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Human Beings Can’t Overthrow Someone Appointed by the Divine

Jan. 13, 2021 |   By Jing Zhen

(Minghui.org) Many people with religious beliefs understand the concept of “divine right of kings” and that the divine will appoint people as their representatives in the human realm to help manage the world.

This chosen person is commanded and empowered to act for the divine in the human world and he is in charge of the lives on earth. He has a great mission to lead the people to follow the divine’s will and create better lives for the people. Such a chosen one is called the “King” or “Emperor” – or even “Son of Heaven” in ancient China. Modern presidents or heads of state do not possess that much power as their counterparts in ancient times, but they are still granted power by the divine to lead the people to fulfill divine will.

In Chinese history, many of those who self-proclaimed to be the king without blessings from the divine faced very sad endings, such as Chen Sheng in the Qin Dynasty, Wang Mang in the Han Dynasty, and An Lushan in the Tang Dynasty. So for a person to become the king, only with the endorsement from the divine can his reign last long, and he and his people receive blessings.

The U.S. election is full of challenges with unprecedented chaos, including large-scale fraud, lies, personal attacks, and conflicts. It looks like the opposition party is willing to do anything to beat the incumbent president.

However, there is also a saying that “Man proposes, God disposes.” One can plan and try to make things happen, but whether it will happen is in the hands of the divine.

The development of human beings and human societies follow certain rules. Which characters will emerge at what time to do what things are all arranged by Heaven. From the ancient times to modern days, there have always been prophecies that correctly predicted what would happen in the future. That tells us there is a script for the human world and people are following it and playing it out. The divine is in control of everything. In the process, people have to respect the divine and follow its guidance in order to be blessed.

The United States was created as a beacon of freedom. Its first President, George Washington, defeated the British and established the new country. Within two centuries, the U.S. grew from an infant to a super power in the military, political, economic, and cultural sense. Those are blessings given by the divine, as the U.S. was assigned the role to be the world’s top power and given the task of maintaining the world's peace.

The divine bestowed this glory upon the U.S., and the people of the U.S. need to cherish it.

Sadly, the emergence of communism on the land of America turned society upside down. To pursue personal happiness and absolute liberty without any moral boundaries, many people have given up ethics and deviated from the divine’s teachings. Drug abuse, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, terrorism, extremism, and other indecent and immoral activities started to become commonplace. People’s pursuit of their own desires is destroying America.

Trump was elected president in 2016, and during his tenure, he worked hard to bring the U.S. back to traditional values and lead people to regain their trust in and respect to the divine. But he received fierce rejection and denunciation from the extreme left.

However people made the wrong choice or used whatever measures to achieve their goal, the President is appointed by the divine and no one can change it. In the near future, the divine will intervene to reset the course. Those who are involved in corrupting American society or harming the chosen one will be brought to justice for going against divine will.

May the American people get well, return to tradition and walk back to the path guided and blessed by the divine.