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Using Righteous Thoughts to Rescue My Father

January 28, 2018 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) In the course of rescuing my father in recent years, I have also been eliminating my attachments. Master showed me miracles and reversed situations whenever I reached certain levels in cultivation.

After my father was arrested for the first time, I was terrified when I went to the police station to ask for his release. I had gone there by myself and felt very anxious. But my fear left once I stepped inside the station.

When the police returned my father's belongings—a belt, a hat, and a watch—a USB drive, which my father had hidden inside the hat, slipped out. The officers were caught by surprise and wanted to see what was on it.

Something alerted me, and I wanted to stop them. I felt a rush of energy. I looked at the officer and extended my hand. “Give it to me,” I said.

He jolted a bit when he saw my expression. Without a word, he picked up the USB drive with both hands and respectfully placed it in my hand.

I checked the USB drive at home. It contained local practitioners' contact information and criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. As I wondered why the officer would listen to a woman like me, I understood that Master had helped me get it back to protect other practitioners.

I had another extraordinary experience when the court tried my father's case.

To have more people learn about the persecution of Falun Dafa, I asked my family, friends, and neighbors to attend the trial. The courthouse staff said that whoever wanted to attend would have to show up on the morning of the trial and get a pass to enter.

The local 610 Office sent a dozen officers on the day of the trial to surround the courthouse, and no one was allowed to enter. My friends, family, and other practitioners asked me what we should do. None of us had any ideas.

They all looked at me, and I felt a strong sense of responsibility. I thought I should not be intimidated by the situation. I straightened my back and asked Master for help.

I felt taller and bigger as I walked toward the entrance, which was guarded by the chief officer. “Who are you? We have orders to not let anyone in,” he said. I told him I was looking for the judge.

He could not get hold of the judge over the phone, so he would not let me enter. “My father is being tried, and you are not letting us in. You are going to be held responsible for this.” He replied that his job was to prevent anyone from entering. He stood in front of me.

“How dare you bully the Lord!” a voice echoed in my head. I felt a tremendous amount of energy, and I said to him, “Why don't you find someone to walk me in?” He indeed found someone to accompany me inside.

I found the court staff, and he told me, “I've been waiting for you. The trial will start soon.” He said the other people needed to get their passes in person. I realized he was playing tricks again, so I asked Master for help.

“I want you to let anyone I want to enter the court,” I told the chief officer. The chief officer then repeated my “order” to another officer before allowing my family, friends, and practitioners to come in. In the meantime, another officer who saw what had happened questioned the chief. The chief told him to listen to me.

A practitioner arrived late and could not enter. I told the officer that this was a public trial and that anyone could attend. He stepped away and let the practitioner in.

These many incredible things happened while rescuing my father, and I truly experienced what Master said:

“...by remaining unmoved you could handle all situations.”(“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

And being “unmoved” is also like what Master said:

“Being ‘unmoved’ refers to a person's steadfast righteous thoughts and righteous faith being unmoved.”(“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

When being persecuted, as long as we believe in Master and Dafa and maintain righteous thoughts, we can overcome all evil situations.

I’ve also recalled Master's poem:

“Swift like lightning, soaring to cosmic heightsMighty like a thunderbolt, reaching beyond heavensSweeping across the cosmos, no place untouchedEliminating altogether all that's decayed and deviant”(“Righteous Thoughts” from Hong Yin IV)