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Police and Prisoners Know That Falun Dafa Is Good

February 10, 2015 |   By a practitioner in Hebei Province, China


Learning Dafa

One day as I was taking a nap, I saw something yellow float down from the sky. A gentleman dressed in yellow came and stood in front of me. Since this was before I knew about Falun Dafa, it was not until after I learned it that I realized it was Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) who was watching over me.

I used to run a shop. In the fall of 1996, a lady came in and said there was a wonderful book about Falun Dafa that teaches people to be good and not to get angry when something bad happens. I was surprised. I checked the local bookstore twice, but I did not find it.

I used to be a very competitive person. I cared about fame and gain. As a result, my health suffered and I obtained many illnesses.

When I was in the hospital in the spring of 1998, my doctor said, "You have so many diseases, I cannot even make up a prescription for you. Why don't you try to practice Falun Dafa?"

Falun Dafa? I remembered that the lady in my shop mentioned it to me. "How do I practice?" I asked the doctor. He showed me the "holding the wheel" movement.

When I returned home, I tried "holding the wheel" above my head. I felt there was wind blowing over my head. I looked up and saw nothing. When I met my doctor the next time, he told me it was a good thing. "That was a Falun (law wheel)," he said. "You have good inborn quality. You should continue to practice." He told me where a nearby practice site was.

That evening I went to the practice site. I watched the video of Master's lectures. The next day I went to a physiotherapy massage appointment since it was already paid for in advance. I sprained my ankle and scheduled a massage for the next day. This time the skin on my neck peeled off during the massage and we had to stop. That is when I realized I should not have the message. I threw away all my medications and joined in the group exercises.

My lumbar hyperplasia was so bad that I was unable to walk for two years. During the first few days of doing the Dafa exercises, I heard my hip making sounds, and I felt Master adjusting my body. I also felt Falun rotating in my lower abdominal area. Since that day, I never went to a hospital again.

All my family members, relatives, and friends witnessed the supernormal power of Dafa. Seventeen of them began practicing Falun Dafa, one after another.

Police Make a Good Choice

One evening in September 1999, four practitioners and I practiced the exercises by a bridge. It started to rain heavy hard, but none of us moved. I was in a tranquil state. Water was pouring off of us, but I did not feel cold at all.

Suddenly two police cars came. The police officers carried us into the cars, one by one. We began to tell the police about Falun Dafa. They said, “You sat during such a heavy rain—you will catch cold.” We told them Dafa is supernormal: “We won't catch colds. We are good people. You should not arrest us.”

We arrived at the police station. The car stalled and could not move. An officer tried to open the door of a room to get us in, but the door would not open. I said to him, “You should not arrest us. There are spiritual beings three feet above one’s head. You did a bad thing and that was why your car wouldn't move and your door wouldn't open.” He also noticed this.

Another officer pointed past me and another practitioner, and we understood. We walked toward the direction he pointed and came to a wall. The cement wall was tall with electric wires on top of it. But the practitioner and I climbed over it and jumped to the other side.

We came to a courtyard. The gate was closed and a guard was nearby. How could we get out? We asked Master to make our bodies smaller. Then we went through the small gap under the gate.

We were glad that the officer made the right choice to help us.

Policewomen and Prisoners All Know Falun Dafa Is Good

I was detained at the county police department in 2000 because I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. There was one policewoman who was in charge of the female ward. At the beginning, she followed orders and participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners, but after seeing how practitioners behaved, she began to think twice about persecuting them.

"There often used to be fights in the ward," she exclaimed one day. "Why were there no more fights after you arrived?" She also asked questions like, "Some practitioners were tortured so badly. How did they recover so fast without medical treatment? Why can they still smile while being beaten so badly? When you practitioners were locked and forced to sit on the cold cement floor day and night, why did no one become ill?"

I used these opportunities to explain the truth of the persecution to her. "Falun Dafa is a great cultivation way of the Buddha School,” I said. “Under all circumstances, we follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Many of us suffered from various diseases before practicing. After we started to practice, not only did our bodies become healthy, but our spirits were uplifted and we were cleansed. Jiang Zemin (the former head of the CCP and the original instigator of the persecution) used state apparatus to frame our Master and deceive the public. We believe good will triumph over evil. We are protected by our Master."

After several conversations, she began to empathize with and help practitioners.

Two practitioners from another region were once abducted and brought to the same prison as us. The police beat them until they were unconscious. They were handcuffed. When the policewoman came the next day and saw it, she unlocked the two practitioners immediately and asked prisoners to carry them inside. She then bought two bowls of noodles she paid for with her own money and asked some prisoners to feed the practitioners. All 18 prisoners in the ward were touched by her kindness.

Among all 18 female prisoners in the ward, 10 of them were Dafa practitioners. Another eight were criminals, including four on death row. They were fighting and crying at the beginning of each day. One day I told them, "Try to forget about your past. If you believe in Falun Dafa, my Master will save you. If you knew of Falun Dafa before, you would not have ended up like this." The ward leader said, "In the past, I did not like anyone telling me Dafa is good. Somehow when you said it today, it made me want to learn it."

