(Minghuiorg) On December 12, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people from across the United States rallied and marched in Washington D.C. to express their strong support for President Trump. 

The events came one day after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas election lawsuit against four swing states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin). Many rally-goers said that this is no longer an election between two candidates, but a battle between good and evil. They said they will fight for America and justice.

Many rally speakers called on the crowd to have faith in God and fight this fight with wisdom and courage. People prayed with American flags, sang the National Anthem and called out, “Never give up!” “Never surrender!” “Stop the steal!”

Sebastian Gorka, a former deputy assistant for national security in the Trump administration, said in his speech, “Have courage. Commit to the truth. Let your voice be heard.”

Shawn Clark, the former vice president of the Federal Aviation Administration, called on people to “take action and do something about it.”

Elizabeth DeLuca, a co-founder of the Jericho March, said: ““This is good versus evil, and God is good, and God will always win.”

And Linda Lee Tarver, president of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan, said, “We are not putting our hope into man, not the justices, I put my faith and hope in God, and I know He can work out whatever he chooses.”

On December 12, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people traveled from across the country to Washington D.C. to rally and march in support of President Trump

South Carolina Pastor: “This Is About the Heartbeat, the Soul of America”

Mark Burns, from South Carolina, is an American evangelical pastor, television campaigner and political candidate, and co-founder of the NOW television network. He said at the rally that the election is about the “heartbeat and soul” of the U.S. nation and it reflects “the very foundation of the United States of America.”

Speaking at a rally at Freedom Plaza, Pastor Mark Burns said, “They are trying to take God out of everything. [But] we have come. We are ready for a fight. You will not take away the beautiful country we call the United States of America. We will not back down.”

“Our voice matters. They will never ever steal the heart of America, which is the patriots of this country.

Burns stated: “This is not at all about Democrat versus Republican; this is literally about the heartbeat, the soul of America, the essence of what the United States is. [There is] fascism, and the new ideology that [takes over] the new face of America. This is literally good versus evil.”

He added that the Bible says that one day good will become wrong, right will become wrong; and wrong will become right. The country and its people are under attack right now. It's not even a question of being a Christian or whether you're a Jew, a Muslim, a black or a white, but it’s “about if you’re an American and you believe in the American culture that made us great, then this is what you’re supporting.”

He believes Trump is the face of the “Keep America Great” movement, who protects America as it was when [the Founding Fathers] founded it and interprets the Constitution as it was written. That's why so many people, thousands of people, are here to support Trump.

He also said that things haven’t ended, but just started. “Thousands of people are here to support President Donald Trump. We support conservatism. We support the heartbeat of America. We support what has made America great again.” 

Former Deputy Assistant of National Security: “We Are on the Side of Truth”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant for national security in the Trump administration and current member of the National Security Education Council (NSEP), said a rally that “the legal argument is only a minor part of this battle. This is a political and moral battle. He can still win.”

In response to the U.S. Supreme Court's dismissal of Texas' lawsuit over the unconstitutionality of elections in four swing states, Gorka called it a bad decision. He said the president is not just the president of Pennsylvania, he is the president of all Americans, including Texans. There were suitcases with ballots pulled out from under the tables at polling places in Georgia and Republican poll observers were removed from the building. He said it's outrageous that the Supreme Court claimed that Texas had no standing to file the lawsuit.

Gorka urged people to spread the truth far and wide so that fraudulent elections cannot be certified.

He believes that the mainstream media has been extremely corrupt. They are (political) propagandists, worse than Pravda and Tass in the Soviet Union. Because at the time, if people did not lie to the Soviet regime as a reporter, they would be jailed. But now, the media does so without threats of violence from the state.

He agreed that this U.S. election is an ideological battle between traditional values and communism. He shared that his parents escaped the communist dictatorship. And to his dying day, his father still has scars on his wrists from the torture the secret police inflicted on him.

He said that it’s a communist mantra to give amnesty to every illegal alien, remove national borders, or defund the police. He mentioned that a Democratic congresswoman went so far as to making a blacklist of Trump supporters and punishing them. “Two types of people make enemy's list: communists and Nazis.”

Gorka concluded, “Have courage. Commit to the truth. Let your voice be heard. Tell your representatives that if they collude and conspire in election fraud they will have political consequences.”

President of the Republican Women's Federation of Michigan: My Faith and Hope Is in God

Linda Lee Tarver, president of the Republican Women's Federation of Michigan, said, “In my opinion, God will re-elect our president. I'm not wavering on that and I'm not concerned.” She believes that justice will eventually prevail and she has no doubt about that.

Tarver said: “We are not pinning our hopes on people, nor on the judge; I pin my faith and hope on God. I know that God can solve whatever it chooses.”

She said: “God is going to get all the glory for that re-election. And it was a miracle in 2016 that he was elected; they considered our president a buffoon and he was the greatest, has been the greatest president that we have ever had in our country. He continues to negotiate peace deals, and will probably never see an award for that but he is not doing it for that.”

“We can see what happened when socialism ruled Venezuela,” Tarver added. “There is no other country as great as ours. We have other countries who rely on us for our strength. So this is not just fighting for America, this is fighting for countries that have freedoms and liberties that we provide for. This is the greatest country that we have and it’s under the leadership of Donald J. Trump we have been allowed to thrive.”

