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China Fahui | Writing Articles Is My Mission

November 15, 2018 |   By Ru Shi

(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am 56 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa for 22 years. I would like to share my experiences of writing articles to save sentient beings and fulfilling my mission as a Dafa disciple.

When the first China Fahui took place in 2004, I did not finish writing my article until the submission deadline had passed. Because I could not type on a computer or access Minghui, another practitioner had to spend an entire day helping me do it. I did not know if it would be published, so I asked another practitioner if she would check it. She told me not to be attached to it, so I stopped thinking about it. Later, I saw a practitioner cite my article, which made me realize how important my effort was.

Another practitioner praised my writing skills. When I thought about it, I realized that writing articles was my mission. In fact, Master already gave me the skills, and I just needed to go ahead and do it. It was as Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun) I am very grateful for Master's compassionate arrangement.

Reporting News of the Persecution

When a practitioner was arrested in 2009, her brother contacted me, and I reported on her detention, hearing, and appeal. She was later sentenced to one year in prison. She had strong righteous thoughts and was not tortured. At the time, I did not know what impact the article would have, but when she was arrested and detained again three years later, her parents did not let other practitioners intervene or report on it. In the end, the practitioner was imprisoned for three years and badly mistreated. This clearly showed how important it was to report on such incidents of persecution in a timely manner.

Six or seven practitioners were arrested at the same time in 2012. Another practitioner asked me to get additional information and report it. Seeing how frightened she was and how so many practitioners had been arrested, I was scared, too. Instead of reporting on the arrests, I chose to only send forth righteous thoughts. In the next two days, however, the police arrested about 16 more practitioners in the city.

At the time, our reports were very brief, and we didn't include any information on the perpetrators. My sense of responsibility surpassed my fear, so I went to visit one of the families. The practitioner's teenage daughter told me what had happened to her mother and gave me information about the police officers.

The practitioner was not intimidated by the officers who arrested her and ransacked her home. In fact, she questioned them and tried to stop them. Her courage moved me, and I wrote about it in an article. This report was cited many times, and I sensed how important my work was. At the request of her family, I prepared an article that could be referred to to make phone calls to the agencies responsible for her arrest as well as two follow-up articles that called for her release. These reports helped the family to oppose the persecution and rescue her.

I had been unwilling to read articles about the persecution in the past because of fear. This experience helped me realize that this was my mission. When the local courts illegally sentenced practitioners to lengthy terms, I no longer felt powerless. For example, I wrote an article on how four local courts framed practitioners and how the 610 Office influenced the judges to hand down heavy sentences. Probably because my xinxing had met the requirement of the Fa, the writing flowed naturally, and Master helped me a lot.

Working Together to Rescue Practitioners

One practitioner was a high-ranking officer before he retired. The practice of Falun Dafa helped him recover from many ailments, and he also played a critical role in validating the Fa in the region after the persecution started. Officials followed him for a long time, beat him until he received bone fractures, and arrested him.

This practitioner was very determined, and his family was willing to do what needed to be done to seek his release. Since someone needed to follow up on the progress of his case and write articles, the coordinating practitioner found me and talked about it. At first, he appeared to have little respect for my writing ability. But we both looked within and were able to work together on the first article. He liked the draft and added some information, and the article was published on Minghui.

Because the detained practitioner was facing trial, his family became more proactive with the help of other practitioners. By working together, we contacted government agencies responsible for his arrest and injuries. We told officials that his condition was life-threatening and that anyone involved would face legal consequences.

Although the practitioner's condition deteriorated, he wrote letters in detention, suing the officials for mistreatment. The procuratorate, the court, and the 610 Office wanted to put him on trial and send him to prison as soon as possible.

The coordinating practitioner gave me all this information. We decided to focus on how the 610 Office controlled the procuratorate and the court. I also included the names of the people who were directly responsible for persecuting the practitioner and delaying medical treatment, which led to his life-threatening condition. The article was published on Minghui, calling for his release.

With all this progress, the family became more confident about a rescue. The coordinating practitioner obtained many pieces of evidence on how the officials handled the case illegally in order to persecute the practitioner. After we contacted the witnesses and talked to them, they realized they had been misled by the officials and supported us. The coordinating practitioner impressed upon me the importance of both the quality and timing of this article. That is, we could not let the officials find out too early what we already knew; otherwise, they might have changed their strategy to frame the practitioner.

This case involved police officers from two different cities and was very complicated. Officers who beat and severely injured the detained practitioner turned around and charged him with assaulting a police officer and attempted homicide. Since the practitioner was in extremely poor health and they knew he would sue them, and with pressure from the 610 Office, officials from different agencies were eager to work together and put the practitioner in prison.

I worked on the article every day after work. It took many evenings and sometimes entire nights to finish it. I felt as if I had used all my wisdom. Then, Master enlightened me with new ideas, making the article more complete. Following the timeline recommended by the coordinating practitioner, I submitted the article to Minghui, where additional titles and subtitles further improved it. One day after the article was published, the practitioner returned home safely.

I learned a lot from writing this article. Many ideas popped into my head, and great words or sentences just came to me. I also realized that during the writing and revising, a large number of vicious elements were cleaned out in other dimensions.

The coordinating practitioner then asked me to write another article specifically documenting how the 610 Office influences the justice system to persecute innocent practitioners. This helped people to recognize how the agency operates above the law to either give orders directly or instigate other agencies to frame practitioners.

