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Dezhou, Shandong: 94 Falun Gong Practitioners Harassed in April and May 2017

June 16, 2017 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) Carrying out a directive from China's 610 Office launched in April 2017, police went to the homes of Falun Gong practitioners in a “knocking on doors” campaign, targeting them for refusing to renounce their belief in Falun Gong. In the city of Dezhou, Shandong, 94 practitioners were harassed in April and May of 2017.

In most cases, the police questioned the practitioners on whether they still practiced Falun Gong. They demanded that practitioners sign a guarantee statement to give up the practice.

Some officers ransacked the practitioners' homes and checked for computers and printers, as well as whether the practitioners were using the internet to conduct Falun Gong activities. Some confiscated their Falun Gong books and related materials.

In other cases, the police checked the practitioners' identification cards and took photos or recorded videos of them and their homes. Some demanded that practitioners provide their phone number, work status, and other personal information.

Mr. Li Zhiyong: Police Demands Guarantee Statement

Officers from the Domestic Security Division in Decheng District called Mr. Li Zhiyong's sister on May 22 and demanded that she persuade Mr. Li to go to the police station. “If he doesn't come, we will go to his workplace,” the office said to his sister.

Three officers went to Mr. Li's workplace on May 24 and demanded that he sign a guarantee statement renouncing Falun Gong. Mr. Li refused. “I didn't break any laws. I just want to be a good person and follow the [Falun Gong] principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.' Why should I sign that statement?” he said.

Ms. Qu Xianmin Harassed Twice in Five Days

Three officers from the Xinhedonglu Police Station arrived at 72-year-old Ms. Qu Xianmin's home on May 8. Ms. Qu was not at home, but her husband opened the door. The police asked him whether the couple had Falun Gong books. Her husband replied that he did not see any books.

The police returned four days later and attempted to take photos and videos of Ms. Qu's home. She stopped the officers, who left a few minutes later.

Mr. Liu Linguang Asked for Personal Information

The police harassed Mr. Liu Linguang on May 25. While some officers talked to him, one searched his rooms. They took several photos of him from the front and sides. They asked if he had any computers, printers, or Falun Gong books, as well as for his family members' phone numbers and workplaces. The officers left after 20 minutes.

Going After Practitioners' Family Members

In some cases, the police also harassed practitioners' family members.

Three officers went to Ms. Cui Jiping's home on May 8, but she was not there. They later called her husband and asked why no one was home the day before and whether Ms. Cui was out of town. They also told him that they were following a provincial order to check on her and find out if she still practiced Falun Gong. They threatened that if she continued to distribute Falun Gong fliers, they would return for her.

When officers appeared at the home of Ms. Zhao Yucai on May 8, she refused to open the door. They then brought her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to her home on May 11. Ms. Zhao let the police in this time. The officers demanded to see her bank statements and health insurance card.

List of Harassed Practitioners

The affected practitioners are from various districts, cities, and counties under the domain of Dezhou City.

Decheng District (38)

Li Zhiyong, Wang Aijun, Sun Xiuhai, Zhang Xiuqin, Ren Wenlan, Zhang Junying, Qu Xianmin, Song Baolian, Zhao Xuegong, Liu Yongqing, Wang Qingshan, Peng Fengyun, Wang Guoxin, Zhao Yucai, Pang Haifeng, Li Junping, Wang Shulin, Ren Fengying, Fu Shaohong, Li Peihua, Cui Jiping, Niu Guiju, Shan Xiufang, Zhou Guizhen, Gong Jin’e, Liu Dazhen, Zhang Baozhi, Xu Shiying, Liu Yueping, Chen Zhizhong, Meng Xiuyun, Tan Changshi, Liu Xiuzhen, Yin Mingjun, Xin Wenhua, Kang Shufeng, Jia Minglu, and Liu Fengzhen.

Economic Development District (10)

Wang Kun, Wang Suhong, Liu Linguang, Zhang Qingming, Zhu Wenyan, Ma Dong, Cui Xiujie, Li Tiefeng, Li Wenjun, and Li Junlan.

Yunhe District (4)

Che Qicong, Che Xianqi, Ma Yuqing, and Wu Xiuyun

Lingcheng District (13)

Liu Huilan, Dou Linfang, Liu Zhanhua, Xu Zhen, Li Xiuying, Zhang Guogang, Yang Xiufen, Gao Guoxiang, Cui Yuying, Fan Yudong, Ma Zhenzhen, Dong Jun, and Gu Wenhua.

Yucheng City (1)

Li Defen

Wucheng County (1)

Bai Zitian

Pingyuan County (27)

The details of the 27 affected practitioners remain to be investigated.

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