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China Fahui | Saving Sentient Beings with All My Heart, Helping Fellow Practitioners

November 18, 2019 |   By Falun Dafa practitioner Mei Xiang in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) I feel that I am the happiest and most blessed person in the world, because I get to practice Falun Dafa. During the past 20 some years, I have consistently validated Dafa. I hope that people worldwide will learn that Falun Dafa is good! 

Learning to Read Zhuan Falun

I was introduced to Falun Dafa by a co-worker in the spring of 1996. I was of poor health, and my neck often felt numb. Besides, my mental health was sliding down, because of my bad relationship with my husband. I even felt that living was meaningless. A co-worker told me, “Falun Dafa is so great. You will feel a lot better after you read Zhuan Falun.” There was a Falun Dafa exercise site west of my home, and I decided to go there to practice Falun Dafa. I also asked my two sons to come along, and they both said yes without hesitating.

My family was very poor when I was young. I did not attend school and thus was illiterate. As I wanted to practice Dafa, I was determined to learn the Chinese characters and read Zhuan Falun. There was a mirror on the wall in my home. Every day I drew the characters that I didn’t know on the mirror and then asked my children what they were. I improved very quickly because I was able to remember them after my sons told me just one time. It was because Master gave me wisdom that I could remember them. Soon I was able to read Zhuan Falun, even though not very smoothly. At the group Fa study we took turns to read, and when it was my turn, I paused a lot. Others weren’t aware of my situation, and one fellow practitioner said, “Some fellow practitioners are not serious enough when reading the Fa and pause a lot.” I knew she was talking about me, and I felt very bad. But, I still kept going, and I would read along even when it was other people’s turn. Gradually, I was able to read smoothly.

Dealing with Family Problems

It was very cold in the winter, but my sons, and I insisted on doing the exercises outdoors. My family was still relatively poor, but I bought three music players. The first two were small, and as more people wanted to learn Dafa, I bought a larger one. It was louder, but it stil  sounded good. We did the exercises no matter the weather. One time it started pouring as we were doing the second exercise, and a lot of people left. But my sons and I finished it in the rain.

Master told us to be good people and follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. At first I had difficulties following Forbearance. When I had a big fight with my husband, I thought of moving in with my parents for some time.

The next morning, my husband said, “Your Master said in my dream, ‘there are four people in your home and three are Dafa practitioners. You should not keep creating trouble. I have cleaned up your home inside and out. If you continue to make trouble, I won’t take care of you anymore.’” So, I knelt and kowtowed to Master, but Master said, “Get up. We don’t do this these days.” My husband also saw in his dream that the fox and weasel spirits left our home. From then on he became a better person and was very supportive of us three practicing Dafa. He also cooked for us. I was very happy, and I was determined to become a better person, and treat others well.

At the time, the family of my husband’s fifth younger brother lived next to us. There was a short period of time that we weren’t home, and he seized that opportunity and built a house in his yard. The house was so close to our house that we couldn’t even open our windows. Moreover, his wife cursed at my husband all the time. Our neighbors thought that they had gone too far, and we would win a lawsuit. But, we didn’t argue with them.

As the winter approached his family started to have a lot of issues. He had trouble breathing; his child had a stomachache, and the doctors could not identify the problem. Eventually, they found a Feng Shui consultant, and they were told that their newly build house had a spirit in it.

He decided to tear down the house and asked us if he could put things on top of our roof. My husband didn’t want to at first, but I was able to persuade him. After taking apart the house his family was all fine. From then on the two families got along nicely, and they even gave us a small plot of land to plant things. The conflict was resolved, as Master told us to follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Helping Former Practitioners Return to the Cultivation Path

After the persecution started, some practitioners stayed home and were afraid to contact other practitioners. Some were monitored by their families so they would not get in touch with other practitioners.

I was arrested several times, and some practitioners were afraid to talk to me. But, I always tried to find a way to help them. We planted some beans in the yard. When the beans were ready, I would pick them, and take them to these practitioners’ homes. I used this as an opportunity to encourage them to continue cultivation. Whenever Master published a new lecture, I would also bring it to them.

Perhaps because I was always eager to help, and had some influence in the region, Master arranged for me to take this cultivation path. I tried to find all those who no longer appeared to practice Dafa, and encouraged them to return to the practice. I knew that Master would not want to leave any disciples behind, so I thought that I should try to look for them – one by one.

