(Minghui.org) Minghui Publishing is pleased to announce a new English book, The CCP Pandemic: How Seeing Through the Chinese Communist Party's Deception Offers a Path to Hope. The Kindle Edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be delivered to devices starting on September 27, 2020. Additional e-book formats and a paperback edition will be available at a later date.

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When the novel coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan in 2019, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) systematically covered up the outbreak, leading to the pandemic that is now ravaging the world. The regime then waged a disinformation campaign, casting itself as a savior of countries impacted by the infection.

A correlation between countries hit hard by the virus and their close ties to the CCP leads us to examine the underlying causes of where we are today, including how the Chinese regime has deceived the world and why other countries have ignored and even enabled its abuses.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the CCP’s nature, more people around the world see the need to hold the regime accountable and uphold universal values and morality to prevent another tragedy like this one.




Chapter 1: What Went Wrong?First Cases EmergeSilencing Doctors and WhistleblowersDownplaying the ThreatDestroying Samples and DataA Systematic Cover-Up

Chapter 2: Disinformation CampaignHigher Toll Than ReportedPressure to Suppress NumbersRedirecting BlameFrom Epicenter to SaviorMask DiplomacyChina's Internet Army: A Training ManualPlanting Hatred in Young Minds

Chapter 3: A Glimpse of Life in ChinaModel Community Abandoned by Local GovernmentLittle Concern for Citizens’ WelfareA Political ShowTightening Social Control

Chapter 4: The Virus Shadows CCP InfluenceItaly and Spain Partner with the CCPHow the U.S. Raised a TigerThe U.K. Courts Chinese Investment

Chapter 5: The Essential Nature of the CCP Made the Pandemic InevitableA History of DeceptionThe Virus Cover-Up Mirrors the CCP’s Latest Persecution CampaignFrom Scapegoats to Wolf WarriorsHow the CCP’s Anti-Humanity Doctrines Set the Stage for a 21st Century Pandemic

Chapter 6: Returning to Where We BelongReflecting on Ancient WisdomThe Path to TyrannyStanding by Our Principles in the Modern Age

Chapter 7: Holding the CCP AccountablePushback on the International StageRethinking Relationships with the CCPInvestigations, Sanctions, and Lawsuits

Chapter 8: Hope on the HorizonThe Chinese Wake Up to a Sobering RealityMiracles During the PandemicMaking a Better Future