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Supernormal Abilities: Let's Not Underestimate Ourselves

September 05, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Having read two different practitioners’ articles on cultivators being monitored, I would like to share my understanding of this topic.

Monitoring is the product of an alien technology, which is a manifestation of the image of alien life in the human world. Falun Dafa practitioners are lives far beyond that level of that realm and cannot be constrained by low-level principles and materials.

As a practitioner, one that walks the path of godhood, we shoulder missions bestowed upon us by Teacher to save sentient beings. Let’s not underestimate ourselves.

We are in the process of cultivating, and at each level, there are many supernormal abilities that will surface, which we can use. But in cultivation, I found that some practitioners’ understanding of “supernormal abilities” were still at a cognitive stage. They didn’t use them. I thought that we needed to elevate our understanding and change our notions.

I have been distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification materials in buildings in a city, and in the process, I have gained some understanding of how monitoring, supernormal abilities and safety issues worked.

Immortals Helping Practitioners

When some practitioners and I were distributing truth-clarification materials, some sent righteous thoughts toward the surveillance device. But, I didn’t have such a concept. However, once I saw when we entered a residential area that some immortals blocked the camera head. After we left, the immortals also took off. When I saw it, I thought to myself, indeed, it was just like the Chinese proverb, “There is always a god three feet above your head watching you.” When Dafa disciples are doing Fa-rectification things, there are indeed gods that are helping!

Actually, when practitioners are validating Dafa, Teacher appoints righteous Gods to help. Practitioners are also able to maneuver the positive elements. We have our law-guardian gods and law bodies. Immortals are watching over practitioners in other dimensions. There are many lives that have made connections with practitioners, and the positive elements will help out when needed.

Practitioners save sentient beings which is the most righteous thing to do in the universe. All positive elements and mechanisms are running in an orderly manner as Teacher has paved the road for practitioners. The key is we, as cultivators, need to have the mentality and understanding that is required.

I have seen my law body more than once in my cultivation. Sometimes I told him to watch over people in my work unit and not let them interfere with me when I did Dafa work. Sometimes he would come by to tell me, “The work unit has been taken care of.”

I also saw some practitioners' law bodies. One day when I was doing the sitting meditation, I saw a practitioner's Law Body who said, “My master would like to see you.” I said okay in my mind and he left. Later, when I saw the practitioner, she said, “I was thinking of asking you to come by. It's great that you're here.”

In the early years, I sent righteous thoughts to clear all the fields that I would be visiting and the people that I would encounter, before distributing truth-clarification materials. Now, when I am about to distribute the materials, I would tell my law body to clear places. When I put them at doors, I also had this thought: “Please take it home and read. Don't damage it. I hope you can be saved.” Every practitioner has his law-guarding gods. We are not alone as gods are watching over us.

Using Supernormal Abilities

Some practitioners said that wearing glasses or a mask, or changing a hairstyle is one effective way to deal with surveillance. Actually, our thoughts can do a better job.

In our cultivation, we can have many supernormal abilities that we can make use of. I know of a practitioner who used his telekinesis superpower to bring back his lost cellular phone. I also read in an article that a practitioner in a prison said, “Freeze” to a prisoner who was threatening him, and that's what happened.

A practitioner distributed truth-clarification materials at night and bumped into a dog, barking fiercely at her. She was afraid that the barking would arouse more barking from the neighborhood and awake people. So she applied her supernormal ability on it, and it stopped.

Someone from the town said to another practitioner, “Not sure why the dog in so-and-so's house didn't open his mouth. It hasn't been eating for two days now.” This practitioner knew why. She talked to the one who applied the superpower. It turned out that she forgot to unfreeze the dog.

I did use this “Freeze” superpower before and was successful too. In fact, in the early years, in the article entitled “What Are Supernormal Abilities” from Essential for Further Advancement, Volume II, Teacher explained this particular power and how to use it.

Sometimes I used the supernormal ability – stealth, so that I couldn't be seen. Actually, Dafa disciples can be surreptitious and enter another dimension. Teacher has explained the Fa principles to us. When we put it into practice, we are verifying the Fa and validating Dafa's purity, and it is a truth. Therefore, our understanding of the Fa has to improve and we cannot underestimate ourselves.

Some practitioners have some misunderstandings. They believe in supernormal abilities, but they don't believe that they have them. I feel that such an understanding shows that the person doesn't fully believe in Dafa and Teacher.

Teacher told us to make use of the supernormal abilities in his teachings, so our understanding must improve. Why don't we use them? As our understanding of the Fa is gradually deepened, we can use these functions appropriately.

My state of mind gradually becomes more mature. Some practitioners said, for safety reasons, they wear glasses, put on a mask or change their hairstyle. So, when I went to distribute the materials, I put them on. But, then I saw some Gods and Buddhas who joked about that and I got embarrassed. I reflected on my behavior and saw that I was easily influenced because my understanding of the Fa wasn't crystal clear.

Improving Character and Enlightenment

Teacher said,

“Speaking of the issue of one's enlightenment quality, this refers to the depth of your understanding of something that occurs at different levels in the course of cultivation, or of a certain Fa that the master has taught.” (Zhuan Falun)

“As Dafa disciples, as I said in the past, you were all kings in the heavens; where did your ability go? People say you’ve come from a high level, so you should carry some of those elements and have some of that wisdom. Where did that ability go?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I enlightened that we have the ability but when we are not using it, we will be laughed at by the immortals. Teacher is encouraging us to use the ability.

