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Thoughts on Rescuing Fellow Practitioners

Dec. 21, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Recently, we have been working to rescue a fellow practitioner who had been persecuted almost to death. His wife was a kind person but didn’t initially cooperate with our rescue efforts.

This caused much trouble with our coordination because the practitioner ended up being secretly sentenced to prison. This reminded me of a few success stories regarding rescuing practitioners back in 2008:

Securing a 3 a.m. Release

Many practitioners in a certain city were arrested in 2008 due to the Olympic Games. Two practitioners were reported when they were telling people the truth about Falun Dafa at a bus stop.

One escaped, but the other one was arrested and taken to the police station. The practitioner who escaped immediately informed the other practitioners whom he knew. Word quickly spread to our larger group.

Many practitioners went to the police station nearby to send forth righteous thoughts. Some biked there, some walked, and some drove.

In the evening, the practitioners who worked during the day went to replace those who had been there early.

The police took the arrested practitioner for a medical exam at 9 p.m., so all the practitioners went to the hospital to send forth righteous thoughts at the gate. At 3 a.m., the police called the son of the arrested practitioner to come get him.

Winning Over a Resistant Spouse

Two fellow practitioners were arrested at 11 a.m. one day when they were telling people the facts about Falun Dafa at a market. Our local practitioners found out by 2 p.m. that day.

We heard that the husband of one of the arrested practitioners was very angry and chased out the practitioners who went to see him to help with rescue efforts. The husband threatened to report those practitioners to the police if they came to his home again.

But we didn’t give up, believing that this was because he hadn’t understood the truth yet, was afraid, and couldn’t understand his wife. He acted irrationally out of a sense of self-protection.

To help him understand the facts, as well as help the arrested practitioner to better her cultivation environment, we decided to go talk with the husband one more time.

Seven practitioners, including me, went in two cars and parked at the entrance to the village. I went to their home to talk to the husband, another practitioner sent righteous thoughts outside the door, and the rest of the group stayed in the car and sent righteous thoughts.

As soon as the husband saw me, he began to curse. I stayed unmoved and waited for him to calm down. Then I said, “I’ve never met your wife. I just heard what happened and have come to see how I can help. If your wife continues to suffer, your entire family that will have trouble. We should talk about how to get her released.”

Their son understood what I said and asked if I could get his mom back. I said, “We can try together. We have already gone to the home of the other practitioner who was arrested with your mother. Her son has agreed to go to the police station to request his mother’s release tomorrow morning.

“If you agree, you can also go to the police station tomorrow morning to request the release of your mother. We will help by sending righteous thoughts outside. We will surely be successful!”

The son asked, “So what do I say at the police station?”

“You just ask the police officers what law your mother broke. If they say her religion hindered the implementation of laws, ask them which law.

“You just emphasize that your mother was only trying to be a good person in line with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and has not committed a single crime. Urge them to release her.

“Do you know why your mother went out to clarify the truth? Falun Dafa is a belief that teaches people to be good, and the Constitution clearly guarantees our citizens freedom of belief.

“It is the police who are committing crimes. If we can all stand up and speak for justice, nobody will participate in the persecution, and we can all live a stable life.”

The son now had a firm conviction, and the husband wasn’t upset anymore. The next day, the two practitioners’ sons went to the police station and requested their release.

We stayed at a practitioner’s home near the police station to send righteous thoughts. The two practitioners left the police station at 2 p.m.

An Appeal to Goodness!

Four elderly practitioners went to distribute truth-clarification brochures at a county fair. They invited along another practitioner who had never distributed brochures before.

Unfortunately, all five were arrested. The four elderly practitioners all admitted they had distributed the materials, but the other one denied it out of a sense of fear.

The police locked her in a different room. The four elderly practitioners then clarified the truth to the officers and helped them withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates.

They were all sent home. However, the practitioner who denied being involved was taken to a detention center.

After we heard about it, we went to the police station to request her release. The police said it was the 610 Office that had ordered them to arrest the practitioners at the fair. So we were directed to talk to the person in charge of the 610 Office.

The next day, we visited her husband and asked him to help rescue her. He said his family had connections, and he decided to use bribes to get his wife out. He said there would be news the following day.

On the third day, her husband said the person he contacted refused to help because it was a Falun Dafa case. We went to their home again that night, and the arrested practitioner’s mother-in-law agreed to help in the rescue.

On the fourth day, another practitioner accompanied the arrested practitioner’s mother-in-law to the 610 Office.

They told me after they came back that the person in charge had a “good attitude.” He told them to persuade the arrested practitioner to write the three statements and said this would help the practitioner get a shorter sentence.

On the fifth day, another practitioner and I accompanied the arrested practitioner’s mother-in-law to visit the 610 Office again. The person in charge said, “I told you yesterday, stay home and wait for the sentence. Why are you here again today?”

I said, “Sir, this lady is the mother-in-law of the arrested practitioner. She told me you are a very good man who treats people fairly. I thought I had to meet such a good man, so I came today.”

The man then politely invited us in and had us sit down. He said, “You should continue to try to persuade her. Look, her mother-in-law is old, and she needs somebody to take care of her. Your friend even gave up her family because she practices Falun Dafa.”

I replied, “I also used to criticize her, but now I don’t, because I have seen big changes in her. She often quarreled with her husband before she practiced Falun Dafa, and her mother-in-law was very angry at them. She herself was in poor health, and nobody took care of their fields.

“After she started to practice Falun Dafa, she never quarreled with her husband and never made her mother-in-law angry. Her own health improved, too. They began to live in harmony. So now I have nothing to say.

“Sir, I can see you are a very nice man. We are speaking privately and nobody else is here. Since you are sincere, I also want to take care of you. A retired school principal recommended a book to me, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

“He said what the book recounts is true. He personally experienced many of the incidents detailed in the book. I also read it and realized that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) always 'kills the donkey the moment it leaves the millstone.'

“When the Great Cultural Revolution was over, many people who’d been persecuted were redressed, but many of those who participated in the persecution were killed.

“This book initiated the movement to quit the CCP. I hope you leave a way out for yourself and stop participating in the persecution. Quitting the CCP doesn’t mean you have to quit your job. It only means that when the CCP collapses, you won’t be implicated. We Dafa disciples will bear witness to your innocence.”

He stood up and said, “Let me quit; please help me quit. Then you can go. Just come back in two weeks to pick up your friend.”

Another practitioner later gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

The arrested practitioner really was released two weeks later. From then on, there were almost no incidents of persecution in that area.

I enlightened through these incidents that when facing difficulties, complaints, and misunderstandings on the part of family members, if we can understand and tolerate their resistance better, maybe we will have fewer regrets.