(Minghui.org) The Minghui editorial department published, “We Must Know and Be Clearheaded about Our Principles and Fundamentals” on November 7, 2020. Two days later there were a few more articles about the U.S. general election on Minghui.

Today (November 9, 2020), Master published a new scripture, “On the General Election.” I like to share my understanding on this.

The U.S. general election is no longer something that Falun Dafa practitioners can choose whether or not to participate in or to just sit back and wait for things to unfold; it's also no longer just about being aware of what's happening in everyday society so that we can use the information to clarify the truth. My feeling is that we've entered a whole new phase of the Fa-rectification.

It is just like when Master published “Turning the Wheel Again” in the Epoch Times in 2005. He said, “Of course, this is done not so much to tell the higher beings above as to show the people of this world.” He wished to clearly guide practitioners to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its affiliated organizations. That helped clear away the doubts many practitioners had about whether quitting the CCP might be getting political.

Master once again published a scripture in the Epoch Times—his thoughts about this year's U.S. general election. Master is directly speaking to all humanity. The first line of the scripture says, “In this majestic universe, the communist devil is making trouble” (“On the General Election”) This clearly tells us that the current messy situation is caused by the CCP and the communist specter at a deeper, hidden level.

Why This Election Is Significant

The communist specter's motive is to destroy all mankind. This election is not the normal contest between presidential candidates. It is really a battle between the good and the evil, gods and demons. This U.S. presidential election is no longer a superficial matter of human society, a matter that concerns only sentient beings. It is a display of the Fa-rectification process, such a massive cosmic phenomenon taking place on earth. Since this is no longer just a superficial matter that only concerns sentient beings, it is no longer a simple issue regarding human politics.

Based on my current understanding, Master’s title “On the General Election” contains the meaning: “A big choice,” “A big filter process.” As Falun Dafa practitioners, we are the defenders of the universe and we are responsible for all of its positive elements. Being responsible definitely does not mean being complacent. It also does not just mean just believing that President Trump will win. It's about how we really support him!

We are walking on the path towards Godhood. We have a divine side. The righteous thoughts on our divine side can destroy the evil beings that are causing damage and interfering with the general election in other dimensions; on the human side, we need to make use of all means to spread the truth (through media and other communication platforms including telling people in person) and let people see the evil tactics that are being used by the communist factors.

Practitioners in the U.S. can directly show our intent with regard to this election by supporting President Trump and also clarify that supporting him is not because we side with his political party. We support him because he upholds tradition and believes in the Divine and righteousness.

In China, many people don't know much about this election. So, we should approach the topic by exposing the truth about the election and let the Chinese people know how those influenced by communism are falsifying the outcome. We can let people know that the ballots are being manipulated to make it seem that President Trump lost. Most people can accept this. This is how I talk about the U.S. election with my colleagues at work.

During the Taiwan general elections earlier this year, although one of the parties was under the CCP's influence, the election procedures and rules were not destroyed. The party that won is against the CCP. Taiwan’s worldwide influence is not as great as the U.S. Therefore, Taiwan’s general election is not the main battle between good and evil in the universe.

My understanding is that as Dafa practitioners we should openly show our support for President Trump. Along with sending forth righteous thoughts at the four global times, we should add additional times every day to send forth righteous thoughts to annihilate the evil communist specter that is attempting to damage the U.S. election so that justice can prevail in human society.

The U.S. election is also a hot topic among Chinese people. We can use the situation to clarify the truth to them and explain how good and evil are manifested.

These are just my superficial understandings. If there are any areas that are not in line with the Fa, kindly correct me.