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Saving Perpetrators with Compassion

February 10, 2020 |   By a practitioner from Northeast China

(Minghui.org) In the early days of the persecution, I held great antipathy toward the police as they were the ones who carried out the policies to persecute practitioners. Whenever I saw policemen or police vehicles pass by, I would say to myself, “Why haven't they gotten what's coming to them? It will be so great when they get it.” 

I did not have compassion at the time.

One day, I read a Minghui article titled “Putting Compassion into Action” by a fellow practitioner. At the end of the article, the practitioner wrote, “If we Falun Dafa practitioners can treat all people as our family members, broaden our minds to accommodate all sentient beings, and save them with compassion, the negative factors will be eliminated.” 

I was struck and awakened by these words.

Master has always told us to save people with compassion. But in reality, have we truly treated other people as we would our family? Have we told them the truth about Dafa?

Master wrote,

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in springRighteous thoughts can save the people in this world”(“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin II)

The power of compassion can cleave a mountain; the might of Dafa knows no limit. When the good portions of people's lives hear the truth, these people will be saved.

A Secretary for the Political and Law Enforcement Committee

When I was forced to flee home to avoid further persecution in 2002, I heard that the secretary of our county's Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) had been actively persecuting practitioners.

He used to be the head of the township where I resided, and helped solve many issues for local residents. In my mind, he left an impression of being upright, incorruptible, and someone with a sense of integrity.

Later on, he was appointed Party secretary for another town. After the persecution started, he followed the orders from his superior and purchased many large sticks to beat practitioners. I completely changed my mind about him and felt very sorry for him.

Now that he is head of PLAC for the county, many fellow practitioners in this area faced arrest, detention and a hostile environment.

I started to think, “How much karma was he accumulating for persecuting Dafa practitioners? How could he possibly repay such a huge karmic debt?”

So I decided to write a personal letter to him to persuade him to stop participating in the persecution; I wanted him to have a chance to choose a bright future for himself. In the letter, I also thanked him for his kindness and everything he did for me in the past.

A few months later, I went to visit a fellow practitioner who had just been released from the detention center. The practitioner told me that she was detained for only five days there; it was the head of the county PLAC who personally telephoned the police chief and instructed him to release her. Otherwise, the police chief was about to arrest her daughter as well. I knew that my letter had done its job and I felt happy for the secretary.

A fellow practitioner who had a relative who works in the county government once told me that, during the several years that I was living away from home, a high-level official in the county was protecting me from being chased down. I knew that it was the county PLAC secretary who had read my letter.

A Police Chief

After 1999, the police chief of my town frequently led his subordinates around to various villages to harass practitioners. I was one of those being harassed.

Every time they came, I tried to tell him my personal story and the benefits of practicing Dafa. One day he finally said to me, “I am helpless. My superiors gave me the orders and I have to comply.” Later, his attitude toward me became much gentler and more friendly.

I also wrote to him multiple times persuading him to protect Dafa practitioners. I said that doing so would have a far-reaching effect that would benefit him and bring him a bright future.

One day as I was walking through the town, I received word from another practitioner that the police chief told her to tell me that I should leave town immediately; the city authorities were stepping up their efforts to search for and arrest me. Soon, the city started a large-scale blanket search for me which lasted a long time.

Three years later, on the day I was eventually arrested, the police chief came to the office where I was temporarily detained and questioned the police officers of the Domestic Security Bureau.

“Why did you arrest her? Release her now,” he demanded.

Later, I heard from others that the police chief was not willing to participate in the persecution and attempted to switch positions multiple times. But due to the fact that there were many practitioners in the town and no one wanted to head up the police department, his request to relocate was denied. Instead, he successfully asked for long leaves, including a six-month sick leave.

A Captain of the Domestic Security Bureau

The captain of the Domestic Security Bureau in my county was a key player in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. He was a cruel man and had personally beaten each practitioner he arrested.

