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[Celebrating World Falun Dafa Day] A Happy Temporary Worker

May 28, 2020 |   By a practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) I attended two of Master's lectures in 1994, and started cultivating. Over the last 20 years of Fa-rectification, I have experienced many tribulations, but I have become healthier and healthier, and have no white hair. My skin looks great and many people think I look only 40 years old, despite being in my sixties.

I used to be a contact person for the local Falun Dafa assistance center. I went to Beijing and the provincial government to appeal for Falun Gong. From 1999 to 2006, local police monitored me, and I was sent to brainwashing centers and sentenced to prison.

Where Does Happiness Come From?

After being released from prison, my former colleagues helped me to get a temporary job at my original workplace—a government department. My job was to clean the office, make tea, make copies of documents, etc. My son didn't want me to do it. He said, “You used to be a leader at this place, but now you are going to be a low level temporary worker. The salary is so low. Even if you don't feel bad losing face, I am embarrassed.”

I told him, “I gave it a lot of thought after some intensive Fa study. I used to have strong attachments to face, and people thought I was aloof and full of pride. This is a chance for me to eliminate those attachments. It also helps us financially. The most important thing is that it offers opportunities for me to clarify the truth to government officials.”

My son didn't believe me, “You have the guts to 'make trouble' in government offices?” I said, “Falun Dafa has amazing power and saves people. Just wait and see. Miracles will happen.”

At the new job, one of my assignments was to organize the library. It was heavy labor because I had to move the books around and put them on shelves. During the process, I found a few books that slandered Falun Gong. I thought, “These things are polluting sentient beings. They will bring disasters to people in this department. They must be destroyed immediately.” I took them out and destroyed them in a shredder.

I later saw many documents about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) policies. Through my celestial eye, I found that those documents radiated black stuff in another dimension. Since there were many such documents, I needed to get approval from the department chief before destroying them. So I picked out a few documents that had mold on them and showed them to the chief.

“If we don't get rid of these, the mold will spread all over,” I said, “Let's destroy them and I will re-number the rest of the books.”

The chief said, “That’s a good idea, but that will give you extra burden. It is dirty and time-consuming. Can you do it?” I said, “No problem.”

I destroyed more than 1000 copies of the CCP files, and re-numbered all the books. I also cleaned up the whole library. I was highly praised by the chief and colleagues for this project.

Master said:

“For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People,” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

I was enlightened that my working environment had been arranged by Master. It was an environment for me to clarify the truth and save people. I knew I should do well what a Dafa practitioner should do.

My boss learned that I was good at writing so he asked me to do some research into local historical sites and cultural relics, and write articles about them. This required me to visit the sites and take pictures. Most of these sites have become tourist spots. I was happy to accept this assignment, because it gave me a great chance to clarify the truth to tourists.

When I visited the sites, I brought a lot of truth-clarifying materials, including posters, with me. After I finished my work, I passed out the materials and put up the posters. I also convinced many people to quit the CCP.

I was sent to visit some historical sites in other cities. I also took this chance to clarify the truth. While taking pictures, I put up posters at those tourist spots.

Since I was able to clean out so much poisonous stuff and clarify the truth to save people in our work environment, I was happy at work. People noticed that I was always smiling and singing. The chief said to me, “Why are you so happy? I am often depressed. But as soon as I see you, my mood gets better. You should work here forever. Let me know what I can do to help you.”

Another time, my former boss said to me, “You are a widow who has suffered so much, but you still keep so positive. You are better than many people. I just wonder where your happiness comes from?”

I replied, “It comes from cultivating Falun Dafa. Dafa practitioners put down the attachments to fame and money, and these things cannot be taken with you when you die. They are all empty. Once you see through them and put them down, your spirit will be uplifted under the guidance of Dafa. Of course you will be happy.”

Every Miracle Is Arranged by Master

There are no coincidences in cultivation. Everything is arranged by Master, and Master brings people with predestined relationships to me so that I can clarify the truth to them, save them, and help them obtain the Fa. I would like to share three miracles here.