I went to visit Ang (alias) and encouraged her to return to cultivation. Eventually she did, and her husband who was the city’s culture minister also began to practice Dafa. He did the exercises outside, and no one dared to stop him. He benefited from Dafa, such as when he was unscathed after striking his head against a metal radiator in an accident.

When I visited Bo (alias), and her husband to encourage them to get back to cultivation, they were watching TV and would not talk to me. I didn’t give up on them. Eventually, after many visits, they returned to the cultivation path. Their children also treated Dafa practitioners very kindly and often helped them with household repairs.

Practitioner Chen (alias) started to cultivate after returning from her son’s home. She had come down with lupus and recovered without taking any medicine. Her son had a high position in a police station in another province. He came to visit and was very happy to see the improvement in Chen’s health. When he left, he showed his gratitude by offering incense to the Master’s picture and thanked Master for helping his mother. He also quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Fellow practitioner Dong’s (alias) daughter came down with a gynecological disease and had irregular menstruation. She was in so much pain during those days that she would roll on the ground. She spent a lot of money on treatments without seeing any improvement. A friend of hers, who was a doctor, told her that it could not be cured, but could only get worse. Dong tried to convince her daughter to practice Dafa but she wouldn’t listen, so I went to talk to her.

I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. Then I said, “Practicing Dafa doesn’t cost you any money. All it needs you to do is to get up a little early, read the Dafa books, and do some exercises. You should experience it a little yourself, and you will know what I mean.” She agreed to check out Dafa. After practicing Dafa for some time, she went for a medical examination, and the doctor told her that she was doing better and did not need surgery.

She stopped practicing, and her illness worsened. “You have to be serious in cultivation," I said, “You should apologize to Master and start over.” She listened and began to diligently study the Fa and do the exercises again. She returned to good health and got married. Her husband has been very supportive of her practicing Dafa.

Then, I visited Fang (alias) who had also quit cultivating. I was shocked when I saw her. Her stomach was swollen, and she appeared to be extremely weak. I asked her, “Why don’t you send forth righteous thoughts?” She told me she didn’t know how to. I said, “I’ll recite the formula and you can write it down.” Two days later, I went to another practitioner’s home, and to my surprise, Fang was studying the Fa there! She told me, “The other day when I was writing, I felt cold air moving down in my body, and not long after writing the words for sending righteous thoughts, I felt very comfortable, and I recovered."

Another practitioner’s husband monitors her very closely, and he was unhappy as I visited her a lot. So I asked my daughter-in-law to take Master’s new lecture to her. Gradually, she has become much more steady in cultivation.

Staying Firm in Cultivation Despite Persecution

On May 13, I bought a large birthday cake, and practitioners gathered to celebrate Master’s birthday. We were all excited, because it was the first time we'd gotten together in many years.

Jiang Zemin launched the brutal persecution against the group of good people who practice Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. He claimed that Master “made a fortune” off practitioners. However, my two sons and I have practiced Dafa for so many years, and Master never asked us for a cent. I have returned to good health after practicing Dafa, and we saved a lot of money because of no longer needing medicines. Besides, I work three jobs.

My family was harassed by the police. They ransacked my home and confiscated a lot of things, including music players and Dafa books. They also took 20,000 yuan in cash.

But even so, we persisted in having group Fa study in my home. Except for the times I was detained, no matter what took place outside my home, we had group Fa study every night. Group Fa study is a cultivation path that Master left for us. We have Master watching over us and thus we are determined to have group Fa study.

This year, our region’s group Fa study sites were harassed, and police confiscated Dafa books. Another practitioner came to tell me about it and said, “Maybe we should stop for several days.” I said, “It’s okay. Our Fa study group has been going since July 20, 1999, and it was Master who has been protecting us all along. We will not have any problems.”

When practitioners came to my home one time, they saw someone sitting by the building’s entrance. They were concerned and wondered if he was a plainclothes policeman. My heart was not moved. I thought, “We cannot think of him as a bad person. No matter what he does, he is a sentient being. We cannot let him interfere with our cultivation. He will be destroyed if he commits a crime against Dafa.” I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind him and asked Master to make him leave. Minutes later, he picked up a phone call and left.

I have always had a firm thought, “The group Fa study site must move forward steadily, all the way to the time of the Fa rectifying the human realm!”

