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“Colorful Clouds Follow You” and “A Transparent Heart”

Nov. 7, 2020

(Minghui.org) Two practitioners shared their interesting stories with fellow practitioners while attending the group Fa-study session. 

A Man Said, “Colorful Clouds Follow You!”

In the first half of this year, when I went out to raise awareness about Falun Dafa with a fellow practitioner, a man came over and said, “You Falun Dafa practitioners are different. One can tell at a glance.” 

I asked why and how he could tell. He answered, “Every one of you has a big pillar of light above your head, which is tall and thick. You all have it.”

In the second half of this year, I went to a crowded fair. A man came over and talked to me: “You are giving out good things again. Please give me some.” 

I said that he looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember who he was. The man said, “You told me about Falun Dafa before. I saw a beautiful cloud in the sky from a long distance, so I came over and saw you folks here.” 

I asked him what that cloud looked like. He answered, “It is like a rainbow with red and green colors. Wherever you go, those clouds follow you.”

A Transparent Heart

I set up a group Fa-study session at home in 1998. When I obtained the teachings of Master Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa's founder, I was very anxious, however, because I was illiterate. 

But from that moment on, I made up my mind to learn to read the Fa by myself. I went outside to find my child to help me read. 

I asked my child to teach me to read the three characters on the front cover—Zhuan Falun. My child said, “You haven’t been to school and still want to read the book. You are not afraid of being embarrassed?!” 

I cried on the spot. I then lit incense and kowtowed to Master’s image, asking for the ability to read through the main text of Falun Dafa. 

This was the first time I asked Master for help. After kowtowing, I saw a transparent red heart spinning and jumping around me. 

I was so happy that I cried. I realized that Master saw my mind and showed me this miracle. 

Later, with the help of fellow practitioners in the Fa-study group who knew how to read, I was able to read Master’s teachings.