In an effort to get him to stop his wrongdoing, I wrote a letter to him explaining that good is rewarded with good while evil is met with karmic retribution. My letter also advised him to treat practitioners well so that he could have a good future.

When he and his subordinates arrested me, he told his subordinates not to handcuff me. At the police department, he told others to give me a cup of hot water and treat me well. He took out the letter I'd written him and asked one of his subordinates to read it out loud. As this policeman got to the part that talked about Jiang Zemin being sued in criminal cases, he did not dare read it aloud.

This captain invited me to have breakfast with him and some other policemen at a restaurant. He also asked for my preferences regarding what food to order.

During the routine interrogation, I refused to cooperate with them, but they did not use violence as they would normally do.

In 2010, all practitioners who had been released earlier were arrested again, and their homes were ransacked. The captain of the Domestic Security Bureau asked me if I still remembered him.

“Yes, of course,” I replied. “But after so many years, how is it that you still have no idea what you're doing?”

He looked down, embarrassed, and did not reply.

During the ensuing interrogation, an officer asked if I would continue to practice Dafa, and I replied yes. The captain, who was standing by my side, added with a smile, “It is impossible for her to stop—Falun Dafa saved her life.”

Later, he left the police department and moved to another agency. Another practitioner then successfully helped him quit the Chinese Communist Party.

A Prison Guard

In the early days of my detention at a labor camp, the squadron lead was ferocious. As I refused to give up my practice, she ordered other inmates to torture me. I sent forth righteous thoughts specifically toward her. After I did so – continuously – for three months, her attitude started to turn around and she became nicer, especially to me.

Half a year later I had a dream about her. In the dream I presented her with a big ripe peach. Although she did not accept it initially, I eventually placed it in her hand. In the end she held the peach and smiled at me. I woke up immediately and realized that it was a hint from Master to save her.

I spent over three hours writing a two-thousand-word letter to her. In the letter, I told her why Falun Dafa is a righteous cultivation way, why it is well accepted all over the world, why Jiang Zemin launched the persecution, and how Dafa had saved my life.

In the end, I wrote, “As a camp guard, you have the opportunity to be with Dafa practitioners every day. It is a blessing for you in that you can use your position to protect and help them, as well as accumulate your own virtue.”

Then I told her about my dream and how I interpreted it to mean for her to stand on the right side of history – stand with Dafa practitioners.

After reading my letter, she came four times to my cell that day, calling my name and smiling her widest smile. Even though she quickly walked away each time, I knew she really understood my letter. I felt happy to see another soul saved.

Ever since then, she totally changed. She became kind and friendly with people and kept smiling all the time. One day she confessed to me, while pointing to her uniform, “I really hate that I have to wear it every day.”

The captain ordered that a steadfast practitioner be locked up in solitary confinement for a week straight. The squadron lead secretly sent good food to the practitioner. During the time I was sick, she brought me food from her own portion as a camp guard. She also sent me fruits once in a while.

She would buy new clothes for the practitioners who were close to being released. For those practitioners in detention, she helped bring them the food that their families had brought during visitation.

Later, the captain reassigned her out of the squadron and made her the team lead in charge of the night shift. She always took advantage of her position to allow practitioners to go to bed early.

I was once locked in an isolated area with several determined practitioners. One afternoon, she came and whispered in my ear, “You've got to be prepared.”

The next day, a group of policemen came to the labor camp and started to torture those practitioners who refused to give up their practice. I knew she was trying to alert me the day before of this upcoming danger. I then pleaded with Master for help and sent righteous thoughts at the same time. The policemen did not end up using any violence on me.

Right before I was released, she came to tell me the exact date of my release. On the day of my release, she was stationed upstairs on duty. But she rushed downstairs just to see me off.

The above personal experiences have left me with indelible memories. I feel so happy for the lives that were saved. Here, I'd like to congratulate these people again for choosing a beautiful, bright future for themselves.