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70-Year-Old Ms. Tian Deyu Sentenced to Prison

March 24, 2018 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Guizhou Province

(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Tian Deyu from Guiyang City was sentenced to a three-year prison term and fined 3,000 yuan by the Nanming District Court in Guiyang City. She was taken to the Yangai Women's Prison in Guizhou Province in February 2018.

Ms. Tian is a 70-year-old retired worker from the Guiyang Power Plant. The officers from the Shachonglu Police Station in Nanming District, as well as personnel from the Power Plant Neighborhood Association, went to her home and ransacked it in November 2016. They confiscated 5,000 yuan in currency that contained written messages about Falun Gong. They arrested Ms. Tian, took her to the Nanming District Detention Center, and forbade family visitation.

Ms. Tian's husband passed away on May 18, 2017. Their children went to the detention center to inform her about his death and asked if she could attend the funeral. The detention center refused, citing that no outside contact was allowed during the detention.

Parties involved in persecuting Ms. Tian:Ran Maojun (冉茂军), chief, Shachonglu Police Station: 86-18685051777Xiao Shunbing (肖顺兵), local police officer, Taoyuan Community: 86-13885485027