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Rationally Viewing the U.S. Election

Nov. 16, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in the U.S.

(Minghui.org) The U.S. election of 2020 is a battle between good and evil, divine and demonic. I’ve seen some non-practitioners realizing that it is not about electing a president, but about choosing the future of America and the future of humanity.

After the publication of the Minghui Editorial “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” and Master's new poem “On the General Election” on Minghui and The Epoch Times, fellow practitioners have become more clear about this understanding.

There have been various discussions among fellow practitioners. I would also like to share my understandings. I kindly welcome fellow practitioners to point out things that were not properly addressed.

We’re Not Involved in Politics

Some fellow practitioners lean towards different political parties, which is normal. But some fellow practitioners often have questions about the direction of our media coverage.

For example, right after Trump was elected in 2016, the mainstream media in the U.S. vigorously vilified him and speculated about the so-called “Russian collusion,” but our media insisted that Trump was innocent and falsely accused. At the time, even Trump’s former lawyer had compromised and was willing to be a tainted witness, but we maintained Trump’s innocence. Some fellow practitioners were puzzled, and wondered, “Were we promoting Trump too positively? Were we getting involved in politics?” Some even wanted to boycott The Epoch Times.

In fact, it's not just the American mainstream media that has been heavily infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in recent years. The liberal cultural sector has also been pulling the Western free world to the left. One by one, conservatives (especially well-known conservatives) have been targeted and attacked. Their reputations were ruined, they lost everything, and some even died of depression. Trump was the first person brave enough to confront the media, and he was the first to call the media out publicly on their bad behavior.

Imagine that if we follow suit with the liberal media with the disinformation and false accusations, then aren’t we getting involved in politics? Or should we remain silent about the truth in order to avoid being accusing of being political?

Master once said:

“How could Dafa disciples’ media lie? You can’t develop notions just because our media is different from the lying media, right?” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018,” Team Blue Translation)

In the end, the results of the “Russiagate” investigation proved that Trump is innocent and was framed.

In this U.S. election, our media has also been fairly positive in its coverage of Trump, in contrast to the media that spread disinformation about him. Those so-called polls are not real polls at all, but just lies and concocted to build momentum for the bogus votes that have followed. After the vote fraud was exposed, the media went into a frenzy to attempt to force Trump to concede defeat and to transfer power.

To me, this is a series of conspiracies long in the making. Behind the dirty politics, there is often the shadow of the evil communism specter. We know that Karl Marx, the originator of the Communist Party, was a member of the Illuminati, a branch of the Satanic cult. The Communist Manifesto is not Marx's original work either, and its main ideas and views are those of the Illuminati. Many Americans know that there is a “deep state” in the United States, a political swamp that Trump has been trying to drain.

When fake polls were prevalent and the democratic candidate declared himself the winner, all the mainstream media followed suit. We stood our ground. Some fellow practitioners again questioned whether we were getting political, and whether we were creating obstacles for our clarifying the truth in the future.

We know that when people have political aspirations, they want to pursue political interests and power. We don't have those pursuits, and instead we are simply holding fast to truth, conscience, and responsibility for all positive elements. On the contrary, if we see the light and throw ourselves at the mercy of the rich and powerful in exchange for benefits, then we are getting involved in politics.

Master told us:

“...whereas real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

After years of persevering in raising awareness of the persecution of Falun Dafa to the world's people, not only Chinese but people in the rest of the world have come to understand the evil nature of the CCP and stand up against its tyranny – they are making the righteous choice and action. When the old evil forces counter-attack frantically and attack these awakened sentient beings, can we remain indifferent?

When the Minghui editorial was published, practitioners should have seized the moment to do well what they should do. Dafa will not endorse any political party. They are all sentient beings waiting for salvation. We only look at people's hearts, not the organizations they subscribe to. We can’t simply blame the Democratic Party for the election fraud, as the fraud itself was controlled by a group of individuals and there are still many kind and upright people in the Democratic Party we should save. So we can’t get stuck in the frame of political dispute between parties.

