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The U.S. Election Was a Stick Wake-Up for Me about the Big Dye Vat

Nov. 19, 2020 |   By a Western practitioner in the United States

(Minghui.org) Master has published “On the General Election,” and Minghui has published “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals.” Several practitioners have also shared on Minghui their understandings of the U.S. presidential election and the battle between good and evil, and I’ve been inspired by and grateful for their sharings. While I don’t have anything to add about the election itself, the Minghui editorial and Master’s new Jingwen were a big stick wake-up for me not to be tied up and fall into the big dye vat of human society that Master has discussed before, a dye vat that has additionally been controlled by the evil specter of Communism.

During the past four years, I’ve seen some fellow practitioners, both younger ethnically Chinese practitioners who grew up in Western society and Western practitioners, stop practicing. After the 2016 elections, some of them were influenced by mainstream media and held a negative view of the democratically elected U.S. President. Some of them even went to the opposite side and said bad things publicly. I felt sad for them since some of them had been very diligent practitioners in the early years and worked hard to counteract the effect of the evil persecution by the CCP.

About the U.S. election, Master has actually talked about it in recent lectures in past years as well. In “2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.” Master said:

“Our intention is to save people, so, I think that if someone comes along now who can help to halt the downward spiral that the world is in, then he is truly someone extraordinary! He would in effect be helping us! (Applause.) Wouldn’t he be helping us to save people? Think about it: we wouldn’t be able to rescue them if they were to keep sliding downward!”

In “Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference” Master said:

“Many people didn’t expect Trump to be elected in the last U.S. election, but he was. Some people believe that things are supposed to go a certain way, but then they turn out otherwise. I have always said that divine beings are in control of human affairs, and that it is they who have the say.”

I am not sure if the practitioners who went to the opposite side read these published lectures from Master. However, seeing these practitioners so easily go to the opposite side made me realize that the big dye vat is pervasive in human society, and if we’re not careful, we can easily get sucked into it.

For me personally, I have a habit of keeping up to date with the news in ordinary society. While I don’t spend a lot of time on it, I feel I need to have a basic understanding so I can communicate with my non-practitioner colleagues at my regular job. While I read practitioner-run media for truth-clarification purposes, I felt they didn’t do a great job at covering all aspects of everyday people’s news, so I would spend time reading news on other media. To relax, I also would watch ordinary society’s TV shows and movies for a short period of time every now and then.

Just before the most recent U.S. election, I followed the polls and felt disheartened when the pollsters predicted that the party that was closer to Communism would win, but I felt helpless and wasn’t sure what I could do. On Election Day, I was surprised and delighted when the U.S. President and his party did better than expected in the final results and that so many people in the United States made the right choice for themselves, their country and the world. I realized I had been fooled by the mainstream media and the polls they ran predicting the opposite, which really supported their point of view and was what the Communist specter wanted everyone to believe. It even seemed that President Trump would win again on election night, but due to fraud, the other party took the lead with the support of the mainstream media, and currently the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

In Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two, Master said:

“Because of contamination from the powerful current or big dye vat of ordinary human society, the things that people consider correct are, actually, often wrong. Doesn’t everyone want to live a good life?”

And in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference” Master said:

“Indeed, human society is one big dye vat. Society is contesting with Dafa disciples for people. And this even applies to Dafa disciples’ kids, who live in this setting too: bad things are trying to drag them down. If the child does not cultivate, or doesn’t have a good environment, then he really won’t be able to ward those things off. Yet a Dafa disciple’s responsibilities are enormous, and so we must not only save the world’s people but also those close to us.”

And in “Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”:

“Mankind is a big dye vat, and if there were anyone who was untouched by this dye vat, then he would be a god. Even Dafa disciples who are cultivating need to clean themselves off often, and that’s even more so for a kid.”

Master has also mentioned the big dye vat many times in his other Fa teachings, but for the sake of brevity, I will stop here.

I had read How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World and realized that I had been somewhat polluted by the concepts of ordinary society and allowed elements of the evil specter of Communism into my thinking, even though they didn’t sway my opinion on the fundamental difference between right and wrong. Now I realize how easily my fellow practitioners were swayed due to being influenced by the mainstream media and the big dye vat of ordinary human society.

I thought I should write this article to share how my thinking was affected by the dye vat and the influence of the Communist specter in all aspects of life, and hope that other practitioners can avoid being influenced by the same.