Former FAA Vice President: “Take Action and Do Something About It”

Shawn Clark, former vice president of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and an executive coach and consultant to both the federal government and the private sector, said in an interview with The Epoch Times: “There’s so much evidence that leads us to say that something’s wrong. So I’m here to voice my concern and tell the people in Washington, that we need to take action and do something about it. Because if we don’t call foul on this election right now, it’s over. It’s game over for us.”

Regarding the smearing, cover-up, and even deletion of videos exposing election fraud by many leftist media, Clark said: “It’s horrible. It’s censorship, It’s intimidation. It has a chilling effect on freedom of speech. The goal of the other side is power and control. It’s really sad.”

Mr. Clark, who served in the Obama administration as CLO (Chief Learning Officer) of the Treasury Department, said, “Under the Obama administration, the measure of goodness, was to spend 100 percent of your budget. It didn’t matter what it was spent on, as long as you spent the money.”

He went on to say, “Trump came into town. And he said, not only are you not going to spend 100 percent of your budget, you’re not going to get 100 percent. You’re going to get 95 percent of your budget. And I’m going to challenge you to spend even less, but still do as good a job.”

He said that most people in government don't have private sector experience. They don't have that perspective, as they've built their entire career in the federal government and don't know the outside world. But President Trump has brought the idea of private sector operations and opened up the confines of people's brains in the government sector. “What I saw under Obama was embarrassing,” he said.

As a government official, Clark said he does know that some of the people who oppose President Trump are not interested in pursuing what is right. They are only interested in pursuing their own personal power, but what is amazing is that they lead people to believe that their motives are honorable when they are not.

He said that at some point, there has to be an event or a person that leads us to do the right thing. Four years ago, we didn't know who that was. But in the last four years, we’ve learned that “The only person who can stand up to the media, to big tech, to the democrats, and the RINOs, the only person who can do that and survive is Donald Trump.”

Ohio Business Development Consultant: “People Who Are in Positions of Power Need to Wake Up”

Mark Fast, a veteran Ohio business development consultant, said, “If we’re following the Constitution, the election is not over. President Trump has earned the highest level of support and enthusiasm of any president we've seen in our lifetime.”

Speaking about why so many people love President Trump from the bottom of their hearts, Fast said that Trump is sincere and doesn’t hide what he thinks. People know they can trust him, as he communicates what he really thinks and follows through his promises. Most other politicians can't do that.

Fast said, “Other candidates, if they don’t realize the power and passion that’s behind Trump and this movement, it’s really a movement, if they don’t get behind it, their career will end.”

“Anyone who’s not enthusiastic about Trump policies at the very least, they can dislike his tweeting, but if they’re not enthusiastic about America First, they don’t have a prayer in politics after this.”

“So people who are in positions of power need to wake up, and put the light of truth on what has actually happened here. And once that happens, there’s no stopping the American people, and no destroying the American Constitution.”

Former Utah House Speaker: “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do”

Former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes also attended a rally. Former Utah House Speaker Greg Huges said that although the U.S. and even the world are facing tough times, including the impact of the CCP virus (named after the Chinese Communist Party) epidemic and the fraudulent U.S. election. This rally tells people not to give up and “tough times don't last, tough people do.” 

“We appreciate all the things the president has done for us. He is the leader of the Republican Party and we are gonna move forward. He really is the voice of everyday hard-working people of our country. It’s like a melting pot. We don’t subscribe at identity politics. We don’t get discouraged. We keep moving forward as the president does. That’s what we are gonna do.”

“We love our president. He is here for us. We feel it. He is out for the little guy. He sticks up for us and we stick up for him. He has our back and we have his back.”

Speaker Hughes believes that our religious liberty is under attack, but President Trump has stood up for it more than any other president has. He came to the national “Right to Life (anti-abortion)” rally, which no president has ever attended before. “This has been a president who really stood up for us and our religious freedom, so we do feel that’s at stake when we don’t have that leadership in the White House.”

He believes that “our spiritual side, being able to worship is essential. Many will believe it’s Plymouth rock and the freedoms of religion that help this country be what it is, more so than taxes and without representation. Freedom of religion is to our core.”

Cuban American Jericho March Co-Founder: “God Will Help Us Through This”

Elizabeth DeLuca, a co-founder of the Jericho March, said that she was very happy that so many Americans came forward that day, regardless of race, but as Americans to defend the country.

Born in Cuba and now a Connecticut resident, DeLuca is well aware of the true nature of socialism and communism and the threat it poses to individual freedoms and the liberty of a nation. 

Ms. De Luca said, “We’re here because we want to be here for our president Donald J. Trump. We believe that we have to fight this and we believe in prayer and we believe in the Constitution of the United States. We value our freedoms. I was born in Havana, Cuba, so I understand socialism. I understand communism, and that’s something we will fight, to prevent that happening in this country.”

“This is good versus evil, and God is good, and God will always win. By God’s grace, four more years. We have to validate our elections and we have to validate every vote, and I’m still hopeful that God will help us through this. We have to protect the integrity of elections in America. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, you should be standing with us.”

She said that without the ability to defend the integrity of elections and everyone's vote, there is no country to speak of.

She said she believes in the power of prayer, and also has trust in the Constitution and cherishes the freedom she has. She is convinced that President Trump is a fighter and he will keep fighting until he wins. A victory for President Trump is a victory for all and he will prevail.