(Minghui.org) The seemingly chaotic situation surrounding the 2020 U.S. Election presents the world's people with a difficult choice and is a test for us Dafa disciples.

True Wisdom Stems from Selflessness

Many people placed their hopes in Texas' lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for violating people's constitutional rights. However, the Supreme Court dismissed it on the grounds that Texas lacked legal standing to present the case under the Constitution. Many people were deeply disappointed by this. President Trump tweeted “The Supreme Court really let us down. No wisdom, no courage!” “It's a legal disgrace, an embarrassment to the USA!!!”

Some people may agree with the justices' decision, but when I use the Fa principles to evaluate the situation I find that they are not wise enough, and wisdom is very important to the success or destruction of the universe.

Why do the Supreme Court justices lack wisdom?

The justices' dismissal of the Texas lawsuit shows that they do not understand that the U.S. is in crisis—communist ideology has already invaded America and mankind. They don't realize that this flagrant election fraud undermines people's confidence in the law and jeopardizes equity/fairness in human society.

One reason for the problems during this election is the biased reporting by the so-called mainstream media. They are misleading people and blocking them from seeing the truth. We practitioners know that “truthfulness” is not only about telling the truth, but also about doing true deeds and finding the truth of things. Listening to all parties is an important way for people to know the truth. But finding the truth and spreading it requires wisdom and courage. How can one make the right choice if one does not know the true situation?

It is incredible that the Supreme Court, including all three justices appointed by President Trump, rejected the Texas case. Because most people are driven by selfishness it's sometimes difficult for them to see the truth. People usually place their own reputation and interests first making it difficult for them to see the true situation and to step out of their selfish interests. The justices' self-righteous adherence to the Constitution is actually the wrong choice—one made based on selfishness.

The justices may feel they are upholding constitutional procedure. However, we can see from the statements of Justices Alito and Thomas, who concurred in the prosecution, and the Texas attorney general as well as the twenty other supportive state prosecutors who know the law well, that this filing does not violate the spirit of the Constitution. The numerous evidence of fraud exposed in the hearings and the filing of the lawsuit by multiple states is sufficient to show that it is highly likely that someone is undermining the Constitution. But surprisingly, seven justices whose mission is to uphold the Constitution rejected the lawsuit.

Are They Upholding Justice?

One question worth pondering is, are we upholding justice or being loyal to the Constitution out of habit? If we fail to understand that the purpose of the Constitution is to uphold justice, to uphold the law of the human world in the law of the universe, it is easy to get lost.

This is similar to the choice the ancient Chinese often faced: Loyalty to the emperor or to the Tao? If the emperor deviates from the Tao and brutalizes good people, yet you remain loyal and defend him, then you are wrong.

Therefore, we should uphold the Constitution's original purpose—which is justice.

It takes a lot of courage to find the truth and uphold it. I believe that courage is also part of forbearance. Only by overcoming selfishness, timidity, having the determination to seek the truth of the universe, having great compassion for the sake of all beings, and conforming to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, will we have great wisdom and great courage.

It can be seen that the alien-controlled high-tech and low-level corrupt beings are playing a role in fueling fraud in this election. Before the election a technology giant spent huge sums of money to harvest votes in violation of the law; Twitter restricted the President's comments and forwarding options on posts. Social media platforms banned many channels that dared to report the truth, news media companies promoted false reports or twisted the truth. As a result people did not hear the true situation—how could they judge for themselves?

President Trump is now facing not only political opponents, but also the warped communist spirit in other dimensions which is twisting people and influencing them to go against righteousness. The difficulty is almost unimaginable.

The Fa-rectification is bound to succeed! We should not be attached to the results of the election in the human world. Instead of being influenced by the rapidly changing situation we should wisely use the facts revealed in the election to clarify the truth about the communist specter and awaken people.

The choices we make at this time are part of our cultivation, and also determine the future of the lives we are responsible for. Practitioners should not just be spectators, nor should we just send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in other dimensions. We should take this opportunity to clarify the truth to a wider range of people and use this situation to clean up the corrupted elements in human society.