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Calls to China: Clarifying the Truth with Compassion

Jan. 2, 2021 |   By Huang Yusheng, a Minghui correspondent in Taiwan

(Minghui.org) After the outbreak of the CCP virus (a.k.a. coronavirus), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censored information about the virus in order to maintain its stability. In order to awaken the conscience of the precious Chinese people, Falun Dafa practitioners from outside of China have seized the time to clarify the truth to them through the Internet and phone calls, with the hope that amidst the pandemic, more people would learn about the CCP’s crimes and renounce their memberships in the Party and its youth organizations.

Helping People Quit the CCP with Kindness

The high death toll from the onset of the CCP virus in early 2020 made Ms. Li from Taipei worried. She decided to set aside more time to awaken people’s conscience and help them renounce their memberships in the CCP.

One time, Ms. Li talked to a businesswoman who said she saw the CCP’s evil through her work. When Ms. Li told her that good is rewarded while evil is punished, the woman agreed. But when Ms. Li said that quitting the CCP could nullify the oath she once made to give her life to the Party when she joined, she became silent. Instead of pushing her, Ms. Li encouraged her to check on more Dafa informational materials.

Unexpectedly, the woman asked her, “Did you know that an event on Tiananmen Square before was also a big massacre?” Ms. Li told her, “Yes I do. See, the CCP has killed so many people. That’s why there have been so many people quitting the CCP. Good and evil has its due course. If you quit the Party, when it finally collapses in the future, you won’t be held accountable for its crimes.” Hearing that, the woman agreed to quit the CCP.

Awaking the Conscience of Chinese People

When practitioners make phone calls to China, they often run into people who were persecuted by the CCP through its political movements. Some of them felt helpless, while others anticipated the CCP’s collapse.

Ms. Huang from Miaoli County began to practice Dafa in 2003. She said, “Before that, I had all kinds of illnesses. Through Dafa cultivation, I have good health, live a harmonious life, and have a good career.”

In addition to looking after her store and taking care of her granddaughter each day, Ms. Huang clarifies the facts to people on the Internet. “During the process, I came to understand that people, no matter whether they are rich or poor, all need to know the truth. As long as there is a chance, I wouldn’t give up on them.”

She once ran into someone who said, “I bet you must have met a lot of resistance. Under the CCP’s powerful brainwashing, all the media echos what the Party says. The Chinese people are deceived. They lack a sense of democracy and lead their lives under tremendous pressure due to the CCP dictatorship. All we can do is wait, while you are the warriors and you manage to expose the CCP relentlessly. On the path of moving forward towards freedom and democracy of China, you play a key role. Living under the CCP’s dictatorship is my misfortune, but I have no choice. I can only leave my hope with my next generation.”

When Ms. Huang asked him to quit the CCP, he didn’t seem motivated to do so, though he said that he hated the CCP from deep down. Ms. Huang explained to him in more detail: “I’m a volunteer, I use my spare time to get the truth across with the hope that people would treasure it. That said, I really don’t want you to miss this opportunity, otherwise you’d regret it forever.”

The other party replied, “I joined the Young Pioneers. Could you help me renounce my membership?” Ms. Huang not only did so but also shared with him the phrases “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” telling him that by reciting the phrases sincerely, he would be protected by the divine.

Another person whom Ms. Huang met online told her that he knew how the CCP persecuted Dafa. He told her that his family was once classified by the CCP as landowners and that the Party destroyed his family and killed his grandparents as a result. After Ms. Huang helped him quit the CCP, she sent him some pictures showing how people around the world practice Dafa and the persecution happening in China. In response, he shared some pictures with Ms. Huang about how the CCP has persecuted its own citizens.

He said, “People with some historical knowledge know that, wherever the red regime is, it’s full of terror and violence. What mostly pains my heart is that they blind people’s eyes, clog people’s ears and cover people’s mouths. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t change some people’s views about it. Now with its internal struggle and massive corruption, I know it’s bound to collapse. We should all wait for that day to come.”

People Long for Truth

“I was not computer literate. I started with copying and pasting, and then I learned how to type. At the beginning, I typed slowly. Through persistent learning, this computer has become my Fa weapon,” said Ms. Xie from New Taipei City, who has practiced Falun Dafa for 18 years. She makes phone calls to China as part of the Global Telephone Team to rescue practitioners persecuted in China and persuade police officers, Political and Legal Affairs Committee members, and judges to stop participating in the CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa.

She said, “Practitioners from our rescuing platform awaken the conscience of people every single day. We have no breaks.” She said some people who work for agencies that participate in the persecution are anxious for the truth.

Ms. Xie once called the deputy head of a police station in Yantai City, Shandong Province. He listened to her for about 14 minutes. Ms. Xie said, “The regime is about to collapse. There was a 30,000-word internal document that revealed the CCP had reached a tipping point and could collapse at any time. An internal investigation also found that 85% of high officials in China were ready to escape to other countries. Even within the CCP system, people don’t believe in communism.”

She added, “With corruption having penetrated into the core of the regime, it has no way to provide social security and public welfare. People generally feel insecure, panicked, dissatisfied, and helpless. If you look at how many CCP officials have sent their children and assets abroad, you can see how much confidence the high officials have in their own regime.”

She told the police commander to visit an uncensored web portal. He asked Ms. Xie to repeat it and noted it carefully. Ms. Xie suggested that he read the Epoch Times newspaper for truthful coverage and told him how the CCP’s cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak has caused a huge number of deaths. She also talked about the CCP’s political movements in which it killed Chinese people. The police head said he knew about these cases and kept reminding Ms. Xie to text him the Epoch Times website, adding that he would go online to quit the CCP.