Family Benefits from Dafa

Some of my relatives used to practice Dafa but stopped after the persecution started. When I went back to my hometown, I bought my second older sister an MP3 player and asked her to listen to Master’s lectures. But, she didn’t listen much and then gave it to her child to play with. Later on she had a stroke and could not walk anymore. I gave her an amulet and said to her, “Sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ then Master will take care of you.” This time she was very sincere and said, “My sister is a Dafa practitioner. Master Li, please also help me.” She recited it again and again. Gradually she regained her mobility and was able to walk and cook again.

When I clarified the facts to family members my mother also helped me. She said to my older sister, “Practice Dafa with your sister! She is of good health, and she never gets tired.” My mother had some heart issues, and also coughed quite a bit. One morning she saw a big hand taking something from her heart. From then on her heart problem disappeared. Later she spat out two tumor-like balls, one yellow and black, and from then on she no longer coughed.

My aunt suffered from insomnia, but was able to fall asleep after reciting “Falun Dafa is good.” My uncle is a principal at a school and had suffered a small stroke. His symptoms were gone after several days of practicing Dafa.

One year, I went back to my hometown and stayed there for two months. I had many relatives there, and whichever family needed help, I was always willing to help. When picking cotton, most people could not make it to the end of the field row and had to put the sacks on the ground in the middle to rest their backs. But the cotton would get dirty this way. I always carried it all the way to the end without putting it down. My sisters-in-law asked me, “Is your back okay like this?” I told them, “No problem!” I clarified the facts with many of my relatives, and more than 80 people quit the CCP.

Many of my relatives wanted to give me money but I did not accept any donations. If I really had to take it, I would give it to my mother. Before leaving, I cleaned her home inside and outside. She was very sad when I left.

Once, some people in my family went for a long walk. When we returned home, my nephew flopped on the bed and didn’t want to move, but I immediately went to the kitchen to help make dumplings. They were so surprised to see this. My nephew said, “Aunt, what is this practice? Can you teach me?” He ended up keeping my copy of Zhuan Falun. His father, who is my younger brother, used to think that I spent too much time with Dafa related things, and didn’t live well. I said to him, “How can that be true? My health got so much better after practicing Dafa, and that’s how I’m able to take on three jobs. How would that be possible without good health?” He understood, and also learned the Dafa exercises.

Validating “Falun Dafa Is Good” with Our Actions

My husband’s second older brother Tong (alias) got sick and was hospitalized in another city. His wife Lian’s (alias) health was also not very good and she could not take care of him. They asked me for help, so I went to the hospital. Each hospital room was shared by two patients. But, in the room there was only one extra bed for the patients’ family members who were there to take care of them. The rule was that each family would take turns staying at the hospital every other night. The other patient’s son’s name was Xiao Hong, and he refused to share the extra bed when it was our turn to use it. Tong’s daughter had a fight with him about this. I pulled them apart. Then, I told Tong’s daughter to let me take care of her father. I agreed to sleep in the hallway, and even though it was cold in the hallway, as a Dafa practitioner I knew that I would not have any problem with it.

I thought of others first with everything, such as letting the other family use the sink and electric outlets before I did. When Lian came to the hospital, she saw that I was sleeping in the hallway in the cold weather. She made noodles for me. I knew that she was in a very difficult situation financially, and I told her that I would go home to eat. She was very touched.

Each time there was someone new visiting, I would clarify the facts to them. All the people there, including those in the neighboring wards, knew that I was a good person. Even the hospital’s director knew it. I told them that it was all because I practiced Dafa. I told them that before I practiced Dafa, I was someone who would never yield to others, and would fight over everything.

Xiao Hong’s brother-in-law told me, “Xiao Hong is the kind of person that no one dares to provoke. But he just really admires you. You are such a good person. He listens to whatever you tell him!”

The two families got along really well and Xiao Hong changed, too. Every day I told him about following the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and he agreed. He said, “I wish I'd gotten to know you earlier. Then, I wouldn’t have done stupid things.” That is when I found out that he was a murderer, and his family had spent a lot of money to get him out of prison. When I was leaving, Xiao Hong and his sister both cried, and asked for my phone number. Xiao Hong promised to visit me.

Lian wanted to give me 2,000 yuan for taking care of Tong, but I didn’t accept it. Her children were very touched. Other than Lian, the entire family quit the CCP.

