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Don't Allow Ourselves To Get Distracted

Sept. 9, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) As a Falun Dafa practitioner who has practiced for 23 years, I experienced the wonderful feeling of being illness free as soon as I started practicing. I did not need to take any medicine or to go to the hospital. I recently began having chest pains. Why did this happen? I thought I was either eliminating karma or something was wrong with my xinxing. The old forces saw their chance to persecute me. 

During this period of time, I felt a big gap between Dafa and myself. Even though I was doing the three things, I knew I could improve. When I looked within, I found jealousy, a competitive mentality, attachments to showing off, resentment, and zealotry. I sent righteous thoughts, but it didn’t help. 

When my husband showed me an article published on a news website run by Falun Dafa practitioners my heart felt a sharp pain. I felt alarmed. I realized that I was too attached to the political and social changes. I wanted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to quickly fall. I was too attached to the end of Fa-rectification. 

Ms. An a fellow practitioner came to my house yesterday. I noticed that she began falling asleep and her hand was falling while she sent righteous thoughts. I was very surprised, because she has always been very diligent in Fa-study, sending righteous thoughts, and saving sentient beings. She told me that she lost her internet card for three days, and just found it today. She felt very anxious and uncomfortable if she didn’t read the news on a website run by practitioners. As soon as she found the internet card, she browsed news on that website for two hours until she felt dizzy. 

As she spoke I realized that the media run by practitioners are for non-practitioners to read and watch. They are platforms for us to clarify the truth, and to save sentient beings. Dafa disciples’ responsibility is to save people. We should do our best to hurry up and do the three things well. We don't have time to read the news about everyday issues. 

Many fellow practitioners may be like me, wasting precious time and energy following developing events on the media. We may even forget that the environment is influenced by us. Master is worried about people being eliminated. How can we still waste our time!

Aren’t we the only hope for people to be saved? We cannot relax our efforts for one moment. 

I feel my heart pain was a warning. I hope other practitioners can learn from what happened to me. Let’s walk the cultivation path well, and not disappoint Master and sentient beings.