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Master Saved Me in My Battle with Illness Karma

Nov. 15, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) On the evening of July 15, 2020, I suddenly felt a strong pain in my abdomen after we finished group Fa study. Although fellow practitioners offered to send righteous thoughts for me, I refused their offer – I knew I wasn't diligent in my own cultivation, and I didn't want to bother others. 

The pain continued throughout the night. I couldn't consume anything except water, congee, and soy milk. 

For the next four days, my face and eyes were swollen. Since I couldn't get any solid food down, I was extremely weak. It was difficult for me to even walk from my bed to the bathroom. I also kept sweating profusely. 

Searching Within for Root Cause

Initially, I searched within for the root cause. Though the superficial trigger for my condition seemed to be that I had eaten too many popsicles, the actual reason was that I had been reading a lot of novels lately, which had stoked my attachment to lust and emotional desire. I had been reading novels day and night; it made me unable to stay focused during Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. I'd also skipped Dafa exercises for the novels. 

I stayed home lying in bed and reading novels since I was not brave enough to go out and save people in the time of the pandemic. Although I'd just read the Fa teaching regarding the attachment to mobile phones at group study, I could not control myself. I couldn't keep my mobile phone down for a second. 

Clear-minded and Determined 

Fellow practitioners stayed at my home for two consecutive days to help me and left only after I recovered enough to join group Fa study. Although I could not eat normally during that entire process, I kept a clear mind. I continually pleaded for Master's help in foiling the old forces' plan to take my life and rob sentient beings of their opportunities to be saved. I knew the old forces had attempted to take away my human body multiple times by taking advantage of my negligence and lack of diligence.

This time I held one thought steadfast: that I was a Dafa practitioner and must cherish myself and my human body. I must believe in Master, Dafa and myself under all circumstances. I placed my life in Master's hands and, as long as Master would not give up on me, I would not give up my human body and myself.

With fellow practitioners' collective effort and coordinated assistance, the pain subsided. However, I still could not eat any solid food. At night I would drink water to quench my hunger. 

At the same time, I stepped up my effort to search within and openly shared with fellow practitioners about my grudges toward them, grudges that I had kept buried within me for years. I kept reciting the Fa, listening to the Fa lectures, and listening to the audio files of Nine Commentaries on the Communist PartyThe Ultimate Goal of Communism, as well as Minghui experience sharing articles.

Staying Positive and Confident

This situation continued for twenty days, until one day I came across an article on Minghui. The main point of the article was that, the longer the old forces persecuted a practitioner, the more easily the practitioner would be demoralized and feel despair. 

The moment after I read the article, I stood up and said out loud, “The longer the old forces drag out the process, the more I will believe in Master and Dafa, and the more I will believe in myself. I will never let the old forces' plot succeed. I must see them defeated and ultimately eliminated.”

Either due to this thought, or the fact that I had been listening to Master's Fa lectures, my abdomen started to ache right then. It lasted for a whole afternoon. I continued to search within, listen to Fa lectures, and send righteous thoughts. When I used the toilet at around five o'clock in the evening, I excreted an object about the size of an egg yolk. 

I was frightened somewhat at the beginning. I cried in front of Master's photo, “Master, I am frightened. Please help me.” After a while as I calmed down, I could feel very clearly that it was Master who calmed me down.

I then said to myself, “Isn't this a good thing? This is Master purifying my body! Master is looking after me! I have read about such stories in fellow practitioners' experience sharing articles. How can I forget about them now?” 

Around nine o'clock that night, I excreted another object even bigger than the first. This time I kept my composure and sent righteous thoughts. After ten o'clock the same night, I excreted a third object. At this point, I did not want to sleep at all and simply continued to listen to the Fa lectures and send righteous thoughts. Around midnight, another toilet trip did not yield anything. I felt relieved and finally went to sleep. 

I woke up hungry at around 3:30 in the early morning. My child boiled some water with brown sugar for me. After drinking it, I sat up and continued to listen to Fa lectures. When I went to the bathroom after 4 o'clock, a soft object that was a burgundy color fell out of my body, even larger than the last three. Then, I threw up all of the sugar water. My mother-in-law cooked some corn porridge for me so I could regain some strength.

I then called fellow practitioners to my home to send righteous thoughts for me, while I was extremely weak. Upon hearing me describe the process, a fellow practitioner told me, “It is actually a great blessing for you. Master is purifying your body. Your health has been the same for the last over ten years, and now it is a change for the better.” 

The fellow practitioner came over to help out in the kitchen and said to my mother-in-law, “Your daughter-in-law is looked after by Master Li. If she were not a practitioner, how much would it cost for surgery and how long would it take for her to fully recover? Her current situation is truly a blessing.” 

My mother-in-law was so frightened and worried about me. I did not tell my husband about my situation, as he was not a Dafa practitioner and was out of town at the time. 

Collective Effort As a Whole Body

Despite the fact that I had excreted four tumor-like objects, my abdominal pain continued for another three days with the same symptoms. I kept searching within and listening to Fa lectures, doing the Dafa exercises, and sending righteous thoughts day and night along with fellow practitioners. This went on for eight days. Starting on the 28th day of this tribulation, fellow practitioners took me to the group study place so I could stay there instead. 

After joining group Fa study and sending righteous thoughts that night, I went to bed. The next morning after the group exercise, I realized that I could eat breakfast without vomiting or discomfort. It was as good and normal for another day. Everyone was elated as we had all dedicated a lot towards this in the past month.

It was truly a significant improvement. But things got even better.

Around 6:40 on the evening of the third day, three more egg yolk-sized objects fell out of my body. After sending more righteous thoughts and Fa study, another egg-sized object came out around 11:30 that night. I was scared even though I knew that Master was purifying my body. It is worth mentioning that I experienced no pain at all when excreting these objects.

On the fourth night, fellow practitioners gathered at the group Fa study place and, after hearing my experience in the last few days, one of them spoke up.

“The root of the bad substances has been removed. Your body has been purified,” she said. 

Afterwards, a fellow practitioner drove me home. I did not slack off at home in my Fa study, doing the exercises, and sending righteous thoughts. I felt that I had been transformed completely and had just embarked on my cultivation anew. 

The next day my parents-in-law were so happy to see me in great condition and fully recovered. My mother-in-law said, “You should have gone to the group study sooner.” 

Indeed, staying a few days at the group study place made a big difference. When my older sister heard about my recovery on the phone, she could not help but cry. She told me that she and my younger sister often cried together, extremely worried that I might not be able to survive the tribulation.

Another five days passed before three more egg yolk-sized objects came out. I excreted 11 of these objects in total before it all stopped and everything returned to normal.


Master knew it would be tough for me to endure everything all at once and therefore arranged the purification process in three steps. My gratitude to Master is beyond words. I must do the three things well in the future so as to be worthy of Master's benevolence and care. 

Not only was my body transformed completely, but my mindset as well. Fellow practitioners noticed that my attitude and my tone of speaking had become kinder and calmer, which was a good indicator that my xinxing had improved.

I made a full recovery after the tribulation without a single pill, surgery, hospitalization, or any medical intervention whatsoever. I could not have made it without Master's constant care and protection.

Along the process, I also witnessed how the evil beings and their plot to persecute me were destroyed and eliminated. The fact that I stayed steadfast in my belief in Master and Dafa was the key to my success. At the same time, with fellow practitioners' selfless and well-coordinated help, I have found my shortcomings and also regretted that I had not helped those fellow practitioners who'd had illness karma in the past.