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Cultivating Within the Fa

September 21, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am a young practitioner who acquired the Fa at the age of five alongside my mother. My mother and my grandmother stepped into the cultivation practice to get rid of illnesses. They were fortunate, as Dafa restored their health, and changed my dad's bad temper. I am very grateful to Master Li (the founder) for giving me a wonderful home.

Master Gave Me the Strength to Jump Over a Two-Meter High Wall

One day before the Chinese New Year of 2001, when I was 9, two practitioners visited my home and stayed overnight. Since my home was not spacious, my mother stayed at another practitioner's home nearby. In the middle of the night, police officers broke into our home and arrested my grandmother and the two practitioners. My little sister who was 7 years old was so scared that she kept crying. The police also asked me where my mother went.

My grandmother questioned the police, “Why do you arrest us? We did nothing wrong. You should be punished for scaring our two children.”

The local officers harassed us before and knew about the practitioner near us. While the two practitioners were arguing with the police, my grandmother hinted that I warn my mother.

The alley was very dark, but I was not afraid. When I arrived at the practitioner's home, her door was locked from inside. I wanted to knock on the door but was afraid that the police might hear it. I tried to crawl over the six feet tall wall but failed twice. Then, I asked Master to help me. Immediately I felt a great hand help me jump over the wall. I woke up my mother and told her our home was surrounded by police. My mother and the practitioner immediately got dressed and escaped. I went back home.

The police entered the practitioner's home immediately after I left. They knew I warned my mother, but let me go since I was too young. My grandmother and the two practitioners were illegally detained at the detention center until after the Chinese New Year.

Master Gives Me Wisdom

While in high school, my academic score was average. My mother often urged me to study. But because of my laziness, I sometimes argued with her. I also gradually slacked off in my cultivation. However, Master did not give up on me, and always helped, and protected me.

When I read the math examination paper, I had no clue about many of the major score questions. I became so nervous that I could not think. I sat there for a while and suddenly remembered that I was a practitioner. I asked Master to help me, and recited “Falun Dafa is good”.

After half an hour, my mind became clear and I started to solve the questions. It did not take much effort to complete all the questions within the prescribed time. I did not know how I did that afterward. The exam result was very satisfactory and I was admitted to my dream college. I am very grateful to Master for giving me wisdom.

Master Helped Me Break Through Sickness Karma

I came down with pneumonia when I was three-months-old, and kept taking medicine and injections until I was five. After I acquired the Fa, Master purified my body, and I stopped taking any medicine. I experienced sickness karma during my cultivation. But with Master's strengthening, I broke through all the tribulations.

When I just started to work, I worked in the field. On a windy day I wore thin clothes. I came down with a high fever. My leg was so painful that I could not stand up the next morning. My parents were not at home. My grandmother was afraid and asked me whether I could endure. I told her that I would be fine. I continued to listen to Master's Fa lecture and sent forth righteous thoughts with my grandmother to eliminate all bad substances in the other dimension. I also asked Master to strengthen me. I felt much better on the next day, and I had completely recovered on the third day. I truly felt the power of Falun Dafa.

Clarifying the Truth

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Dafa, all practitioners began to clarify the truth about Dafa. My mother, my younger brother and I often went out at night to distribute truth-clarifying materials. Sometimes we did not get home until midnight. We felt that we did the most sacred thing in the universe and Master always protected us.

My mother and I had a fight over something very small. Neither of us passed the xinxing test. At night while we were distributing the Dafa informational materials, a person at the end of the alley suddenly shouted, “Stop!” Meanwhile, we saw a police vehicle parked at the end of the alley. I realized it was a police officer and told my mother to run. The police chased us. I looked back while running and saw this man looked as if he was frozen, but still pointed at us mumbling. We escaped safely. Later we all realized that we did not maintain our xinxing and created a loophole for the old forces to persecute us. Master saved us again.

Power of Dafa: Escaping High Voltage Electric Shock

I am an electrical technician that is specialized in machinery repair. When I was on duty, sometimes the machine malfunctioned, and I encountered some technical problems. I often recited “Falun Dafa is good” and many difficult problems were solved.

Sometimes dangerous things happened at work, and I could feel the presence of Master who protected me. When I was repairing some equipment, I forgot to turn off the electrically-controlled contactor switch. I accidentally touched the contactor and immediately felt my hand was numbed by the 600-volt electric shock. However, nothing else happened to me. It was Master who protected me again from the danger.

I experienced the power of Dafa many times. I truly feel Master is always around me and protects me. I study the Fa and walk on the path of Fa-Rectification with Master's continuous caring and protection.