The first one happened to my former boss. She was a high ranking official in the city government. She suddenly had a severe eye disease. It was very painful, and therapies didn’t help.

She had heard from my former colleagues that although I worked as a temporary worker, I had become even happier and healthier. She was curious and contacted me. She told me about her disease, and asked if I knew anything that could help her.

I was happy—isn't this Master's arrangement for her to obtain the Fa? I said to her, “You are asking the right person. As long as you quit the Party, and sincerely chant ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ Dafa's Master will help you.” I also told her, “The best thing for you to do is to cultivate Falun Gong with me. Your future will be brighter.”

She said that she was still a government official and was fearful. I asked, “Aren't you afraid of diseases? What are fears good for? People make karma every day, so everyone suffers. You should believe me that Falun Dafa saves people, and only Dafa's Master can help you.”

She said, “Okay, I believe you. But you must keep it a secret.” I gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun and other materials, and also taught her the exercises. Shortly afterwards, her eye disease and other health problems disappeared. She even invited me to clarify the truth to her mother and help her mother quit the Party. Not only did her health improve, she also got a promotion at work.

The second story is about one of my late husband's friends. He used to be a military official. He and about two dozen of his military friends have monthly gatherings. They invited me to their gatherings after hearing that I had been released from prison. I brought some truth-clarification materials for them each time.

At the beginning, they said to me, “We all know that Falun Gong is good. You are healthy due to cultivation. But in the current environment you'd better practice at home and not take these risks. We are all worried about you.”

I kept telling them, “You are all nice people with predestined relationships. You are the people that my Master tries to save. If I stay home just for my safety and ignore you guys, wouldn't that be selfish? I am not asking you to take risks with me. I just want you to quit the evil Party and support the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. You will be blessed by gods, and have a bright future.”

After many of these gatherings, all of them have quit the CCP. A few of them often ask me for more Falun Dafa materials.

In the third story, I became known to a senior editor at a publishing house. My boss really liked the book I wrote about the historical sites. He contacted a publishing house to publish it and introduced the senior editor to me.

The editor highly praised the book and was interested in publishing it. We had dinner together several times. She later told me that she had serious depression, insomnia, and anorexia, and her temper had become terrible. She said, “A few days ago, I had a fight with my boss for no reason. My boss was embarrassed and threatened to fire me. I am so worried about myself. I am even thinking of killing myself.”

I said to her, “If you believe me, I can help you.” I then clarified the truth to her, and convinced her to quit the communist youth league and the young pioneers. I also told her to chant ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ “It will help you to recover from the depression,” I told her. She agreed.

I later gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun and some other materials. “Read this book when you have time,” I told her, “It can help you get through suffering. It is the best way.” She accepted my words. I then suggested that she should apologize to her boss.

She invited me to dinner again shortly after, and excitedly told me that she had a piece of good news—she had read Zhuan Falun carefully. “It really is a special book,” she said, “As I read it, my depression disappeared. I can now sleep and eat. I am happy every day. My boss also forgave me, and even praised me in public for my work.”

She also told me that the book I wrote had been approved for publishing. It was recommended by her boss as one of the outstanding books that the publishing house would promote.

Witnessing the Amazing Power of Dafa

In the last 20 years, I have witnessed the amazing power of Dafa. I would like to share a few stories, which manifest Master's salvation.

I worked with a photographer who helped me edit the pictures in my book. He was depressed for a period of time. He told me that his wife was seven months pregnant, but the fetus was diagnosed with serious hydrocephalus. Doctors at several hospitals gave him the same suggestion—abortion. The baby would need intensive therapy after birth that would cost a fortune, and the results would not necessarily be good. There was a high chance that the baby would have serious brain problems, even after the treatments. The whole family was worried about this.

