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My Son Changed His Attitude as Soon as I Looked Inward

Dec. 24, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) For the past couple of days, my son was getting very upset and wanted time to himself. There was nothing I could do on the surface to help him, so we started to talk about it in terms of our cultivation. During this time, I focused on cultivating myself and looking inward. I did not force my child to do something he did not like. I only silently looked within to see if I was abiding by the Fa’s principles. Perhaps my looking inward prompted my son to have some physical changes and also voluntarily say that he wanted to study the Fa. I realized that negative substances have been eliminated in my dimensional field and that my child returned to his normal self. 

After studying the Fa, my son felt that his heart was at ease. He said: “I feel that there’s an outside factor triggering me to be upset. If someone bothered me, I would easily be driven by the negative substances. I am trying to eliminate them but it does not seem to help. If I study the Fa, Master will help me eliminate the negative substances.” At night, my son started to practice the sitting meditation. 

Below are some insights and things I’ve enlightened to seeing the changes in my child. 

1. Dafa disciples’ children came to obtain the Fa. If we do not cultivate well, our poor state will directly affect our children. 

2. It is challenging to relinquish our attachment to sentimentality, especially with our children. At times, we will be swayed by the changes we see in our children’s cultivation; we should learn how to be balanced parents and be in line with the Fa’s principles. We are lucky enough to cultivate Master’s Fa and everything can be solved if we take the Fa as our teacher. 

3. Parents are like the soil and dirt on Earth and our children are like the seedlings that we plant in the soil. The better the dirt is, the healthier the seedlings are going to grow. Hence, as parents, we need to pay attention to our own cultivation state and abide by Master’s Fa, do the three things well and raise our children well because they have come to obtain the Fa. 

4. Why are there negative substances interfering with our children? We should look inside. Are we too attached to our children? Are we displaying negative behaviors, such as gossiping about others? Are we impatient for things to be the way we want them to be? 

5. When parents encounter things in their children that are against their will, they will become agitated. This attachment of being agitated is easily manipulated by evil.