(Minghui.org) We know that the U.S. presidential election is a battle between good and evil and its outcome concerns whether traditional values can be kept. As a result, I have been sending righteous thoughts lately.

Somehow I had a thought yesterday: “I have sent righteous thoughts for a few days already. Maybe Trump would have a better chance of winning by now?” Then last night I had a dream in which two groups of people were fighting on a riverbank. The battle was neck-and-neck and it was difficult to tell which side would win. Not far away was a bench on which several onlookers were sitting and watching.

Upon waking up, I realized that I had been like one of the onlookers who was just anxious to find out who would win without joining the battle. Treating myself as an onlooker instead of a participant in the battle could easily cause me to slack off in my sending righteous thoughts.

In the meantime, I've noticed that some practitioners have not paid much attention to sending righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors interfering with the election. They think that Trump would have no trouble winning and that one does not need to be so nervous or worried. As a result, they did not put enough time into sending righteous thoughts or did it less frequently.

Some practitioners said that, if they spent extra time sending righteous thoughts, their Fa-study and truth-clarification efforts would be affected. I agree that sending righteous thoughts, studying the Fa, and clarifying the truth are all important. But the U.S. election is also critical, and we cannot neglect to send righteous thoughts to clear out interferences. Just imagine that, if we could eradicate the communist elements from the U.S., there would be more force from the international community to curb the CCP. Many more people could be saved this way.

In the beginning, I also underestimated the evil forces interfering with the U.S. election. I thought that the U.S. is only one country. When practitioners around the world sent forth righteous thoughts together, the momentum would defeat any evil, much less those causing trouble in the election. From my dream, however, I enlightened to the fact that the battle between good and evil is not as simple as we had thought. We know the election is a manifestation of the battle between good and evil in other dimensions, with the old forces being wiped out and the Fa-rectification forces entering the human realm. How could the old forces not put up a fight to avoid being eliminated?

The battle in other dimensions could be very intense, like what I saw in the dream. We cannot underestimate the old forces and stop the fight after just a brief moment. Even if Trump has advantages for now, it might be an appearance set up by the old forces to mislead us. Their goal is to make us slack off. Once we fall into its trap, the consequences would be serious. Just to be clear, whether Trump wins the re-election or not is largely dependent on Dafa disciples. When sending righteous thoughts, we are cleaning up bugs and bacteria at low levels, the communist specter at higher levels, and arrangements by the old forces at even higher levels.

This is a battle for Dafa disciples to purge vicious elements of the old forces. Master has given us an opportunity to establish our mighty virtue and we cannot waste it. Please do not think that, since we have sent righteous for a few days, a good outcome should come naturally. Instead, we should focus on our efforts and do well in the process, with no pursuit of the result.

Master published a poem “On the General Election.” This highlights the significance of the election. The evil elements may not be wiped out instantly and we must be on our guard, aware that no enemy is too small.

One of my friends who does not practice Falun Dafa said he had read a prophecy about the election: Trump does win in the end, but the process is extremely difficult and includes two failed assassinations.

We do not know if the prophecy is accurate or not. But it reminds us to be serious about the election. We should put more time and effort into sending righteous thoughts. The more we do it, the more evil elements will be eliminated and the stronger righteous energy will become. If we slack off, the evil forces, which also have their abilities, will make the battle drag even longer or become much harder to fight.

We practitioners should play a leading role. We should not count on everyday people nor should we be attached to what's unfolding in the human world. We should just do well what we are supposed to do. In this process, we will also accomplish whatever we need to do.

These are my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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