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Short Sharing: Keep Back Upright During Sitting Meditation

Jan. 6, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Changchun

(Minghui.org) After getting out of the forced labor camp my health improved through studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. But my abdomen and legs hurt. I thought it was because of the long hours I did forced labor while I was incarcerated in the camp.

The pain in my abdomen and legs got worse in 2018 when I bought a home and began renovating it. I had trouble walking and considered getting a cane. I could not lie flat in bed. When I lay flat, my stomach cramped and hurt. My hips hurt so much that I struggled to walk. I knew the reason was that I had attachments to fame, personal interest and sentiment. I looked within but did not find the exact cause.

When I did the sitting meditation exercise two weeks ago, Master gave me a hint to keep back upright. I suddenly recalled that Master gave me the same hint two years ago. I understood but I did not do well. I kept my back upright for a while and then I gradually slumped again.

I thought, “This time, I must keep my back upright to the end of the sitting meditation.” As a result, my body began to feel warm before I finished meditating, Afterward, my hips no longer hurt when I walked.

When I read or recited the Fa afterward, I made sure to keep my body upright. When I could not hold on, I held my calf with my hands and leaned back a little, to prevent myself from slouching down.

The next time I read the Fa, there was a gurgling noise in my abdomen. After discharging hard stools, I could easily straighten my waist. The more I'm able to keep my back upright, the better the effect.