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Reason Behind a Poor Cultivation State

Sept. 14, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I visited an 80-year-old practitioner who told me that something was wrong with her. She said she was always listing to the right, especially when she was standing.

Her right side seemed to be shorter, and she said she felt unbalanced and unsteady when she walked, as if a strong force was pulling her down. Although she was not in pain, she had a difficult time walking. She couldn’t help but think, “Is it time for me to go?”

This practitioner habitually woke up at three in the morning and seized every moment of the day. After doing the five exercises, she sent forth righteous thoughts, then studied two chapters of Zhuan Falun and others of Master's lectures. She sent forth righteous thoughts many times throughout the day, so why was her body lopsided?

She looked inward but could not find the reason. Other than that, she was in fair spirits and firmly believed in Dafa.

I shared my thoughts with her, “Maybe your body is going through an adjustment, or it could be the old forces interfering with you. Just follow Master’s teachings, and no one can harm you.”

I was puzzled by her condition. Although I could not see the loophole, I sensed that there was a substantial bad element behind her cultivation state.

I ran into her daughter, a fairly new practitioner. She was worried about her mother, and told me that her parents had visited her uncle. Her father gave the uncle 5,000 yuan, and said, “When we die one day, we would like to be buried in your family’s old graveyard.”

I was taken aback and asked if her mother knew about it. She said, “My mother knew about it. It was my father’s idea, but my mother did not object to it.”

I told her what I thought, “Your mother’s condition could be attributed to this. No objection means acquiescence and consent, so isn’t it the same as acceptance? The old forces then can take advantage of the loophole. ‘We will grant you the wish since you arranged your burial.’ Tell your mother to get rid of the thought, confess her mistake to Master, and ask for help. Send forth righteous thoughts to negate the old forces’ arrangements, since Master arranges everything.”

I ran into the daughter two weeks later, and she said her mother’s problem was gone.

Practitioners can easily overlook issues like this. Although some elderly practitioners are doing the three things well, they don’t know what to do when they encounter issues like this. There have been many lessons in this regard, where our human notions are the cause of our problems.

Cultivation is solemn, and everything human will prevent us from serious cultivating. Therefore our thoughts must be based on the Fa so that we can walk our path steadily.

Master said,

“But our path is very narrow, and if you aren't paying attention for just a moment, you could stray, and once you stray, you will have problems, even very big problems, and if you aren’t able to make your way back, it will become an eternal regret.” (“Another Stick Warning,” Blue Team Translation)