(Minghui.org) The 2020 U.S. election is an unfolding, historic moment. From the perspective of ordinary people, it is a fight for political power; from the perspective of a cultivator, it is a battle between good and evil; from the perspective of Fa-rectification, it is a process by which the Gods are choosing which lives will be saved and how people position themselves in the future. As Falun Dafa practitioners, what is our role in this drama?

Our thoughts should not waver with the dramatic changes in the election. We should be clear that Master is rectifying the Fa of the universe, there is order in the chaos, everything has its arrangements and everything is under Master's control. As early as 2004, the Epoch Times’ official announcement mentioned: Whom in the mortal world the Gods has assigned to clear the accounts and counter the CCP in the future……Now Minghui.org has clearly said: President Trump is the person chosen by Gods. In that case, practitioners should be firm: The Fa-rectification will succeed and Trump will definitely win. This thought is righteous and it will strengthen the righteous energy field in the mortal world.

Practitioners are not bystanders. Instead, we are taking the lead in this great battle between the righteous and the evil in other dimensions. Master has bestowed us with limitless powers. Master said, 

“All are using their abilities to end the calamity”(“Divine Ones in the World,” Hong Yin (III)). 

During this critical period, we must strengthen our righteous thoughts to annihilate the bad, eliminate the evil, and save people who are being controlled by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) specter. We should directly send forth righteous thoughts aimed at this election, to annihilate and get rid of all evil dark minions and rotten demons, and eradicate the CCP specter and all the evil factors of the Communist Party in other dimensions. As for those living beings (which includes humans and machines) who are being controlled to go against mankind, do bad deeds and participate in the fraud, we should let them suffer immediate retribution and destroy their attempt to finish committing bad deeds. In this way, we will be strengthening the righteous energy field in the mortal world and assist righteous people. This is also helping to save sentient beings.

My thoughts wavered before: China is so far away from the U.S., our righteous thoughts will not have much effect. Thus, I relaxed. However, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts I remembered what Master said, 

“Infinitely vast is heaven’s vault  With a shift of mind, it comes before the eyes" (“Vastness,” Hong Yin)

I suddenly understood: In another dimension, the U.S. is right in front of us. After getting rid of my worry, I saw a vivid scene where I sat upright with other practitioners in another dimension, sending forth righteous thoughts. That realm is full of benevolence! Full of majesty! Very sacred!

This is my own understanding based on my limited cultivation level. If there is any room for improvement, I hope that practitioners will kindly point it out.