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Following Master—A Poem from Practitioners in the Military

January 04, 2018 |  


Once upon a time,we followed Master, descending to this world.Forgoing glory and honor,we were loaded with the hopes of sentient beings.Layer after layer of cosmos,we were willing to sacrifice all.Strong in our hearts,is the sacred vow of assisting Master with Fa-rectification.

Assimilating to the Fa,we have become Dafa disciples.Validating the Fa,working to fulfill our vows.Amid the harsh persecution,true nature is revealed.Rising from the fire,a stronger phoenix is reborn.

Holding one's belief,position terminated.Medals removed,replaced with handcuffs and shackles.Even if head removed,heart still follows Dafa.Embedded in every cell,Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance lasts forever.

Letting go of fame and sentimentality,practitioners only have compassion and righteous thoughts.Detention center and brainwashing session,cannot stop us from reciting Dafa lectures.Physically wounded with family shattered,no tribulations can break our vows.Completely opposing the old forces,Dafa disciples come with rationality and wisdom.

Sand washed away,pure gold remains.Eliminating attachments,genuine Dafa disciples forged.Celebration across the cosmos,sentient beings embark on a new era.Gratitude beyond words,we follow Master as future guardians.

Happy New Year, Master!