(Minghui.org) When I learned that the U.S. Congress had certified the president-elect, I was not stirred but thought: “Mr. Trump, please take a break and recharge to finish walking your path. The loss will only be temporary, and everything is in the hands of the Creator.”

Trump, who is kind and just, also carries a special mission in this special period of time, as he is divinely chosen. As soon as I had the thought, “Do not give up, and let's continue sending forth righteous thoughts for him,” I felt a warm current coming down through my head. I realized what I understood was right. Master was reinforcing my righteous thoughts and purifying my body.

So why did the evildoers succeed in stealing the election? I believe Dafa disciples’ attachments had contributed to the situation. While it’s an opportunity for ordinary people to choose their stance, Master is also watching how we, Dafa disciples, handle the outcome and how our hearts move this time. On the other hand, maybe the situation was arranged to identify and purge the evildoers, as well as to have both the good and bad fully exposed. In the process, we should try our best to save as many people as we can.

Master taught us:

“Since ancient times gods have never loosened their grip on any nation or any individual. When gods want a society to fall into chaos, it will fall into chaos; when gods want a person to go on a rampage, he will go on a rampage; and when gods want a society to be stable, it will be stable. Despite how big that wicked Communist camp was, when [gods] wanted it to dissolve, it dissolved in a matter of days. (Applause) It all depends on whether gods need something or not. Isn't that so?” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. V)

Master is in control of everything. Evil will never subdue righteousness, and one righteousness will suppress all evil. If our Dafa disciples’ cultivation is up to the standard and the number of people to be saved is fulfilled, the Communist Red Devil will disintegrate with a wave of Master’s hand.

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