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Being Careful with Comfortable Environments and Unconscious Habits

May 29, 2018 |   By a new Falun Dafa practitioner

(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2017. I didn’t have a good cultivation environment in the beginning, but benevolent Master, the founder of Falun Dafa, later created a very comfortable environment for me to cultivate in. I realized, however, that a relaxed environment was also a big test for me.

I formed numerous human attachments in this comfortable environment. I thought that I had plenty of time and could do whatever I wanted. Later on, I started to feel tired of studying the Fa and even resisted studying.

I let my thinking wander freely and indulged myself in my thoughts and actions. I didn’t act according to the standard of a cultivator and developed many strong attachments.

I felt bored and lonely in this comfortable environment. I started to watch TV and surf the Internet to kill time, even during work. I totally forgot that I was a cultivator. I thought that it was natural to entertain myself since I was bored.

Later, images from television severely interfered with me. They occupied my thoughts during Fa study and times for sending forth righteous thoughts. I also developed sentimentality and plunged deeply into human emotions.

I couldn’t pull myself out of it. I slacked off in studying the Fa and couldn’t do the three things that Master asks us to do. I failed tests miserably, and my faith in cultivation was shaken.

Then, I thought of Master’s words:

“…it’s okay to trip and fall, you know how to pick yourselves up…” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

I knew Master was encouraging me to pick myself up. I thank Master for not giving up on me.

I got up from the fall and regained my faith. I became strong and believed in benevolent Master again. I was determined to cultivate away those attachments.

I feel that the Internet has brought a lot of interference to cultivators, especially those of us who use the Internet at work. We enjoy the convenience but unknowingly fall into this demon’s den.

Oftentimes, after surfing the web, the images would appear and occupy my mind when I study the Fa or send righteous thoughts.

Master has answered a practitioner’s question regarding this issue:

“Disciple: Many young disciples in mainland China now play with their cellphones and watch WeChat and videos on the Web; they especially like to watch videos of small animals. We reminded them, but they wouldn't listen, so we are really worried.”

“Master: I have just said, everything in this world is attracting you, not letting you obtain the Fa. Not just you, all parents and governments in the world know about this situation, but no one can do anything! This involves not just the issue of people obtaining the Fa. People have also been so affected that they cannot work well, cannot focus on their studies, and they spend a large amount of time on the computer and electronic games—these things tempt you to watch and play them. This is no longer a human state. From antiquity till today humans have not had this state. This is aliens’ technology, and demons are utilizing it to get you hooked, get you to abandon everything you have, and have you devote yourself to it. It’s wasting your life, yet you are loath to put it down!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I realized that we have to have strong righteous thoughts in all situations. We have to clear the interference from demons and don’t waste our time watching news and television. As cultivators, we cannot fall into this ordinary habit. Otherwise, we would be walking on the path arranged by the old forces. As cultivators, we shouldn’t be like everyday people. We have to maximize the free time we have and do the three things well. We must walk our cultivation paths righteously.

When we watch television or movies or play on our phones during work hours, that is not right even in ordinary society. Whatever role we play in society, we have to play it well.

We should constantly observe ourselves: Are we doing something that is an unconscious habit? Are we watching our words, thoughts, and actions? Are we conducting ourselves in accordance with the Fa’s standard?

That is how we should walk our path of cultivation. That is how we can create a future for sentient beings. That is how we can cultivate to consummation.

Due to my limited level, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.