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Do Not Get Caught Up in the General Election—View It From A Different Perspective

Jan. 12, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in North America

(Minghui.org) I believe many Dafa disciples have been concerned about the U.S. election in the past few months. It is a battle between good and evil, so I think it's okay to be concerned, as long as we do not allow ourselves to be disturbed or interfered with by what has been unfolding in the human world.

Yesterday, I suddenly realized that many people, including myself, have gotten caught up in the election and have failed to look at it from the perspective of saving people. It is true that the election is a chance for ordinary people to position themselves, maybe the last chance, but what Dafa disciples think and feel will affect ordinary people.

We all know that Trump is the chosen one, and many regular people feel the same, which is why we've been supporting him all along. If he's the chosen one, then what did we want to vote for him for? Because it was a presidential election, the majority of Trump supporters certainly felt that they wanted to vote for him for president, when in fact it is not quite so.

Master talked about the origin of democracy in some lectures. Because the kings of the heavenly worlds had all reincarnated in China, democracy began to emerge in other countries. In normal society, democracy in itself is not necessarily a good thing and may even be more likely to get exploited by bad people, especially during the end of the Dharma period, when people's morality has become corrupted.

Just like this election – it's clearly a stolen election, but from the way things are unfolding on earth right now, it looks like the leftist gang is about to get their way. If mankind is allowed to have a future, democracy will probably no longer exist. If the other candidate comes to power, democracy may end up being disintegrated as more of the truth is revealed to the world. So what Trump is doing now is to try to expose the facts of the election fraud and let the truth be known.

From the perspective of saving people, we can see from the reports that many ordinary people are devoutly praying for the divine's help to make Trump win the election. In the last days of the human race, it is actually commendable that people still have that bit of positive thinking.

A few Dafa disciples recently said in their own media that Trump was too soft-hearted, and missed the opportunity to turn things around or to do anything else to remedy the situation. But in fact, Trump is the chosen one, and the divine is on his side.

Because of the influence of the media run by Dafa disciples, what they said about Trump may affect the thoughts of some sentient beings, because it may damper that little bit of righteous thoughts that the ordinary people may still have, thus affecting their salvation. As Dafa disciples, we must have a clear understanding and know firmly that since Trump is the chosen one, the end result must be good, and it will be a miracle for people.

In the matter itself, Trump never said he lost the election, and promised only a peaceful transfer of power. He has been saying that the battle has just begun, and there has been more solid evidence of fraud emerging in recent days.

Many people have been consciously or unconsciously making the mistake of not being in a certain position, but offering unsolicited solutions. In fact, many times only the person in his position knows the whole picture of the matter. Then the decision made by the person might not necessarily conform to what others had liked or hoped for.

I myself had such an experience while in charge of a project. Sometimes my direct reports would tell me how to do certain things, but I knew their suggestions wouldn't work because they didn't know the other side of the story. And when I reported to my coordinator about certain things, the coordinator didn't always heed my advice. I later found out that this was because I didn't know all aspects of the matter at hand.

Back to the election, many people have commented that given the current situation,Trump should go for this or that option. Sometimes Trump seemed to have gone for certain options, while other times he did not. I believe that's because only Trump himself knows the whole situation, and there may be many things not known to the outside world that may have affected his decisions. I don't think Trump is shouting slogans about continuing the fight, but is actually preparing for the truth to be revealed.

Many people are saying that this is the darkest hour. As I see it, the darkest moment hasn't arrived yet. Like the story “Lion King,” before the wicked lion proclaimed itself to the King, it is not the darkest time yet. Humanity is going to enter the future and the truth about election fraud is bound to come to light, which is exactly what Trump has been working on, and the time may not be too far away. By then Trump may be leading America in a different form than as elected president, and maybe that's what the chosen one was really chosen to do.

This is my understanding at my level, and please kindly point out shortcomings.