(Minghui.org) U.S. President Donald Trump gave a video speech to America on December 22, informing the public of what had happened during the 2020 general election. He expressed his determination to stop the fraud in accordance with laws and the U.S. Constitution. He also said now it is time for Americans to raise their voices.

“My fellow Americans. Today I want to explain to you why I am so determined to pursue every legal and constitutional option available to stop the theft of the presidential election. As President, one of my most solemn duties is to protect the integrity of your sacred right to vote,” he said, “This year, using the virus as a pretext, Democrat officials in the key swing states illegally violated their own state laws in order to enable, encourage, and facilitate fraud on a scale never before seen in the history of our country.”

“The truth is we won the election by a landslide. We won it big. Today, I'm going to give you the facts that every American needs to know,” he continued.

Trump's speech once again demonstrated his moral and legal principles, but it also reflected an unfortunate fact, that is, when people have lost their moral compass, democracy, rule of law, and personal freedom are no longer guaranteed.

President Trump gave a video speech on December 22 about the U.S. election fraud.

Strange Phenomenon on the Election Night: One-sided Spikes

Trump started by talking about the election day. “By midnight, we had a commanding lead in the swing states. We won Florida by a record number of votes. We won Ohio by a record number of votes,” he remarked, “And likewise, we won Iowa by 8.2%, far different than the false narrative portrayed in the media. We were up by 293,000 votes in Michigan, 112,000 votes in Wisconsin, 356,000 votes in Georgia, and nearly 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, all swing states.”

“These numbers were absolutely impossible for Joe Biden to overcome, and the Democrats knew it and everybody forecasting knew it and understood it well. Our nation's greatest political professionals were calling to congratulate me on our victory.” he explained, “ Then suddenly everything started to disappear. Everything started to change. The vote counting abruptly stopped in multiple states. In the middle of the night, a series of massive and statistically inconceivable vote dumps overturned the results in state after state.”

“At 6:31 a.m., very early in the morning, Michigan suddenly reported 147,224 votes, 94% for Biden, 6% for Trump. At 4:42 a.m., Wisconsin reported 143,279 votes, almost all of them for Biden. A similar massive drop of ballots happened in Georgia at 1:34 a.m., again, almost all of these votes for Biden. These gigantic and ridiculously one-sided spikes were miraculously just enough to push Joe Biden into the lead in all of the key swing states,” he continued.

“Historically, Mathematically, Politically, and Logically Impossible”

And that is only part of the story. “These glaring anomalies are just the tip of the iceberg. We won 18 of 19 bellwether counties, a record, that have correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election for the last 40 years. We also won Ohio, Florida, and Iowa by historic margins, meaning Biden would be the first candidate since 1960, and only the second candidate in American history to win the White House while losing all three of those major states, and it wasn't even close,” he said.

The results also contradicted outcome in the House. With Biden at the top of the democratic ticket, the Democrats lost 25 out of 26 toss-up House seats. “That's a record. Democrats were projected to gain 15 seats, and instead, because of my success and coattails, as they call 'em, they lost 14 seats. So think of that, they were going to win big and they ended up losing big,” Trump continued.

“My campaign received more votes than any President in history. Almost 75 million people voted for me. We earned approximately 12 million more votes than we got in 2016, the largest vote increase for an incumbent president ever recorded. I also received the largest share of non-white voters of any Republican in over 60 years,” he explained.

“In fact, we did better with African-American and Hispanic voters everywhere in the country except for a small handful of corrupt Democratic-run cities in key swing states, places notorious for fraud such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, all run by Democrat machine politicians,” he said, “No president has ever lost re-election while making such extraordinary gains across the board.”

“There’s never been anything like it. Yet despite all of this evidence of a thundering Trump victory and all of those projections all through the night, they want us to believe that Joe Biden, who seldom left his basement to campaign, somehow received 11.7 million more votes than Barack Obama. And he beat Barack Obama all over the country,” Trump summarized, “It is historically, mathematically, politically, and logically impossible. It did not happen. He did not win. We won by a landslide.”

Law Violation and Illegitimate Ballots

Trump then listed the evidence identified and presented in the past several weeks.

“First, we have shown that officials in virtually every key swing state brazenly violated their own state laws in order to change election procedures, eliminate safeguards, promote fraud, and illegally benefit Joe Biden and legislatures, which have to make the changes were seldom if ever used,” he said.

For example, Pennsylvania’s Democrat Secretary of State suspended all signature verification requirements, breaking Pennsylvania law. In Michigan, the Secretary of State, also a Democrat, illegally flooded the state with absentee ballot applications although Michigan law strictly limits the distribution of absentee ballots.