The next day, a practitioner brought in a copy of Zhuan Falun. The book changed the the attitude of the ward. Master's teaching touched the hearts of these eight prisoners, who were full of dark thoughts and hatred. They became open and cheerful. They competed for time to read the book, and they became critical of their own wrong-doings from the past. They all said, "We would not have walked the wrong path if we knew of Dafa before!"

One morning, after we carried our breakfast into the room and before we started to eat, the ward leader opened Zhuan Falun and turned to the page of Master's picture. She put the book on the top of the heater and saluted to the picture. Then she sat in the lotus position with her palms closed in front of her chest to show respect. When practitioners and other prisoners saw this, everyone sat down in the same position. One prisoner who was on death row cried, "Master, please take us as your disciples, even if we were sinful in the past! As long as we have one more day to live, we will follow you!" All the practitioners were moved to tears by the scene.

An hour passed and no one touched their breakfast. Everyone was crying. A guard on duty heard the cries and peeked in, then he left without saying anything. From that day on, everyone in the ward read the book or did the exercises whenever they had time. Once, we even read eight lectures in one day.

With studying the Fa, our xinxing was upgraded. One death row inmate was possessed by a snake in the past. She used to use this "spirit possession" to heal illnesses. After she studied the Fa, one day the snake said to her, "I have been with you for eight years. I helped you earn a lot of money. Now you want to learn Dafa and you do not want me anymore?" She answered: "Right, I don't want you anymore. I want to learn Dafa from Master Li."

She used to suffer from arthritis in her hands. A few days after she started to practice Dafa, her the arthritis was disappeared. She was so grateful to Master and Dafa. She decided to wash clothes for others in the ward every day.

The policewoman saw the changes in these prisoners and felt the peaceful atmosphere in the ward. She was shocked by the power of Dafa. She often chatted with me. "The ward changed after you came,” she said. “It made my duty so easy and I thank you very much."

She bought new clothes for me and sometimes brought dumplings for me from her home. I gave her a copy of a Falun Dafa book and taught her the exercises. She soon began to practice.

After I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in 2000, I was sentenced to forced labor for three years. In 2001, I was detained at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp. The chief guard often approached me when she was on duty. She listened to my Falun Dafa stories—how Falun Dafa had spread around the world and brought blessings to mankind, and that good and evil will always be rewarded. She knew Dafa to be good.

She often praised me as a "true practitioner." She even wanted her daughter to marry my son. She said I should not be detained there. "Do you have any illnesses?" she asked. I knew that she tried to get me out of prison using health problems as an excuse. I told her that I have been illness-free since I practiced Dafa. She sighed several times, "Now you are in jail. In the future we [police] will be the ones in jail."

Prisoners Assigned to Watch Practitioners Change

When I was detained at the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in 2001, a prisoner who was assigned to watch practitioners often insulted and beat practitioners. She was arranged to sleep next to me.

I paid attention and helped the prisoner with daily issues and I told her that Falun Dafa is good. Every day I taught her to recite five poems from Hong Yin. Her character kept improving, and she started to care about others. She used to be so loud when she was on night duty, that no one could sleep. Later, she tried not to disturb anyone. Whenever she was on night duty, she recited Hong Yin to herself.

She even started to see lights in the night. Soon, a large bump on her hand disappeared. Whenever Master published a new lecture, she would try to get it and distribute it to others. Eventually, she was released ahead of schedule.

I was detained at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in June 2001. A prisoner from Hunan Province was assigned to watch me. Her husband was 25 years older than her, and their relationship was not good. Thus, she had been dating another man for eight years. The man's wife was so angry that she became mentally unstable.

I taught the prisoner to recite the Fa. I told her that Dafa requires us to consider others first. "You dated a married man. Have you thought about how his wife feels?" She shook her head. Later she followed me to practice Falun Dafa. The chief guard found out about it and smiled: "I wanted her to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners. But now she started to practice Falun Dafa!"

After she was released, she returned to her husband. Her husband was very grateful that Dafa saved his marriage. He visited me in the labor camp and wrote a thank you letter to me.

A Poem

Wherever I go, I bring the truth and wonder of Dafa to the people around me.

In the winter of 2002 at the Gayang Forced Labor Camp, in order to make me give up Falun Dafa, two guards shocked me with electric batons until I lost consciousness. When I came around, they wanted to continue. A prisoner from Henan Province held me and cried. She begged the guards, "Please, don't hurt her! She is as kind as a mother to us. I beg you!" The guard in charge was shocked.

In the past, prisoners usually aided guards to beat practitioners. Today she wanted the guards to stop. The guards became quiet. They asked other prisoners to send me back to my cell.

In the summer of 2002, during a gathering in the ward, a prisoner stood up, "I have a poem: 'Sometimes she is like a caring mother. Sometimes she is like a child with a pure heart. She spreads seeds of compassion that yield beautiful flowers. If you meet any difficulty, she is the person you shall seek. You may ask who she is—everyone here knows her.'"

Everyone said it referred to me.