(Minghui.org) The world is in chaos right now, and has been since the pandemic broke out in China late last year. We are experiencing historic events almost every day. Some fellow Falun Dafa cultivators have been distracted by these current events, such as the U.S. election, the pandemic, etc., and have difficulty finding tranquility in their daily cultivation.

In the past, we have made the same mistakes by being overzealous about some particular political events, such as the downfall of Jiang Zemin (the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who ordered the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999), the protests in Hong Kong, and the general election in Taiwan. Some practitioners even believed that our lawsuits against Jiang Zemin could eventually put Jiang in jail. Whatever the case, those practitioners were waiting for things to change and pinned their hopes on different governments and people.

I believe that these mentalities are all human thinking. Hidden behind them could be desires for competition, zealotry, or even revenge. Master is leading us to rectify the Fa, and all worldly happenings are revolving around the Fa-rectification. We are the protagonists on the stage of world events, and we should not rely on others to save the world for us. Everything is brought about by the heart of Dafa cultivators, and the more attached we are to the world’s affairs, the more complicated the environment becomes.

Master said,

“When people’s morals change, things will change for the better.” (“Stay Rational,” Team Yellow Translation)

The pandemic has awakened the world’s people to see the CCP’s deceptive and violent nature, and more governments, organizations, and individuals have stood up to defend justice, and condemn the CCP. In other words, they have chosen to stand by justice. What matters are people’s morals and hearts, not our reliance on ordinary people to do the job for us.

Everything revolves around Fa-rectification, so Dafa cultivators must not put the cart before the horse.

This is just my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.