current affairs. I had less negative thoughts and I was full of energy and full of hope.

In “On the General Election”, Master said,

“When will justice be upheld and our conscience restored?”

My heart was heavy when I read that. I felt Master was worried for worldly beings and people’s indifference to good and evil. I understood that Master was expecting his disciples to come out and take practical actions to save people.

I hope that fellow practitioners across the United States will seize the moment to improve their cultivation state and save more people in a rational and solid manner during this darkest of times.