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Dafa Disciples Should Not Act Against Master's Requirement

March 08, 2016 |  

(Minghui.org) Every practitioner knows that Master does not want Shen Yun DVDs and video files taken outside of China.

Master answered a practitioner's question in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference:”

“Disciple: I posted some Shen Yun pieces on the Internet in China for some web friends, but met with opposition from practitioners living abroad. Why is it that we can pass out Shen Yun DVDs, but we can’t make them available on the Internet?

Master: That’s right, you can’t make the video available on the Internet, as I said earlier. That is because once you put them on the Internet, there is no longer a division between China and the rest of the world. And doing that will negatively impact the effect that Shen Yun has saving people via live performances. If some people who are meant to attend the shows were to watch the DVD, they would forgo seeing the actual performance. Then those that should have been saved would not be, because the DVDs are not as powerful. Why is it that DVDs can be distributed inside China, then? Because Shen Yun cannot go there. So however much impact the discs can have there, we will take it. That’s the thinking behind it. Also, it’s easy for people to pirate a video. Don’t just go doing whatever you want. This is why we cannot put the Shen Yun DVDs on the Internet.”

The Minghui editorial notice published on January 13, 2016 gave these practitioners a chance to correct their mistakes. However, through the follow-up notice, we learned that the damage they caused is too great to repair.

As Dafa disciples, we should obey Master's requirements. The Minghui editorial notice has made it very clear—it is against Master's requirement if you are still keeping Shen Yun DVDs or video files.

Interfering with Master's salvation of people is not the behavior of a Dafa disciple. Let's look at this issue from a different angle: if Shen Yun comes to China one day, but the DVDs are everywhere, many people may not come to see the live show, and therefore would lose the chance to be saved. Isn't this interfering with what Master wants?

This is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I am wrong.