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Holding Righteous Thoughts and Rectifying One's Cultivation State

June 25, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) It is useless to talk about benevolence if one still has human attachments. We can only appreciate Master’s immense benevolence after we have rid ourselves of all human attachments. Master spent his whole lifetime helping us succeed in cultivation. He compressed his mighty power, and all things needed for our cultivation, into Dafa. All we need to do is to put down our human attachments.

All Attachments Need to Be Eliminated to Rectify Oneself

Looking back, all the tribulations I had were caused by my own attachments that I refused to give up. My attachments led to my suffering and increased persecution.

Without Master’s protection, one’s human side is so fragile that he could not do anything without risking himself. Master can help us with anything as long as we are cultivating, otherwise Master cannot help us. We need to learn from our tribulations by looking at them from the perspective of Dafa, be it by looking within or from the sharing of fellow practitioners.

Although some practitioners say they distribute Dafa brochures and do Dafa-related work, their behavior is worse than that of a regular person. I view it this way: the old forces arranged this persecution of Dafa practitioners according to the principles of the old cosmos. Their purpose was to test practitioners, not regular people.

The evil that practitioners deal with are in other dimensions. They are horrific, even for divine beings to see. Practitioners cannot see them, but may feel their suffocating pressure. Thus practitioners should not use their human side to look at other practitioners’ tribulations or their behavior.

When I read the “solemn declarations” in Minghui Weekly each week, I truly wished those practitioners who rejoined Dafa could catch up quickly. Cultivation is extremely difficult and very serious, because the old forces are watching us at every moment.

Some practitioners did the three things very well. They were particularly motivated and did well in the area of clarifying the facts about Dafa to people. But their understanding on the issue of illness karma was not clear, and they couldn’t give up the attachment. They ended up dying because the old forces used this as an excuse to persecute them.

Those so called “transformed” practitioners had attachments to comfort, fear, resentment, competitiveness, lust, and showing off. They hid these attachments and would not give them up. They could not face their attachments even when others pointed them out. The old forces found good reason to have them arrested. They were taken to the dungeon and still did not wake up. So the evil tortured them and exacerbated the persecution.

Eventually their physical body could not tolerate it, and they went astray and were “transformed.” They wasted precious time for validating Dafa and almost lost the opportunity to cultivate. Didn't such behavior render them totally unworthy? Now, they came back to cultivation. They should learn from their experience by finding their attachments that were taken advantage of by the old forces, root them out, cultivate with poise and confidence, and never go to the extreme.

Now, practitioners are approaching consummation. However, there are some, as they describe on the Minghui website, who were still moved by human attachments. They were persecuted by police, who were controlled by rotten demons in other dimensions.

Other practitioners developed fear after reading about such persecution cases. They were torn between going out to clarify the facts about Dafa or staying home. To them, going out meant the risk of being arrested, jailed, or even tortured. However, not going out may mean failing to accomplish the mission of a practitioner.

In reality, by having the wrong understanding and having attachments to fear or self-interest, the police will come to your door even if you just stay at home. As the moment turns more critical, we need to be more clear-minded in our cultivation.

Human Thoughts Play a Large Role

Although we are in this world of delusion and cannot see other dimensions, Master has told us Dafa is the truth of the universe. He is next to us and protects us at each and every moment. Numerous divine beings help us strengthen our righteous thoughts, but the old forces also watch closely. As soon as we have an incorrect thought, the old forces will strengthen it and control the weak part of our human side.

Our thoughts will begin to wander, ignorantly creating a large amount of black substance in our own spaces. The black substance provides an environment for the evil and keeps nourishing them, eventually leading to harassment by the police and to persecution. These are caused by one’s own bad thoughts. Master and divine beings are unable to help, even if they want to.

I feel more and more that the human side of a person causes more trouble than does any good. It even does not want us to succeed at cultivation. It is just like the old forces who do not want us to succeed. In that case, how can we rely on the human side to validate Dafa? Seeing this, I measured everything according to Dafa, and clearly distinguished what were human thoughts in my mind and got rid of them.

I found that the thoughts from my human side are weak, but very deceitful. So we need to have righteous thoughts and judge things based on Dafa in our daily lives. Think about it, would a divine being hate the police, and would a divine being be afraid of things when facing a tribulation? Would a police officer dare to harm a divine being if the evil were not controlling him from another dimension?

As a matter of fact, we should be able to give up everything at this stage of Fa-rectification cultivation. We should rectify our cultivation state and walk toward the future with ample righteous thoughts.