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What’s on the Final Test? – Some Thoughts on the Result of the U.S. Election

Jan. 30, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shaanxi Province, China

(Minghui.org) After Master published the poem “On the General Election,” Dafa practitioners all knew to send righteous thoughts for the U.S. election. At the same time, we followed its development closely and were anxious to see the final result. With Trump out of office, the current situation dealt a heavy blow to many practitioners, including myself. I felt confused and couldn’t understand what had happened.

I read many practitioners’ sharing articles and media reports, longing for a miracle, even after the result was certified. But nothing happened and we are facing an unacceptable reality.

Normally, we would think Trump would for sure win since as the chosen one, he ticked all the boxes required to fulfill heaven’s will. I had never thought his re-election would be a problem. But in reality, the development took many by surprise – the other candidate took the “lead” and was sworn in as the new president.

This “reality” really shocked me. If I looked at it with my previous way of thinking, I wouldn’t be able to figure things out. But when I was studying Hong Yin V the other day, I suddenly saw this line:

“Is there any true God still there,      if the universe has lost its course?”(“Cosmic Rogues, Your Days Are Numbered,” Hong Yin V)

I suddenly enlightened to the following: Hasn’t Master said we are the Gods and Buddhas of the new universe? Aren’t we cultivating towards divinity? The old universe has fallen apart and the new universe is emerging.

Master taught us,

“… and only when you position yourselves well will you not get swept into the chaos…” (“To the Fa Conference in Taiwan,” Team Blue Translation)

Maybe Master is requiring us to position ourselves as the divine beings of the new universe?

Master also said a long time ago,

“The Dafa disciplesascend to the highest heavensAnd, presiding over Heaven and Earth,rectify the human realm”(“The Foretelling,” Hong Yin Vol. II, Translation Version A)

I suddenly realized that the current situation might be the final test Master has for us Dafa disciples, to see whether we can enlighten to the all-encompassing Fa of the new universe, and whether we can use the Fa as guidance when we encounter similar problems in our own celestial bodies in the future. It’s like taking a final exam or taking the exam to enter graduate school. Only when our understanding reaches the desired level can we graduate or advance our study. It’s just that Dafa cultivation is much more sacred and extraordinary.

We Dafa disciples are cultivating on earth – the environment Master created for Fa-rectification and our cultivation. After going through a long time of tribulation and cultivation, we are about to reach consummation and return to our own homes in different remote colossal firmaments in the universe. When we return, we will be the kings of our own world, that has been rectified and renewed by the Fa.

Before we reach consummation, we have to pass the final test on whether we have reached the requirement the Fa has for us. This is something Master told us a long time ago.

Think about it, the new universe transcends the old rules of “formation, stasis, degeneration and destruction.” When a crisis happens in the new universe, it will be harmonized and fixed by the new Fa. That is to say, the new universe will never be destructed given the new mechanism.

For us, we are still beings of the old universe right now. Before we consummate, we wouldn’t know the Fa of the new universe. Thus, in our minds, we may still judge things based on the principles of the old universe.

Having said that, my point is that for many practitioners, when we think about the U.S. election, we are still thinking about the big elimination of the bad people, which is still the idea of “destruction” of the old universe.

What we are seeing right now is that the justices of the Supreme Court are no longer just; Congress has fallen into the hands of a single party that heavily promotes communist ideologies; other government agencies, including the CIA and FBI, as well as state legislatures and the media, have also been bought by the dark forces.

The bad forces are rampant and it seems that no one in the human world is able to restrain them. As a result, we long for Master to do something about it or just eliminate the evil forces. Obviously, we are still thinking about this from the standpoint of the old universe. We are relying on Master to turn the situation around, without realizing that this might be a test for us, and Master is waiting for us to find the answers from the Fa ourselves. What will we do if we encounter such a situation in the future?

Of course, every practitioner is cultivating at different levels, and each of us will have a different answer. Some may lose confidence in Dafa and turn around to follow the evil. Perhaps this is the final test for us. Master has taught us everything. Everything is in the book and it’s up to us to enlighten to it.

I heard yesterday about the updates regarding two fellow practitioners. One practitioner was released after serving five years in prison. The other practitioner, who was being held in a detention center, compromised and wrote a statement renouncing Dafa.

The practitioner released from prison said, “When four strong guards came to beat me, I thought that I must stay firm in cultivating Dafa. I am a divine being, and they are human. How can humans hurt my divine body? With that thought, the four guards left without beating me.” His righteous thought truly made a big difference!

The above is my understanding at my limited level. I welcome practitioners to point out anything improper.