Awakening and Saving People in a Way That They Can Understand

Some people have certain ideas that are so ingrained that they reject anything that doesn't fit their notion, thus creating a barrier to their salvation. Although the Minghui editorial clarified the fact of the matter, we still cannot do things in the name of the Dafa Association or Dafa practitioners, and it is inappropriate to mix it with some other truth-clarification activities. It's perfectly alright to attend events or to share news and articles on social media as individuals.

There were people from all schools of religion who attended the March for Trump and talked about how God blessed Trump, and how they pray to God. People have different identities in their social activities, and no American would attend the March and say “I represent so and so, a certain church, or certain group,” as they all represent only themselves personally.

In fact, when someone comes forward and takes a stand, isn't it an individual action? When Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa back then, weren't they all representing themselves personally?

As soon as some practitioners heard that they could only participate in certain activities as individuals, they thought that it had nothing to do with the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. To participate as an individual does not mean it is unrelated to Fa-rectification. It is done this way to be understood by non-practitioners and not create obstacles for ourselves in saving lives.

What We Wish To Change Is People's Hearts

Some fellow practitioners say that everything in the world is arranged by the divine, and who is elected has been determined by the divine long ago. They feel there is nothing they need to do. But how people position themselves in the election process will determine their future. If they make the wrong move, how will they be saved?

With so few Dafa disciples facing so many people in the world, it is really difficult to tell the Dafa truth one by one and awaken them. Perhaps Master has lowered the standard of salvation for all beings to a bare minimum, and people just need to take a correct stand in the battle between good and evil to pass the barrier.

When they chose to support Trump, whether out of their own or national interests, at this point, they would very likely be saved. But if in the midst of this raging evil, maybe they will be too intimidated to keep supporting Trump and seeking justice. At this point, shouldn't we encourage, guide, and inspire them to take that critical step?

Even if the evil forces have a follow-up plan, if we guide people to have the courage to stand up and let more people in the world understand the truth, then the number of people blindly following the evil forces will be drastically reduced, and more people in the world will be saved!

What we wish to change is the human heart. Only then can they ensure a bright future.

Master's Choice Is the Choice of Fa-rectification

If Master hadn’t got involved, this U.S. election would have been just the most significant and crucial battle in a series of battles between good and evil. The fact that Master’s poem about the U.S. election was published both on Minghui and The Epoch Times made the election undergo a fundamental change. Anything that has Master’s involvement, we need to understand from the height of the Fa-rectification. Master's choice is the need and the choice of Fa-rectification.

The whole world and the entire history revolve around the Fa-rectification, and Dafa disciples are the protagonists of this drama. It was and is even more so now.

The world was dark when almost all media outlets were overwhelmingly in favor of the democratic candidate and various national leaders congratulated him. Only the Dafa media is standing firm for justice and delivering the truth, and we've taken center stage in the world. The world had already clearly seen our stand before Master's poem was published. But our great Master, at this moment of great attention, directly addressed the world with a scripture about the election. The whole world knows that the Master of Falun Dafa has come forward. The spotlight has been pointed at us, and beings are waiting for our wonderful performance.

Don't we always say that we will follow Master? When Master waves his hand, the performance is on. If we hide ourselves, do not speak up or make the move as we should, what kind of Dafa practitioners are we? At this critical time, as a Dafa practitioner, one really needs to enlighten to the fact that it is action time!

In the past, many Americans think of Falun Dafa as a group that was brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. But today, many Americans realize that Falun Dafa practitioners are a group of people of faith who hold fast to a righteous conscience and will never bow to the evil. Soon, the world will wake up and realize that Dafa disciples are the hope of salvation for the world, and where there are Dafa disciples, there is hope for the bright future. The light of Dafa will soon illuminate the world.