About being monitored, sometimes I sent righteous thoughts for it not to have any effect on me. Sometimes when some practitioners and I sent righteous thoughts toward the surveillance, I thought: Remove all the images of Dafa disciples that you captured in your system. Let its memory about Dafa disciples be erased.

At different periods of time, practitioners' understanding about surveillance will be better as their cultivation realm improves. So the righteous thoughts that they send will also show the difference. Early on, I did not pay much attention to camera heads. But since I saw that some immortals were helping, I didn't develop the attachment of dependence. I have my own understanding of safety.

As cultivators, we know that the old universe has its own law of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction. Everything is changing in the Fa. In the future universe, things will automatically renew when they reach the degenerative stage. As cultivators, when we reach our internal and external correspondence in the cosmic systems, and maintain a cultivators' characteristics of “looking inward,” we can guarantee the purity of the cosmic systems.

We work on different projects in our cultivation. In another dimension, it manifests to a mechanism that runs constantly. When our character improves and our mentality is steady, our projects will run in a virtuous circle.

Supernormal Abilities Make Themselves Known

As time goes by, attachments will surface, and practitioners will display impetuousness, depression, or disapproval and take things for granted. They like to compare themselves with others, and attachments such as zealotry, showing-off, jealousy, the mentality of fast-paced seeking, or looking down on others will appear because they see their own strengths. Some even manifest arrogance, which in my view, is the evil’s true nature.

All attachments mentioned above are manifestations of evil. If practitioners can catch their shortcomings and make an effort to improve, the situation will turn around. On the other hand, if they do not make an effort to change or they get worse, the cosmic systems that the practitioner is responsible for will face disaster. This is why as practitioners, we need to hold onto every single thought and mind of ours and correct anything that is improper in a timely manner.

Once when I was climbing a stairway, I felt that my legs were heavy. I thought: if some fellow practitioners help me shoulder the task, that would be great. But very quickly, I realized that this was not looking inside as I was relying on outside help. I corrected myself immediately and just carried on with the task.

Another time, a thought of ‘taking a rest’ flashed by, but I continued with what I was doing. Immediately, I felt depressed and the emotion spread to my body and thoughts. The next day, I realized that it wasn’t me that was depressed. Perhaps it was other beings and it was the elements in their lives that interfered with me. I was determined to eliminate these things in my thoughts. I wasn’t responsible for these bad substances and I wanted to eliminate them. The feeling of being depressed was gone.

When I was giving out truth-clarification materials one day, I had a sudden enlightenment – when I maintain serenity to do Fa-rectification tasks, and when I look inward to improve, I am being responsible for sentient beings. In addition, when I work through my attachments, restrain and eliminate the demonic elements that came from sentient beings in order to ensure my safety, this is another way to show that I am responsible for sentient beings. I felt peace. I knew that only when I cultivate myself well, can I be responsible for people and society.

When I was walking down a stairway, a scenario appeared in front of me. Many rivers were jumping for joy and rushing toward the vast ocean which accepted all of them gracefully. Spontaneously, the turbulent waves magnified and I noticed a small golden boat carrying a person who was excitedly holding truth-clarification materials. He danced and waved at me. In the ocean, there was a huge golden boat which was about to sail. It had two golden characters on the sails: Dafa. The scene was a three-dimensional presentation.

This scenario made me understand the urgency of saving beings and at the same time, I also understood the inner meaning of being humble. Just keep walking straight without making a noise or claiming any credits. We should do our very best at what we should do.

Some of the poetry lines from Hong Yin Volume IV usually accompany me when I give out truth-clarification materials,

Teacher said in his poems,

“It’s Gods who told us to spread the truthIt’s the call of the Creator”(“Returning” from Hong Yin, Volume IV)

“Truth will push the door of delusion open”(“Push the Door of Delusion Open” from Hong Yon, Volume IV)

“The Dafa disciples spreading the truthThat’s Gods opening up heaven’s gate”(“Sing a Song to Call Out to the World’s People” from Hong Yin, Volume IV)

Teacher's Compassion Touches All Beings

One day, I saw a scene like this: Teacher's image appeared in the colossal firmament, teaching the Fa to beings in various dimensions from the most microscopic to macroscopic, layers upon layers, encompassing everything. I understood that Teacher's immense compassion has touched all beings. The path has been paved, and it's up to us how we go forward.

I encourage myself by citing the title of one of Master's poetry in Hong Yin, Volume IV, “If You Believe in God, Then Do as God Says”

Practitioners need to use the supernormal power that Teacher gave to us. Actually, I feel the most important thing for practitioners to do is to improve their character. In the midst of distributing materials, sometimes I think of the abilities and make use of them, and other times I don't as my thoughts are blank.

Feeling Teacher's Support

When I walked upstairs, someone was on his way coming down and greeted me, “Hey, you're back.” I replied, “Yeah.” Other times when I descended from upstairs and met someone walking upward, the person said, “Going out?” I smiled and said, “Yeah.” It was a friendly and warm exchange. We were like neighbors who have known each other for a long time.

Normally I leave my place around 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. At times I also go out at 8:30 p.m. Most of the time, the stairway is quiet.

I could feel that things around me are “frozen,” and sometimes I experience the mysterious state of “I'm in it, but not in it.”

In the process, I can feel Teacher's support. I hope that all the good wishes of sentient being saved are wrapped, folded and bagged in the truth-clarification materials.

Very often, I feel that Teacher is consecrating me. As the warm current flushes through my body from top to bottom, my face slightly perspires but it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you, Teacher.