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Wuhan Resident: At Least 5,000 People Died in the City Each Day During the Peak

Jan. 31, 2021 |   By Minghui reporter Zhou Yuji

(Minghui.org) “Never believe anything the Chinese Communist Party said about their epidemic prevention. Think and judge it for yourself,” said Liu Jiaxin, a Wuhan native, in an interview withthe Epoch Times newspaper. Liu stayed in Wuhan for 76 days during the lockdown in 2020 and came to Los Angeles in the United States in September 2020.

Permanent Loss of Smell and Taste Due to Delayed Treatment

Liu said his residence in Wuhan was only a ten-minute walk from the Huanan Seafood Market, a place widely considered to be connected with the origin of the coronavirus outbreak. He was nervous when the virus first broke out, but all the official media reports at the time claimed that there was no risk of human-to-human transmission of the virus. So he put his guard down.

When the epidemic exploded later on, the situation changed dramatically. Liu himself experienced symptoms of the virus. He began coughing up blood and running a fever, but the hospital and community center gave him runarounds and he never received a formal diagnosis or medical treatment.

He said, “I went to the hospital but was asked to produce a certificate issued by the community center. When I turned around to seek help from the community center, it asked me to show a certificate from the hospital. They just kicked the ball around. I ended up getting better after taking some medicine myself. I did not know even now whether I had the coronavirus or not. But I lost my sense of smell and taste permanently.”

Liu believes that the illness is not as scary as long as it is handled properly, and that there is still a chance to recover. The real horror is the CCP’s mishandling of the pandemic. He said, “The CCP is extremely inhumane. I went to many hospitals, but I was not given a diagnosis or treatment. Instead, they sent me back and asked me to go to a community center to get a medical certificate. Once I got to a community center, they asked me to get a medical certificate from a hospital before they would lay an eye on me! I felt I’ve returned to the age when we had to obtain the Party’s permission to get married.”

At Least 5,000 People Died Every Day in Wuhan at the Peak

Liu said that official coronavirus figures from the CCP are always for reference only. According to his friend who worked at the local crematorium, “at the peak of the pandemic, at least 5,000 people died in Wuhan every day.”

He said the makeshift square cabin (fangcang) hospital was also just a government act to pacify the population. “The fangcang hospital did not provide any treatment. It was made after all medical resources were depleted. It was nothing but a house built on flat land. All the patients or suspected patients were dragged in, resulting in a lot of humanitarian disasters.”

The parents of one of Liu’s old classmates once spent time in the fangcang hospital and later recovered by taking medication they found themselves. Liu said, “The Chinese Communist Party brags everywhere that it has saved a lot of lives in order to advocate the advantages of its system and appease the people, but how come they don't see how many people died in vain as a result of the lockdown. The healthy and the infected, all died.”

The CCP's draconian lockdown was an extreme measure, and no other country has implemented lockdowns on such a large scale. Moreover, lockdowns only temporarily slowed the spread of the virus and didn't really eradicate the contagion.

No Services or Assistance During the Lockdown

During the lockdown in Wuhan, Liu did not receive any cash subsidies from the government, nor was there government assistance in buying food and other services as claimed.

He said, “Yes, there were vouchers issued, such as a discount of 5 yuan for a certain kind of cookie.” For those who were not allowed to go out of their residential compound to shop, these vouchers were useless. At the later stages of the lockdown, people were allowed to shop, but they could not go out of their subdivision, and people had to order supplies through WeChat and then line up to get them at the entrance of the subdivision.

Liu bought a lot of instant noodles and some frozen food during the time to “make it through.” He said prices for everything rose dramatically during that period. A face mask had risen to 30 yuan before the lockdown, and the government did not provide any medical protection equipment to the residents. People in Wuhan were well aware that when the government locked down the city, they were leaving the local residents, who were powerless to resist, to fend for themselves.

In the neighborhood where Liu lived, two children were left unattended after both parents died. “Many families were broken. [For that particular family,] there are just two children left, and the government won't take care of them.”

Although the pandemic appeared to be alleviated on the surface after the lockdown, “the so-called systemic advantage of epidemic protection is the way to sacrifice a neighborhood or a city to protect the government. Why should we sacrifice our own lives to make the government look good?” asked Liu.

According to Liu, many people know the truth about the Wuhan lockdown but have no way to get their voices out. Whoever speaks the truth would be caught and even their whole family would be implicated, so most people do not dare to speak out, he said.

A Repeat of the Wuhan Tragedy in Tonghua

Recently, the city of Tonghua in Jilin Province was locked down, and the chaos of the 2020 lockdown in Wuhan repeated itself. According to information posted online, the lack of food and medicine is still very serious. However, the CCP media is constantly reporting “good news” from Tonghua.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the authorities in Tonghua replied that the city had sufficient reserves of basic living supplies, such as food, oil, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk, and that transportation channels are smooth and can meet the basic living needs of urban residents.

Compared to the beautiful stories described by the government, over 15,000 comments, mostly from netizens in Tonghua, complained on the official WeChat account of the Party mouthpiece People's Daily that the government's promises were just empty words and not really implemented.

The chaos in Wuhan a year ago is happening again in Tonghua. The CCP advocates itself as “great, glorious, righteous.” No matter how many people die, the result of the epidemic prevention can only be portrayed as a success. Any disaster in the CCP’s newspapers and television stations can be turned into a good thing in the end, and funerals can be turned into celebrations.

Until now, it remains a mystery how many people in Wuhan have died of the coronavirus. If at least 5,000 people died every day during the peak period, then the estimated number of deaths in Wuhan could be more than a hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands.

If the pandemic continues and the CCP keeps locking down the country in the draconian Wuhan style, it means the suffering of the Chinese people has just begun. The replay of the lockdown of Wuhan in Tonghua City once again proves that the so-called anti-epidemic model promoted by the CCP is nothing but outright deception.