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Recalling My Cultivation Path

March 13, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was once misled by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda and had a negative impression of Falun Dafa. But after being positively influenced by Falun Dafa practitioners, I became a young practitioner in 2011.

Exposure to Falun Dafa

A math teacher in my school was very humble. He sometimes tutored for free. When parents tried to give him gifts and money to express their gratitude, he would not accept anything.

When one of his students did not show up for class and was still sleeping in the dormitory, he went to the dormitory to wake him up. The student shouted obscenities at him in front of many people in the hallway. The teacher's face turned red at first and then he laughed. As a colleague, I worried that he would feel humiliated and had lost face. But he was calm and later called the student to his office and talked to him compassionately. The student was moved, burst into tears, and apologized.

I could sense that that child was truly remorseful. Teaching that way inspires a person's compassion and impacts their minds. As a colleague, I was deeply touched.

Stepping on the Cultivation Path

I met a fellow practitioner of that teacher in 2008. He helped explain many of the things I was confused about in my life. He also told me some of the ways he and his family had benefited since they started practicing Dafa. He let me borrow the book Zhuan Falun and suggested that I read it all the way through.

After reading Zhuan Falun, I accepted the principles taught in that book and had some unusual experiences.

When I mentioned the negative view I previously had of Falun Dafa, the practitioner said, “Even people like you believed the Party. The CCP propaganda ruined so many people's lives!”

After reading Zhuan Falun, I understood that our blessings come from accumulating virtue. I learned where we came from and where we are going. Consequently, I became more generous, calmer, and more positive. I, too, refused the gifts the parents tried to give me. I also guided the students with compassion and patience.

One day, a colleague asked me, “You are so happy every day. Where did that pleasant outlook come from?” I told her what I'd learned from Zhuan Falun. She said she would also like to read it, so I lent her a copy. Later, I was fired from my job on the grounds that I promoted Falun Dafa.

Unemployed and home, I visited the Minghui website by using the software that circumvents the government firewall. I read all of Master Li Hongzhi's teachings. I learned everything about this cultivation practice and stepped onto the path of Dafa.

Cultivating Xinxing

When it comes to cultivating xinxing, the main obstacles came from my family members. Prior to my practicing Dafa, my husband was very nice to me. He once said, “No matter how upset I get outside, I am cheerful when I get home and see my wife.”

Because of the CCP's suppression, however, he was too scared to let me practice Dafa. When I insisted on cultivating, his attitude changed. He often came home drunk and abusive. Once he grabbed my neck and said he would choke me to death. I looked at his eyes and suddenly realized that it was not his nature. He was possessed by an evil entity. I shouted, “Master, help!” He suddenly just let go. He then sat down and said to himself, “How could I do that?”

Another time, he hit me on the left side of my chest. The next day, the bruise turned purple, but I didn’t hurt at all. It was Master Li who endured it.

He mentioned divorcing me numerous times. At first, I felt heartbroken and wronged. After some time, I thought I had done all I could in telling him the truth about Dafa. Yet, he still wanted to divorce me because of it.

We started to write a divorce agreement and divide the family property. He said that he would sell the car and split the cash with me. However, the market for used cars at that time was not good. Seeing him holding a grudge, I said, “You keep the car. You can give me the money later if you get it. If not, then don't worry about it.”

Seeing how, right before our divorce, I could still be considerate of his interests, he was touched. The next day when I was going out to rent my own apartment, he said, “Forget about it!”

But not long after that, he mentioned divorce again. This time he only wanted to give me 50,000 yuan! The threat no longer registered in my mind. When I was half-asleep, I said to myself, “Even if I lose everything in the world, it can't stop me from cultivating.” Maybe because this thought of putting down all my attachments came from my heart, my husband no longer mentioned divorce.

Previously, to prevent me from practicing Falun Dafa, my husband told my parents that he would divorce me if I wouldn't give it up. When I visited my mother, she knelt in front of me and pleaded with me to give up my faith or my husband would divorce me.

All sorts of emotions welled up in my heart to see my elderly mother kneeling in front of me. I cried and was trying to help her get up, but she still kowtowed, groaned, and begged me to give up my cultivation. After realizing I would never agree to give it up, she said that she would sever our relationship.

In the face of her emotional outburst, I suddenly remembered something Master said and said in my head, “Listen, whatever spirit is controlling my mother, I am now Master Li Hongzhi's disciple. He arranges everything. If I owed you from before, when I achieve enlightenment, he will arrange the best place for you to go. Let everything be settled with compassion!” Pretty soon, my mother calmed down.

When I got home, I intended to ask my husband why he wanted to upset my mother over what was going on between us. But then I gave it another thought. As a cultivator, regardless of who I fight with, I must search inward. Whether or not it is my fault, I am responsible. I asked myself, “What did I do wrong? What attachment should be eliminated?” I did not mention anything to my husband.

Now, both my father and my husband have read Zhuan Falun. My mother also knows Dafa is good. But due to the fear of being persecuted, they are afraid of practicing it.

Dafa Practitioners Are the Hope of Mankind

Master clearly stated, “Dafa disciples are the hope of humankind — the one and only hope” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the European Fa Conference in Paris,” Team Yellow Translation)

I understood that practitioners are here on a mission. Not long after I picked up the practice, I was very diligent about doing the three things asked of us. When my alarm clock rang, I jumped out of bed without delay. I studied the Fa every morning and clarified the truth about the persecution in the afternoon.

Talking to people face-to-face was not that easy. But if I took a taxi, I could talk to the drivers about Dafa. I usually started talking on a variety of subjects. I then sent righteous thoughts and gave examples according to the situation to overcome the atheism instilled in them by the CCP.

I mentioned the 5,000 years of Chinese culture — the culture of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. I told them our culture is also called “the divine culture,” because it is the culture that divine beings brought to earth and that enabled China to thrive for 5,000 years, the only country in the world whose culture has been passed down from generation to generation without a gap.

At one time, I was calmly talking about Dafa to a driver who was listening attentively until someone beckoned him over and asked if he could carpool with me. I said, “OK,” so the person got into the taxi. I was wondering if I should continue, when the driver said, “Keep going. Listening to you, I felt as if an electric current was passing through my body!” I said, “That is because your enlightenment quality is good. When you accept the truth, the bad substances in your body are eliminated.” After the carpooler listened to the truth, he said, “I too will practice Falun Dafa later!”

I know that there are a lot of things that I did not do well, and there are still many attachments in me that have not been eliminated. Feeling tormented, I once asked Master, “Why can't I eliminate my attachments?” Master projected a thought into my mind: “Master is only looking for that little bit of a righteous thought from within you.”

A practitioner must keep in mind Master's teachings. Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation, one should not think about it like an ordinary person and immediately send righteous thoughts.