(Minghui.org) When I first read Master’s new poem titled “On the General Election,” I thought the “general election” was only about the presidential election in the United States, a social activity that happened in a democratic country. Later on, I came to a deeper understanding of the “general election.” 

The U.S. presidential election is a battle between good and evil and its outcome concerns the future of mankind. It appears to be about the U.S. selecting the next president when in fact it is an issue of whether mankind can return to the traditional values or deviate from tradition and fall into the traps of the communist specter and the Chinese Communist Party. The entire world has been watching the U.S. presidential election, which has become a hot topic globally, giving everyone a chance to choose a side in this war of good and evil. 

We know that Trump was chosen by the divine to bring back tradition. Will people support the divine's choice or side with the other side to trash tradition and implement the CCP-style socialism in the U.S. and the rest of the world? People have been making choices with their words and actions. Who to support will decide if they are heading to a safe future or uncertainty. Because there are so many people involved around the globe, I believe that the U.S. election is actually an opportunity for people to vote for their future. 

After studying Master's new poem further, I also gained the following understandings:

First, the chaos in this human world is a manifestation of the communist specter’s struggle in the battle between good and evil. However, the righteous always prevails. In other dimensions, it may take just an instant for divine beings at higher levels to eliminate demons at lower levels. The final outcome has long been set. The reason that the communist specter is still able to make trouble in the human world is that the divine is using the chaos as an opportunity to assess every sentient being’s attitude towards the specter of communism and in turn determine their future. 

We have seen that, although the U.S. election results have not been officially finalized, some countries have started congratulating the “winner” who advocates socialism. Is it surprising? Not necessarily. It is under these complex situations that one’s true nature will be revealed. In other words, people's attitude towards the self-claimed “winner” will reveal their moral values. 

Secondly, the various kinds of voter fraud that happened during the election process also help us, Falun Dafa practitioners, gain a clear understanding of different political systems in the human world. Every political system has its own drawbacks, which became more obvious especially during this stage when many people have lost their moral compass. Evil elements and bad people can then easily take advantage of the situation. No political system can save people in the dharma-ending era. Only those whose moral level has been lifted can be saved. Only Dafa can truly change people's hearts and save people. Therefore, we should let go of our attachment to particular political systems in human society. 

Religions from the past can hardly save people either. Only Master and Dafa can truly show people a path towards a safe future. 

Thirdly, during this “election,” only those who follow their conscience and uphold justice can be saved; those who are morally corrupt, only pursue fame and interests, and cannot tell right from wrong will face a risky future. 

We are at a critical juncture where numerous sentient beings are facing life and death choices. As Dafa disciples, we should position ourselves well and play the leading role in safeguarding the righteous elements in the cosmos and upholding justice. We should send forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate evil elements and help save more people.