Ms. Xie reminded him to help his family renounce their CCP memberships as well. He agreed. In the end, Ms. Xie told him that sincerely saying the phrases “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” would bring him blessings. He acknowledged that as well.

Ms. Xie said, “I can see that, having been deceived by the CCP all along, people are longing to break through the Internet blockade to learn the truth.”

Saving People While Being Humiliated

Practitioners also run into people who are deeply prejudiced due to the CCP’s propaganda and swear at practitioners. However, instead of harboring resentment, practitioners use their compassion to help turn people’s notions around and still help them quit the CCP.

Ms. Yu from Taoyuan City has talked to Chinese people online for a long time. She said, “For these 20 years, I can’t remember how many people from China have asked me for electronic Dafa books, the exercise instruction video, and exercise music. They include all kinds of people, even prisoners and police officers. After a police officer began practicing Dafa, he went as far as helping to rescue practitioners who were being illegally held for their faith. A doctor who began to practice Dafa told his patients, ‘Falun Dafa is good!’”

Ms. Yu said, “Clarifying the facts to people is just like wandering around, since you run into all kinds of xinxing tests.” For example, some people perceive all criticism of the Communist Party as an attack on the Chinese nation. “They thought you were not patriotic and were extremely angry at you, to the point of going on a personal attack. One time, when the husband was swearing at me, his wife suddenly grabbed the phone from him and began to swear.” Ms. Yu reflected on what she had in mind, asked herself how much she still wanted to save him, and examined her level of compassion. “At these moments, gods are also watching us,” he said.

Another practitioner, Ms. Guo, said that in the past when she ran into recipients who stayed silent, she’d hang up. She has since changed her approach to continue to talk, covering as much as she could. A few times, the other party remained quiet at the beginning, but when she brought up the topic of live organ harvesting, the recipient suddenly started talking and decided to quit the CCP. Another time, Ms. Guo kept urging a quiet recipient to speak up. In the end, Ms. Guo had to say, “I’ll hang up shortly if you don’t want to say anything.” The person started talking and agreed to quit the CCP in the end.

Another time, when the call went through, the other party remained quiet. Ms. Guo began to talk about quitting the CCP. But after a while, the other party was still silent. Ms. Guo said, “I know you are listening to me. Do you know why I’m calling you? It’s because I practice Falun Dafa. Dafa taught me to cultivate our character and do things for the benefit of others. It’s very important for us regular citizens to know the truth and quit the CCP. That’s why I’m calling you.” Right then, the other party began to talk, but what he said were all attacks on Dafa as he had been deceived by the CCP’s propaganda. After Ms. Guo cleared up his misunderstandings, she said, “I hope you will learn the truth and receive good fortune.” Unexpectedly, he whispered at Ms. Guo, “Can I also learn Dafa?”

Working Together to Save People

Practitioners both inside and outside China share a common wish to pass on the truth and awaken the conscience of more people. Some people had spoken to different practitioners. Because all the practitioners treated them kindly, they finally decided to quit the CCP.

One time, Mr. Zhou called a police station head who who was planning to transfer an imprisoned practitioner to a brainwashing center after his term elapsed. Mr. Zhou asked over the phone, “Do you have so-and-so in your police station? Please get him released.” The police head replied, “Not your business,” and hung up. Mr. Zhou quickly passed on the phone number to another practitioner. Though he either ignored the calls or hung up right away, the practitioner was released.

Mr. Zhou said the police were deterred from persecuting the practitioner further because they knew the calls were from outside China and they knew the purpose of the calls.

Ms. Li reached a young person who first saw informational materials a practitioner had put in his bicycle basket. As soon as he ran into Ms. Li, he agreed to quit the CCP. Ms. Li said, “I was so touched then. I feel that we and practitioners in mainland China are one body. Working with practitioners in China to save people is just like a relay race.”

Helping People Quit the CCP

Ms. Yu said, “One day, my home phone rang. The caller was from China, and she called her affectionately, ‘My sister, we finally found you!’” Her reaction caught Ms. Yu off guard. The caller revealed that over 10 years ago, her husband had chatted with Ms. Yu online and began to practice Dafa. The couple were on a sightseeing trip in Taiwan at the time, and they also watched a Shen Yun performance on their trip. The wife was calling Ms. Li to thank her.

The couple wasn’t married back then, but after their marriage, the wife also started to practice Dafa. Back then, Ms. Yu mailed them a small notebook in which she had hand-written all the poems from the book Hong Yin. The husband cherishes the teachings so much that he carries the notebook on him every day.

Another time, after Ms. Yu finished doing her morning exercises, she saw someone greeting her online. Ms. Yu said to him, “Please keep in mind to reply to my message later.” At noon, he replied, “Please help me renounce my memberships from the CCP and its youth organizations. Thank you!”

Then, this person mentioned that he had five children. Ms. Yu quickly asked him to check with each one of them. He didn’t get back to her for a while but later told her, “They’ve all agreed.” Ms. Yu then reminded him to check with his wife. In total, seven people in his family quit the CCP.

Ms. Yu felt that he had learned Dafa before. It turned out that he had given the books away. When Ms. Yu asked him, “Do you need them now?” he said, “Yes, I surely do.”


These stories show how practitioners have maintained their compassion despite the persecution of their faith. We hope that people in China cherish the calls they receive from practitioners and make the choice to stand on the right side of history.