After the arrested practitioner returned home, he provided more details on the process and his understandings based on the Fa. This became another article that thoroughly documented the mistreatment he had suffered.

When working with the coordinating practitioner, I also learned to let go of myself and to contribute maximally.

Exposing Brutality in Prison

Several local practitioners were released from a prison in another city in the past two years. All of them had been severely tortured to force them to give up their belief. In fact, quite a few practitioners had lost their lives either in the prison or a few days after they were released.

The coordinating practitioner and I discussed this. We also visited the wife of a practitioner held in the prison. The wife did not know her husband had been physically and mentally abused. Prison officials had told her that her husband had acute illnesses and had received medical treatment. We urged her to find out the truth and said we could provide help if she chose to sue the prison.

Prison officials claimed a 100% “transformation” rate. That is, all practitioners detained there renounced their belief in Falun Dafa. This was brought about by using intimidation, torture, and slave labor. I wrote an article that exposed these facts, along with examples of practitioners who had died or become disabled from torture. The wife of the detained practitioner, however, did not want the article to be published, fearing that it would lead to even harsher retaliation from prison officials.

By working with the coordinating practitioner, I wrote an extensive report covering the deliberate cruelty that took place in the prison and the harm it caused practitioners as well as their families. It was very hard to write because many of the details were so ruthless and vivid. I felt so bad that when I planned to write a commentary article on it, I could hardly get started. “You should continue,” said the coordinator. “Look at the recent article you wrote. It was so powerful!”

When I had no ideas about what to write, I would study the Fa and recite Master's poem, “Reading My Students' Articles” in Hong Yin Volume II:

“Brilliant are the articles your sharp pens craftPowerful are their words, rich their sentencesThe body of science is riddled with holesThe evil Party is stripped bare of all its garbs”

This would give me energy and help me concentrate on eliminating the evil. What I wrote then was like bombs that would disintegrate the vicious specter of communism and bring people a better future. I am truly honored to have been entrusted with this mission and the skills Master has given me. New ideas would keep coming, and sometimes I did not feel tired after staying up all night. I also felt relieved whenever I submitted an article to Minghui.

The practitioner mentioned above who was in life-threatening condition later died in the prison. The coordinator asked me to write an article on his death and the deaths of other practitioners in that prison. So many people had lost their lives, and so many people had been ruined by the Communist Party. Writing this article was straightforward, and it was later used in a truth-clarification package prepared for the city. I was very grateful for Master's good arrangement.

Fulfilling My Vow

Numerous reports on Minghui in recent years have highlighted the brutality of the persecution in a provincial-level prison near my region. For example, in one case, a practitioner lost his life due to torture; in another, a practitioner was disabled. Both reports had pictures of the practitioners, whose beauty and innocence were in sharp contrast to the brutalities to which they were subjected.

Thinking about how the Party had been persecuting people through law-enforcement and judicial systems, I planned to write something about it. I gathered recent cases and statistical data and wrote a letter to officials in the local justice system. Other practitioners liked my letter and asked me to write another one for a different city. But I felt I lacked the energy and needed time to recover, so I said I had not had enough time for Fa-study and that the practitioners in that city could work on it themselves. The coordinating practitioner was not convinced: “You can still study the Fa, and nobody tells you not to. This is an opportunity to validate the Fa. Why not make the best use of it?”

I wanted to defend myself. But as I thought it through, I knew my explanations were not on the Fa. Realizing that my excuse was related to the attachment of competition, I told the coordinator I would do my best. The new letter was soon finished, and I was very thankful for the practitioners who encouraged me to do it.

Later there were more articles on that prison, and I also wanted to do more. One recently-released practitioner had suffered tremendously inside and wanted to document the details for everyone to read. We met, and her descriptions were so horrible that I got dizzy three times.

The writing process was also difficult. I was often sleepy and dozed off in front of the computer. Also, the more frustrated I got and the more eager I was to get it done, the harder it became. So I began to recite Master's poem, “Deterrence” in Hong Yin Volume II, and it helped me a lot:

“The divine pens deter those demons in human skinLike sharpened blades, they extirpate rotten spiritsThe old forces pay not the Fa its due respectWielding the brush you shall subdue the surge of madness”

With encouragement from other practitioners, I wrote the article focusing on traditional values so that readers could understand how the Communist Party has been deceiving people and destroying them. This made me remember Master's lectures in Essentials for Further Advancement. With that in mind, I was no longer resentful of the officers in the prison. They are also victims of the Communist Party. If we do not save them, who will?

Later on, I worked with other practitioners and finished two more articles. Both of them were letters addressed to officers in the prison so that they could know the facts about Falun Dafa. They were published on Minghui, and practitioners also mailed them to numerous government agencies to clarify the truth.

By then, I felt I had finally picked up the divine pen to fulfill my vow as a Dafa disciple.


There is an ancient Chinese saying that “good articles are from the heavens.” I truly believe it. Very often, I did not have a plan before I started to write. But after turning on the computer, the ideas just came. I know Master helped me a lot.

A few years ago, an experience-sharing article on Minghui recounted a practitioner’s dream. The practitioner saw a long list of article titles. Some of them were clear, which meant they had been published on Minghui. Some of them were not clear, which meant they had not yet been completed. In fact, whatever we are doing now was probably already arranged by Master. On the surface, we are assisting Master with Fa-rectification, while, in reality, Master is helping us to establish our path to divinity. I really need to do better.

Thank you, Master!