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China Fahui | Twenty Busy, Joyful Years

November 18, 2019 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) When I was only six years old, I started to wonder why we were here on earth. I was always a top student, attended my ideal university, and my life was accompanied by applause and flowers, but I kept wondering what was the purpose of life. I asked my teachers, read various books, and went to temples, but never got the answer.

One day in October, 1997, as I sat in a university classroom I heard beautiful music. I walked outside and saw a group of students practicing qigong. I had never practiced qigong, didn’t know what kind of qigong it was or if there was a fee, so I went back inside. I could still hear the music, so I walked outside again and noticed someone I knew doing the exercises.

When I saw her the next day, I asked about it. She smiled and said, “It's called Falun Dafa. The guiding principles are Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.” I suddenly knew that this was what I had been looking for! I knew the purpose of my life; to cultivate and return home with Master.

Soon after I began practicing, I saw the beautiful Falun – golden, the size of a coin, spinning on the classroom table. I often saw Falun of various colors in my dreams. The sky was filled with large and small spinning Falun. The sight was quite spectacular! I especially liked to read Zhuan Falun. I felt I couldn't read enough. Before the persecution, I copied Zhuan Falun three times by hand and recited dozens of articles in Essentials for Further Advancement. I was so happy, and I focused on learning the Fa and practicing cultivation.

That was the happiest time of my life. I read the Fa with other practitioners every night. Most of us were college students, teachers, or nearby workers. The first night after I practiced the exercises, I fell asleep as soon I lay down, which was unimaginable for me who had suffered serious neurasthenia.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began an overwhelming media campaign of slander and suppression against Dafa on July 20, 1999. As the persecution escalated, the education department expelled me at the end of 2002 since I refused to give up practicing Dafa.

Assisting Master and Saving Sentient Beings

In 2005, my husband and I established a materials production site by following the instructions on Minghui.org. It has been running smoothly.

At that time my family lived far from the county's capital. Almost no one used the Internet, so it was very difficult to install. But I was sure that righteous thoughts would be effective. Sure enough it was installed successfully.

We began by printing leaflets and Dafa books and producing large numbers of CDs. Every winter we're very busy. Fellow practitioners go to the countryside to clarify the truth, and I supply them the materials they need. Sometimes I work every day all day long to ensure they're supplied and then I study the Fa at night.

In 2016, we obtained a two-sided printing machine which enabled us to make at least 15,000 booklets every year. Throughout these past 20 years, I've been very happy and busy. Even though the persecution has been hard on my children, they were always very happy. They are little Dafa disciples and Master is looking after them. Today they have grown up healthy and handsome. They study the Fa with me and we do truth clarification things together.

When we first established our material site the CCP's persecution was very rampant. I often dreamed that the CCP was coming for me and I sent righteous thoughts. As soon as I woke up I'd send forth righteous thoughts for a long time until the fear was gone.

Master said:

“A demon will never be higher than a Tao.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

I dreamed that Master was repairing my shoes, and I immediately bowed to Him. Master said very seriously, “This is not easy to repair!” When I told the other practitioners they felt that Master was helping me clean up the interference.

During that period, Master published an article every New Year. People usually returned to their hometowns for the New Year, but I was home alone.

I read six lectures in Zhuan Falun that day, and then fell asleep waiting for Master's new article. In my dream I saw Master teaching the Fa to thousands of people. I stood at the window and wanted to close it and go out to listen to the Fa. Master turned around with a smile and said, “She closed the window.” I immediately woke up and realized that Master had published the new article. “Closing the window” meant that I had turned off the computer. I immediately turned on the computer and saw Master's new article, “My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings.” I was so excited! I quickly printed it and gave copies to the other practitioners.

At that time, the environment was harsh. Every time Master published a new article it was a great encouragement to us practitioners in China. Over the years, I have printed more than one hundred copies of articles. I saw an article on Minghui.org that each time Master publishes an article, there is a god who is responsible for sending it to all the other gods. Since then, I have felt a sacred joy every time I send new articles to fellow practitioners. In this life, I am fortunate to assist in the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. This is the glorious honor that Master has given me!

At my home I worked with several other practitioners to produce more than 700 copies of Hong Yin III. At another practitioner's home I coordinated the production of hundreds of Hong Yin IV. This year, I coordinated several practitioners and we jointly produced 900 copies of Hong Yin V in their homes. They are all elderly, diligent practitioners.

I saw they could always look inward, and their upright behavior inspired me. When I sometimes couldn't get through xinxing tests, they peacefully encouraged me, reminding me to look inward, not outward. Their minds were all on cultivation, not just on doing things. I ran errands, bought and shipped supplies for them.

Master Is Always by My Side

In 2010, a practitioner who worked with me was arrested. She was later persecuted to death. She was very diligent in cultivation and did the three things well. She also helped me a lot. I was truly saddened by her death. I understood from the Fa that she reached consummation, but I was very disturbed by my attachment of sentimentality towards her. I could not stop crying. I stopped producing materials.

Master gave me a hint: I and this practitioner, and another practitioner who provided technical support to us, had arrived at an intersection. The practitioner who died was riding a bicycle as she always did in life. I was walking with a child. The technical practitioner drove a car and asked me to get in. I thanked him and said, “No.” I heard a voice saying, “Different paths, but the same destination.”

When I woke up, I put down the attachment of sentimentality towards these two practitioners. The practitioner who died reached consummation. The technical practitioner cultivates very diligently. Although we have taken different paths to validate the Fa, we are all Master's disciples and He is taking care of us.

In 2015, I was one the first people in my area to sue Jiang Zemin. I also helped practitioners from my hometown file lawsuits. At that time, I couldn't study the Fa every day. Having incurred debt after buying a house, I had strong resentment towards my family. The pressure from another dimension was especially strong, and I had the attachment of fear. I increased my Fa study and sent forth righteous thoughts for a longer periods of time.

One evening, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, the police knocked on the door. My husband mistakenly thought it was a friend and opened it. I heard my husband and children trying to prevent them from entering. I walked out and very calmly said, “Is this about my suing Jiang Zemin?”

The director of the police station said that there was a surveillance video and didn’t allow me to continue speaking. I told them to come in, but they didn't. I felt compassion for them and told my son, “He's actually a good person.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up the interference behind them. The four people who had been so arrogant were suddenly like deflated balloons. The director asked me to come to the police station the next day and then he hurried down the stairs. I felt that Master waved a big hand and destroyed the evil behind them. At that time, we had Master’s portraits, books, computers, and printers in the house. I never saw them again. Thank you, Master!

I was making copies of New Year’s paintings to clarify the truth before 2019. The previous years' paintings were not laminated, and they faded. This time I decided to laminate them. I carried back two bags but the laminating film was very heavy. I had to laminate about two thousand paintings. How could I bring them back? As I was trying to figure out a way, a practitioner who was forced to leave her home due to persecution suddenly came. When I mentioned this, she said that she had a car and could help me purchase the laminate film. What a perfect arrangement by Master! Master knows what we are thinking. As long as it is for validating the Fa, Master will help us.

Another time I was making copies of the book Hong Yin V and had to buy toner, laminating film and drums. I silently asked Master to let me meet a fellow practitioner to help me. At the store I actually met a practitioner whom I never met before. She helped me buy the materials I needed and helped me to get on the bus. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to carry everything.

Thank you, Master! You held my hand and led me every step of the way! When I was lost, you woke me up in various ways. When I was in danger, you wiped out the interference with a wave of your hand. When I needed help, you always arranged it.

No matter how long or how short the time we have left to save people is, I will follow Master steadfastly to the end. I will never let down Master’s compassionate salvation.