“In Wisconsin, the major Democrat cities deployed over 500 unmanned unsecured ballot drop boxes that were blatantly illegal, paving the way for unlawful ballot harvesting and tremendous fraud. In Georgia, the Secretary of State began illegally processing ballots weeks before election day, and also destroyed the signature verification systems in violation of the law,” Trump added, “Many other horrible things were done in Georgia. These actions alone were more than enough to rig the election results for Democrats.”

Second, “the absentee ballot rejection rates prove that hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots were counted in the key States. This was sufficient to change the election results all in its own,” Trump said.

“In 2016, 6.4% of mail-in ballots were rejected in Georgia. This year, fewer than a tiny percentage of 1% were rejected. So you went all the way down, a difference of more than 30 times. The same phenomenon occurred in Pennsylvania and other States. They were accepting all of these ballots, many of which were absolutely illegal,” he explained.

“In a year in which the number of mail-in ballots was the highest ever the rejection rate was magically the lowest ever. And it wasn't even close. The only possible explanation is that tens of thousands of ballots were unlawfully processed and counted. Most Americans would be shocked to learn that in no swing state is there any meaningful attempt to verify citizenship, residency, identity, or eligibility for mail in ballots,” he added, “The potential for illegal activity is unlimited. And that's what we just experienced.”

Testimonies on Fraud and Dominion Voting System

The list went on. The third angle that Trump presented was that “hundreds and hundreds” of witnesses had come forward to testify under penalty of perjury about the cheating and fraud they saw with their own eyes. “Witnesses have sworn that they saw poll workers illegally backdating thousands of ballots, counting batches of the same ballots many times and unloading boxes and boxes of ballots all bearing the same signature and offer Joe Biden,” Trump said.

“Other witnesses have testified to seeing thousands of so-called pristine ballots with no creases or folds, all voting for Biden. When you have no fold, it means it wasn't mailed, it means it was a fraud. Republican Poll Watchers were denied critical access as hundreds of thousands of votes were counted in Democrat run cities in the essential States,” he continued.

“There is even security camera footage from Georgia that shows officials telling poll watchers to leave the room before pulling suitcases of ballots out from under the tables and continuing to count for hours. The reason they were forced to leave the room, as they said, there was a major water main break,” Trump explained, “The water main break never happened. There was no water main break. In many cases, Republican poll watchers were physically removed from rooms.”

Another issue is the Dominion voting systems. “In just one Michigan County alone, 6,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden and the same system was used throughout a majority of the United States,” he added, “No satisfactory explanation has been offered for why Dominion Systems are able to switch votes with a mere push of a button, In Arizona, the State Senate has recently issued a subpoena for a forensic audit of the voting machines. And similar investigations must be conducted in every state using Dominion Systems immediately. In Texas, they don’t allow Dominion Systems to be used.”

The Most Corrupt Election in the History

With overwhelming evidence of election fraud, “none of this should ever have been allowed to happen in the United States of America. It is a travesty of democracy. It's a shame upon our Republic,” Trump remarked.

“In 2016, we caught them by surprise. From that moment, they had four years to work on the scheme to rig the 2020 election,” he said, adding it is not just about him, “The rigging of the 2020 election was only the final step in the Democrats' and the media’s years long effort to overthrow the will of the American people and destroy our movement by any means possible, any means necessary.”

It is a joint effort. “For months and indeed years before the election, the media, the big tech giants, and the Democrat Party were openly colluding to deceive the American public. Earlier this year was proven beyond any doubt that Joe Biden's family received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. Yet the media and tech companies worked together to completely censor this information,” he continued.

Censorship and disinformation from the media is very serious. “Our country no longer has a free press. It is a press of suppression. It is a press where the truth will never come out. It is the greatest and most shocking scandal involving a presidential candidate in modern history. But surveys show that half of those who voted for Joe Biden have never even heard of the story,” he explained.

“If this egregious fraud is not fully investigated and addressed, the 2020 election will forever be regarded as illegitimate and the most corrupt election in the history of our country. Americans must be able to have complete faith and confidence in our elections. The fate of our democracy depends upon it,” he added.

“Now is the time for the American people to raise their voices and demand that this injustice be immediately corrected,” Trump continued, “Our elections must be fair, they must be honest, and they must be transparent, and they must be 100% free of fraud. We won this election by a magnificent landslide and the people of the United States know it.”

“All over they're demonstrating, they're angry, they're fearful. We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand. Thank you, God bless you. And God bless America,” he concluded.

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