(Minghui.org) Right before January 6, I had a break from work so I took this opportunity to spend more time sending forth righteous thoughts for Trump.

I had been concerned about the U.S. general election and had firmly believed that, since Trump was the one chosen by the divine, he would have no problem winning re-election, provided that Dafa disciples sent forth righteous thoughts cleansing vicious elements involved.

When I learned that Trump had not won, I became extremely upset, just like others described in some Minghui sharing articles. I was almost in tears and wondered how the other candidate, whose party had committed such obvious fraud—even worse than the forced organ harvesting committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—had managed to steal the election? How could such hostility dominate the situation? Why didn't the divine intervene?

When I even questioned how Master Li could allow something like this to happen, I realized I seemed to have doubts about Master and Dafa. So I immediately sent righteous thoughts to eliminate such a foul mentality.

After reading sharing articles on Minghui today (January 9), I further strengthened my righteous thoughts and realized that I just needed to keep sending forth righteous thoughts for Trump, keep eliminating the evil, and keep saving people—all of which are what we Dafa disciples should do.

The election result reminded me that I had a poor understanding of what Master said:

“The CCP is in its death throes and trying to harm people by causing pandemonium in the world. Dafa disciples should not allow themselves to get ungrounded by any of this. Stick to the fundamentals, and you will be able to see the upheaval that’s taking place in the proper light.” (“Stay Rational”)

Here I would like to remind my fellow practitioners to not “get ungrounded by any of this.”