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Recalling the Days When I Attended Master's Lectures

June 28, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1993 and was very lucky to have the chance to attend Master Li Hongzhi's lectures in Beijing.

What Happened During the Lectures

The lectures were held in the auditorium at the Ministry of Aerospace Industry. I still remember that, in the middle of one lecture, Master told us to extend our hands. Right away I felt my palms getting warm and something spinning on them and also in my stomach. I sensed many things spinning around me and asked Master what was happening. He said they were good things.

Master also purified our bodies. Following his instructions, we first stomped our right foot, then our left foot, driving sickness out.

On the third day, I felt that Master opened my third eye. Something like a red sun appeared in front of my forehead and kept spinning. When I was listening to Master, I often saw many Buddhas on top of his head, and each one was sparkling.

When Master was talking about the design of the Falun emblem, I saw a huge ship spinning up near the ceiling, with Master standing on the bow and the ship packed with Dafa practitioners. I was very excited and almost shouted out, “Look! The Dafa ship is spinning!. It's so great!”

After the eighth lecture, Master asked each of us to write an experience sharing and turn it in the next day. I wrote down my feelings: “Teacher, do you know what’s happening to me? I often start to levitate as I walk, and it’s the same when I lie down at home to sleep—even when I have a blanket over me. I’m always floating up, like a balloon.”

After the lectures were over, practitioners from all over the county wanted Master's signature. I went to Master with deep respect, holding his hands tightly. I felt a strong energy going all over my body. No words could express how happy I was. I sincerely appreciate Master from the bottom of my heart.

What Happened after the Lectures

When I first learned Falun Dafa, I knew it was not just a Qigong geared toward health and wellness. I knew it was Buddha saving people. I had been looking for it my whole life, and now Master had brought it to me directly. I was so fortunate that I couldn't stop crying for a whole week.

Afterward, my health improved a lot. Before, I couldn't go upstairs by myself, and I would be exhausted after a couple of steps. However, now my body was so light, and I could go however far I wanted to.

The ailments, such as rheumatic heart disease, arthritis, and pollen allergies, that had tortured me for many years, were gone. I have never visited a hospital since. When I rode a bike, it felt like someone was pushing me. It was so wonderful to be sickness-free.

Miracles During Lectures

After that, I attended several more of Master's nine-day lectures and witnessed quite a few miracles.

Once during the break, we all surrounded Master and asked him about various things in our cultivation. He answered our questions one by one and said, “All these are good things.”

We also saw him heal someone in a wheelchair. In fact, Master only smiled at him and said, “OK, you can stand up now.”

That man was scared to do it at first. But Master encouraged him, saying, “Don't worry, stand up. You can also walk a few steps.” He tried to stand up and he did. He also walked a few steps. Master encouraged him again, “Walk some more, and a little bit faster.” Then he walked around his wheelchair and said, “Thank you, Master, thank you!” Everyone clapped.

Another time, someone with a comminuted fracture was carried on a stretcher to the Health Expo in Beijing to see Master. He begged Master to heal him. Master adjusted his body and then asked him to stand up and walk. When his family tried to help him, Master said, “You don't have to.”

In a split second, the person who had been unable to stand was healed. Everyone in the hall witnessed the miracle and couldn't stop clapping. His family was very touched and happy for him.

I also saw Master heal someone from Inner Mongolia, who was suffering from severe ascites.