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Similarities in History: The U.S. in 2020 and China in 1949

Dec. 23, 2020 |   By Li Ming and Yi Yan

(Minghui.org) The U.S. presidential election has been scrutinized for fraud. Despite mounting evidence, President Trump’s efforts to seek the truth and a fair election has not been an easy journey.

Most of the mainstream media has outright ignored or even rejected evidence of fraud. The judicial branch of the government has repeatedly turned down the legal challenges or declined to hear cases related to election fraud. As for government officials and lawmakers, some could have participated in the fraud, some remained silent, and some fought alongside Trump but later switched to the “winning” side when they felt the other party had a higher chance of victory.

“Our Nation is at a crossroad. Are we a nation of laws or a nation of lawlessness?” said Lin Wood, a U.S.-based lawyer, on his Twitter page. “2020 was not an election between competing candidates. 2020 was a referendum on our future way of life.” he added.

While some may have not realized what’s at stake during this U.S. election, perhaps a glimpse into what happened in China before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over in 1949 would provide some insight.

China in 1949: Taken Over by the Chinese Communist Party

After the WWII ended in 1945, the CCP led a military rebellion against the government under the Kuomintang Party, which had been deeply exhausted after years of hard battles with the Japanese. After winning several decisive battles, the CCP was on the way to taking over the whole country in 1949.

The CCP’s military sent spies into the Kuomintang system and stole critical information. It mobilized peasants to kill landlords and take their land and personal property, and then told the peasants that they must join the army to defend their gains. The CCP sent soldiers and civilians to the front to outnumber the enemy.

Meanwhile, the CCP conducted a successful propaganda war against the Kuomintang. Its depiction of its utopia and empty promises of land for peasants, higher status for workers, freedom for intellectuals, democratic system for the country, and getting rich together for everyone fooled many people, including politicians of other parties, intellectuals, elites and students.

Through its fake pro-democracy propaganda and “united front” work, the CCP formed an alliance with the media and elites, who endorsed the CCP and kept criticizing the Kuomintang government.

Eventually, the military and propaganda victories led to the CCP taking over the mainland of China and Kuomintang’s retreat to Taiwan in 1949.

Those Chinese elites didn’t realize what they endorsed was leading to the destruction of their humanity. Through embracing the CCP, people lost their spirituality, religion, ethics, private property, governing system, and human rights.

But there were also people who saw through the CCP’s true colors and left China.

Mr. Ying Qianli, a renowned scholar, was such an example. When his son Ying Ruocheng, who was deeply influenced by the CCP’s revolution theory, asked him to stay with the CCP, he countered, “What about my religion?” (CCP holds atheist beliefs and forbids people from having religious practices). The elder Ying then went to Taiwan, but his son stayed in the mainland. They never saw each other again.

Out of the 81 Academicians of the Academia Sinica, 60 were lured by the CCP to stay in China. Many of them were persecuted by the CCP and suffered miserably later on. Only those that left China still enjoyed freedom in academic research and freedom in holding their own spiritual belief.

U.S. in 2020: Facing the Danger of Being Taken Over by Communist Ideology

The U.S. is facing similar challenges in 2020.

Some state officials took part in the fraud to push their agenda but denied having done so; some officials were found to have received incentives to purchase a voting system that has been shown to be involved in election fraud; and some threatened witnesses or whistleblowers in attempts to silence them.

In an interview with Fox News, Sidney Powell said that potential witnesses of election fraud faced danger of losing their jobs and their lives have been threatened. One witness was even beaten up and hospitalized.

These are similar tactics to those found in the communist playbook: cheating, lying, slandering people with false accusations, buying people, threatening people who are trying to do the right thing, and pitting one group of people against another.

The media, despite hundreds of signed affidavits, fraud hearings held in the battleground states, and mounting evidence exposed by whistleblowers on the Internet, simply chose not to report on them. This again went in line with the communist thought-control methods: hiding the truth, denying the facts, censorship of press freedom and individuals’ freedom of speech. Its goal is to create an illusion and brainwash people.

The U.S. in 2020 is facing a communist invasion, similar to China right before the CCP's takeover in 1949. Such an invasion is not a physical, violent war waged by the CCP against America, but a soft, non-violent campaign to control America with communist ideology.

As a matter of fact, the CCP has been infiltrating the U.S. and the rest of the world in the past few decades, targeting every aspect of humanity, including spiritual belief, ethics, morality, resources, political systems, and human rights. Some people call the CCP's infiltration “an unrestricted warfare” against the U.S. and the goal is to destroy the founding principles of the country, to corrupt people’s morality and conscience, and to undermine people’s belief in the divine, in preparation for a total communist takeover one day.

The book How The Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World points out: “Communism is not a thought, a doctrine, or a failed attempt to find a way out for mankind. It is the devil, or the evil communist spirit, consisting of hate and all kinds of corrupt substances in the lower space of the universe.”

“It is in the company of Satan, who hates the righteous God, while using various low spirits and demons to scourge the human world. The ultimate goal of this evil spirit is to destroy mankind, to make people disbelieve in God at the last moment when God returns to save all beings, to make people's morality corrupt to the point of turning their backs on God and traditions, and not being able to understand God's teachings so as to ending in people’s ultimate elimination.”

The communist specter is advancing in its battle. The people who defend human integrity and belief in the divine continue their fight despite several setbacks. And there are people who couldn’t see through the evil and gave in to it.

At the Arizona public hearing on election fraud on November 30, Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and President Donald Trump's personal attorney, asked the lawmakers to fight voter fraud. “Do not be bullied; do not be frightened. Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.” “In history, I swear to God, you will be heroes.”

Not only should President Trump and his legal team and the Republican lawmakers continue the fight, but every citizen of the United States who respects our Constitution and maintains human morals should also continue the fight.

In 1949, many Chinese made the wrong choice to embrace the CCP. Consequently, they have endured the ongoing 70-year long national suffering since then. Now in 2020, the U.S. is in a fight with the communist evil; will Americans make the right choice?

Let’s spread the truth and pray to the divine. As long as we walk the path guided by the divine, America will win this battle that will determine its and the world’s fate.