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I Survived a Fall from the 7th Floor

Oct. 19, 2020 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) When I fell down from the 7th floor to the basement of a building under construction, I landed on piles of steel bars, wood squares, and bricks. I saw steel bars puncturing through my skin and blood splattered everywhere. But my mind was very clear. Luckily my phone was not broken and, after calling for help, I said to Master Li (the founder) in my heart before passing out: “Master, please help me. I can't die. I haven't finished my mission yet. I want to save more people.”

The accident happened in 2017 when I was working on a construction site. The electricity and elevators were not installed yet. One night when I walked towards the stairs, I accidentally stepped into the elevator close to the stairs and fell down from the 7th floor.

When I was sent to the hospital, the doctor said I was wounded badly but my condition wasn't life-threatening. Twelve of my ribs were broken. The doctor was surprised because anyone who fell down from such a height (about 22 meters high) would be dead or disabled. The survival rate was 0.1%, but I made it. I truly believe that it was all because I was protected by Falun Dafa and Master.

Even though I was in the intensive care unit (ICU), I was very clear-minded. I told my son to bring me the book Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, because I wanted to read it. At night when seven or eight specialists came to my ward, they saw me reading the book. They were surprised that I was able to read books despite such severe injuries. They also couldn't believe that I fell down from the 7th floor.

I told them that if it were not for me practicing Falun Dafa, I might have been dead already. “Please do not be deceived by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda. Falun Dafa is wonderful and people from over 100 countries are practicing it.” I clarified the truth to them.

On the 17th day, the doctor told me that I needed surgery because of a foot comminuted fracture. During the surgery, a pulmonary blood vessel was broken and I was sent back to the ICU, where I was on a ventilator for 2 days and 2 nights. According to the nurses, the 14th bed I stayed in was very unlucky – all patients who stayed on this bed died.

While I was in the ICU, I heard a voice in my ear, “Give up Falun Dafa, you are dying!” I stayed determined with strong righteous thoughts that I would continue to practice Falun Dafa no matter what. And I kept reciting the auspicious words in my mind, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Two days later, I was transferred to a regular ward. I got through the ordeal.

My son also told the doctors and nurses that Falun Dafa is good, “Otherwise my mom wouldn't have survived.” Although he has not practiced Falun Dafa yet, he sincerely believes Falun Dafa is good because he witnessed how all my sicknesses were gone after I began to practice Falun Dafa.

How I Started to Practice Falun Dafa

When my kids were young, I suffered many health issues such as stomach problems, nephritis, and gynecological diseases. I barely had any income and often couldn't afford to see doctors. Once, I lay in bed for a month because my lower body couldn't stop bleeding. Finally, I decided to borrow 80 yuan from my mother-in-law to see a doctor.

My life changed in 2002. One day I met a Falun Dafa practitioner who showed me how the government-controlled media has been slandering Falun Dafa and how brutal the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners has been. She also told me that practicing Falun Dafa could heal diseases and keep practitioners fit. She gave me the book Zhuan Falun.

On the way back home, I had to cross a mountain. I felt very energetic and my body had never been so comfortable. I even threw my crutch away. I was amazed, “What happened?”

I started to read the book right after I came back home. Before I finished the first lecture, I knew this was a great book! I couldn't stop reading it. I finally found what I was looking for my whole life.

My Son Is Blessed, Too

My son told me that he believed he was also blessed by Falun Dafa.

One day in 2016, my daughter-in-law was about to give birth. Since my son, my husband, and I were working far away from home, we decided to drive back at 3 a.m. in the early morning. After 12 hours of driving, at around 3 p.m., my son almost fell asleep and crashed the car into the side railing on the highway. The collision shook me awake. “What happened?” I asked. He replied, “Nothing.”

When we took a break at a service station, I found that the front tire was punctured. The man who fixed our car said, “It would be very dangerous if the front tire broke. An accident on the highway could occur any second.” My son believed that Master had protected him.