For several years I had a babysitting job. When I first started, the child was nine months old, and she was very thin and small. Her parents told me that when she was born, she had to stay in an oxygen tent for a month. She didn’t like to eat and feeding her was a big issue. Once I started working with her, I cooked different things for her every day, and I used all kinds of ways to make her happy and eat. Soon she got much healthier and chubbier. Her mom asked me, “How did you feed her?” “With my heart,” I told her. I was always happy. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. I babysat her for three-and-a-half years, and she did not need any medicine during that time.

In fact I’m not a patient person at all and was not this patient even with my own sons when they were little. But, Dafa had changed me, and I was able to patiently take care of this child.

She grew up and it was time for her to go kindergarten. Her entire family was sad to part with me. When I was arrested for practicing Dafa, the child’s grandparents came to see me in detention. Her grandma cried and said, “A good person like you should not be suffering here.” She said her family knew some officials in the provincial government and they could ask them to help. I told her not to.

For the several years I was babysitting in their home, I had opportunities to clarify the facts with a lot of guests who visited them. All of their family members and friends whom I had talked with agreed to quit the CCP.

Improving While Clarifying the Facts

When the persecution first started, I went out to distribute fliers and post stickers with Dafa information. At first I was very nervous. There was one time I noticed someone behind me while I had a sticker in my hand. It scared me so much that I put the sticker in my mouth, chewed it and then swallowed it. But no matter how scared I was, I still insisted on distributing Dafa materials. As time went on, I was able to eliminate the mentality of fear.

Another time I fell down some stairs when I was distributing materials. My foot was twisted and the sole faced up. I said, “Master, I still need to walk.” I held my foot and twisted it back. It didn’t hurt, so I got up and continued to distribute the materials. Once I finished, I looked around and realized that I was far away from home. I thought, “How can I go home this late?” It was not a righteous thought and as soon as I had it, my foot began to hurt. I was fortunate that I then met someone with a trailer, and he took me home for three yuan. The next day, my ankle was dark purple, but even so, I insisted on going out to distribute materials whenever they were available. I felt very light and relaxed each time I finished. I knew that nothing could stop me. Even the police sitting by my door for a whole year did not stop me from going out to distribute materials. Master is always protecting me.

I also learned to make phone calls to clarify the facts and ask people to quit the CCP. At first I asked fellow practitioners to help me to write down the names of people who quit the CCP, because I didn’t know how to write them. Fellow practitioners said, “Can’t you just draw the characters out?” I was a bit angry, and thought, “If I knew how to, then why would I ask you!” But soon I realized that it was Master hinting. So I learned to use my phone to look up the characters and then hand copy them on paper. For the characters that had many strokes, I would zoom in to see it clearly. This way I did not need to bother anyone anymore. Fellow practitioners didn’t believe it was me who wrote the characters and commented that the characters were well written. It was really Master who opened up my wisdom.

Providing Help to Other Practitioners

A practitioner was forced to leave home due to persecution. She was in a lot of pain and she could not straighten her back. It was as if she'd gotten a bad cold and was sleepy all the time. She would fall asleep even when watching Master’s Fa lecture videos standing up. She was in my home for two months and I never criticized her. Instead I just tried to help and encourage her. I didn’t share with her much. I just spent a lot of time studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and doing the exercises with her. She wanted to sleep a great deal. Sometimes she said she just wanted to lie down for 10 minutes. But, I told her, “You shouldn’t. If you lie down, then you are accepting the persecution by the old forces.” I encouraged her to be persistent. She was able to endure the hardships she was facing.

Another practitioner could not eat much and became extremely skinny. She stayed in my home for a month. Often she just lay in bed and didn’t want to get up. I said to her, “There is a bright future if you move forward. There is an abyss and you will fall if you move backward. Do you want to go forward or back?” She then got up to study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. She also found the attachment to personal gain and the mentality of fear that she had for many years. Soon she recovered.

Whenever fellow practitioners had troubles or concerns, I took care of them just as if they were my own family. As fellow practitioners we should move forward together.

Master has been so compassionate to me. In these many years, I caused Master a lot of trouble because of my stubbornness, attachments, and not being able to read or write. But Master, please be assured that no matter what, I will always treat others with sincerity and save sentient beings with all my heart. I will try to keep a calm mind so that Master doesn’t have to worry about me. For all this time, Master has been doing everything for me and pulling me along on my cultivation path.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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