I said to him, “Don't worry. Listen to me. You know that I cultivate Falun Dafa. It is the profound Buddha Fa, and saves people. It has amazing power. Many Dafa practitioners used to have cancer and other fatal diseases, but they were cured by Dafa. I believe that Master Li will save your baby, as long as your family does what I tell you. First, you must all quit the Party. Second, clean up your home environment—throw away any fake qigong books. After that, put up Falun Dafa posters at home. This way, your home environment will be peaceful and filled with compassionate energy. Third, you and your wife should find some time to read Zhuan Falun, and listen to Dafa music, such as ‘Pudu’ and ‘Jishi.’ Such music is great for your baby.”

He agreed to do all of those things. His entire family, including his wife, mother, and father-in-law, also agreed.

A month later, his wife had another examination. Surprisingly, the fetus' symptoms had disappeared. The doctors were shocked. They had a healthy baby. The whole family was extremely happy. The child is now in elementary school, and is smart and healthy. The whole family are deeply grateful for Master's salvation. They have all started cultivating Dafa.

One of the retired chiefs from my workplace had a blood vessel tumor on his neck. It grew larger and larger and was diagnosed as lymph node cancer. He was scared. I went to clarify the truth to him. He said that he had had many diseases for many years. In 1999, somebody introduced Dafa to him, and he had read Zhuan Falun. He knew that Dafa was good, but he could not put down the attachments to fame and money, so he didn't start to cultivate.

I said, “You really have a predestined relationship with Dafa. It’s not too late to make up for it. Just do what I tell you. Quit the Party and often chant 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’” He agreed.

His wife, a physician, insisted on him having surgery to remove the tumor. I told him, “Surgery is fine, but you must do what I told you, which can really help you.” After the surgery, he didn't reject the suggestion of chemotherapy. He chanted the words I told him and also read a lot of materials about Dafa. He recovered quickly. The mortality rate for lymph node cancer is very high, but he recovered in a short time. We all know that Master saved him.

Another thing happened recently. My brother had to go to Wuhan for a funeral at the end of last year. I told him on the phone not to go because some cases of COVID-19 had already been found. But he didn't listen to me.

After the funeral, he told me on the phone that he felt sick with pain in his throat, coughing, and a mild fever. I told him to immediately chant the words ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ I said, “I've told you to do this when you are in danger. Why didn't you listen to me!?” He was remorseful. “I forgot. From now on, I will keep chanting the words until I recover.”

After he got home, Wuhan was locked down. His town was locked down too. He was quarantined at a local hospital, and his wife was quarantined at home. Healthcare workers checked on them every day. A few days later, he told me on the phone that his symptoms had disappeared. The doctors believed that he had pneumonia, but the tests came back negative. After a few days, he had completely recovered.

He thanked me for my help. I said, “You should thank Master Li. Since you quit the Party a long time ago, and you have been supporting my cultivating Dafa, Master Li has been watching over you.”

Boundless Appreciation

Master said:

“People who practice Dafa have blessings, but they also have tribulations while they practice cultivation—this is for sure.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City,” from Lectures in the United States)

Over the last 20 years of cultivation, I have experienced physical tribulations, xinxing tests, and persecution. With Master's guidance and protection, I have broken through all kinds of difficulties and have never been in any real danger. I have become healthier and healthier, and also gained wisdom from Dafa. My celestial eye is open. Master has helped me break through the old forces’ financial persecution.

I had a stable income, and I worked as temporary worker for eight years. When I was 55, the workplace paid more than 100,000 yuan in social security fees for me (~USD$ 20,000), and offered me a retirement stipend as a high ranking manager, even though I was a temporary worker. I also successfully obtained a pension from the city government as the wife of a military official. I believe that Dafa practitioners are the luckiest ones in the universe—Master is watching us all the time.

Dafa practitioners have followed Master in Fa-rectification for 20 years. Over the last 20 years, we have clarified the truth and saved many people. During the pandemic, when people are facing danger, I would like to tell people, based on my own experiences, that we must recognize the evil nature of communism and atheism, and see through the evil purpose of the CCP—to destroy human beings. One will survive these disasters if he shows respect to gods, improves his moral standard, abandons evil, quits the Party, supports Dafa, and follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.