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Memorizing the Fa and Spreading the Truth Widely

Jan. 4, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China


Memorizing the Fa Non-stop and Melting into the Fa

I started to memorize the Fa in 1996 when Master talked about how Changchun practitioners memorized the Fa. I’ve never stopped. By the time the persecution began in 1999, I could recite almost all of Zhuan Falun. My Fa study was not affected during my subsequent illegal detention because I had memorized it.

My understanding is that a practitioner has to memorize the Fa repeatedly if one wants to incorporate the Fa into their thoughts. During the past few years, I’ve recited the entire book from memory every three days, and so far I have recited Zhuan Falun from memory thousands of times. This has helped me improve my xinxing tremendously. Many attachments, human notions, and bad thoughts were unconsciously disintegrated. And I felt the disintegration was complete, deep, and powerful. It is impossible for them to come back again.

I’ve also copied the lectures in Zhuan Falun by hand from memory. Now I am copying Zhuan Falun for the 17th time. Doing so has given me a deeper and better understanding of Zhuan Falun. Moreover, by writing the words down from memory, I discovered mistakes I had made that I hadn’t noticed when I was memorizing the book. For example, I could recite “On Dafa” fluently, but I found many mistakes when I wrote it down from memory. I copied it paragraph by paragraph in pencil. Then I compared it with the original text and corrected my mistakes in each paragraph.

While memorizing Zhuan Falun, I interspersed it with memorizing the five books of Hong Yin, a total of 526 poems. I’ve recited the 526 poems hundreds of times.

The process of memorizing the Fa sounds like a simple process as I talk about it. In fact, doing it was very difficult. Sometimes there was interference, or karma surfaced. Sometimes I didn’t want to open my mouth while reciting. It could seem difficult to finish one lecture a day. Sometimes I felt groggy and couldn't think. When this happened, I didn't want to recite anything. When I was memorizing Hong Yin V, I would forget it as soon as I memorized it, and I thought it was really difficult. But in the end, I succeeded through sheer persistence. If you truly understand the preciousness of the Fa, you will keep at it and cherish it. Memorizing the Fa has been the fundamental guarantee that I am able to validate the Fa well and has helped me to truly clarify the truth well and manifest the miracles of Dafa.

Assisting Master to Rectify the Fa and to Spread the Fa Widely

The way each practitioner clarifies the truth can be different. I mainly use MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to do it. The advantage of MMS is that it is instant and effective, and the receiver can get it immediately, wherever they are. I can reach people of all types and with select content.

I try to maintain righteous thoughts while sending MMS messages to clarify the truth. Master said, “Sweet dew sprinkled all over the land, huts, and palaces” (“My Heart is as Vast as Ocean” in Hong Yin IV) I’ve received more than a thousand replies over the years I’ve used MMS. Some have thanked and greeted me, and some wanted to learn the exercises. Hundreds of people replied by saying they wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. There were also some who said bad words.

Sending MMS messages was easier said than done. It took a lot of hard work to do a good job, but fortunately I was constantly enlightened by the Fa as I did. I couldn’t have done well without Dafa's guidance.

The multimedia messages I send mainly come from articles on Minghui.org. Minghui articles have the power of the Fa and are connected to the process of Fa-rectification. I can always find articles for different types of people and for different periods of time.

The main problem I’ve found with using MMS is how to avoid being censored or filtered. When I could not send the message because it was filtered or censored, I modified it until it could be sent. So, it is very important to see if the article is censored. Dafa gives me wisdom. It was by chance that I discovered how to know if the message was filtered. Now I can easily tell if it is filtered. It takes me less than 30 seconds to test about 10 messages to see if they are filtered.

Multimedia Messaging Service Miracles

Because I sent a large number of MMS messages every day, the cost was high. However, it often seemed that no charges showed up on my prepaid card. For almost a year, there were no charges. Another time, there were no charges in a certain province for about three months. It turned out I sent most of the messages in that province, about 28 every hour, which was the card with the largest daily amount sent.

Beijing filters text messages on mobile phones, so at times I could only send picture messages. When it stopped filtering for a certain period of time, I re-sent text messages to all the mobile phones I could send to. Because Beijing is the center where the evil gathers, each message sent can eliminate the evil factors there.

The filtering of MMS messages started earlier and was stricter in Shandong Province. The text messages from the Minghui articles I sent were censored one after another. Yet one article, titled “Choose the Future,” was not censored for more than six months, even though it contained “sensitive content.”

These extraordinary situations cannot be explained with human logic. I realize that all my accomplishments and successes are from Dafa and were Master's arrangements.

All these experiences reflect the power of Dafa and Master’s compassion. They are also inseparable from the overall cooperation of fellow practitioners.