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How We Improved while Helping People Quit the CCP through the Global RTC Platform

June 27, 2014 |  

(Minghui.org) The global RTC platform was founded on July 1, 2010. Practitioners around the world actively participate in this project and have turned it into a dynamic cultivation environment. July is the "Global Month for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)," and July 1 is the "Global Day for Quitting the CCP".

Every day, hundreds of thousands of truth-clarification phone calls are being played automatically to people in mainland China, forming a vast truth-clarifying network. The RTC platform makes the auto-playing phone calls more effective. Before, every day, tens of thousands of phone numbers needed to be called back manually, but due to lack of manpower, many numbers were not called. Now, most of these numbers can be covered by the RTC platform, which significantly helps save people. Those who have listened to our messages are more likely to quit the CCP. The RTC platform is also helpful in training new participants.

1. Collaborate Well and Use Every Moment to Save PeopleWe are using every available minute to save people. On New Year's Day, Chinese New Year, and the Lantern Festival this year, we realized that most people in China were on holiday and had more time to listen to our calls. So we organized three times as many truth-clarification calls to mainland China. Many practitioners on the platform gave up their vacation time and expressed their New Year greetings to Master by saving people.

One practitioner said, "I'm also one of Dafa's resources, I have no right to waste time, every minute should be used to save people." My wife always wanted me to take her on a trip, but I have no time. I said, "When the Party degenerates, I will take you on a great vacation! But now, I have to use every minute to save people." My wife understands. I often think that when the Fa-rectification ends, we will have no more opportunities to save people even if we want to.

On New Year's Day and the two following days, we persuaded 1,416 people to quit the CCP. During the eight days of Chinese New Year, we persuaded 3,053 people to quit. We called for an entire day on February 14, Chinese Lantern Day, and persuaded 873 people to quit the CCP.

After seeing the power of focused calling, we set every Monday as "Truth-clarification Day for Quitting the CCP." Practitioners from many countries and regions participate and call together on the same day. We started doing this in March. Every Monday we can persuade around 800 people to quit the CCP.

2. Calling about the Situation in JiansanjiangRecently, international attention has been focused on the lawyers being persecuted in Jiansanjiang Region, Heilongjiang Province. More and more lawyers and ordinary people have begun to support Dafa.

On April 2, the global phone call project coordinators issued an urgent notice to make phone calls to China about the "Jiansanjiang case" to support practitioners and the lawyers in China in order to raise public awareness. That week, we made phone calls to people from all walks of life in China, from regular people to high officials. Our RTC platform made over 20,000 calls, including 1,945 to the central government and thousands to high officials in Beijing and to lawyers in different regions in China.

That morning, before we called the central government, we studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. We reminded each other not to look at their rank, just to save people by reminding them of their conscience. Then we made phone calls at the set time. With Master's help, all of us did well. Many people heard the truth, and some of them turned the speaker on so the whole office could hear it.

That morning, eight officials announced their resignations from the CCP, and some of them asked to hear more. They all wanted to know the true situation in China, but they were afraid to be seen publicly talking to practitioners.

Before we called, we thought about how to help them. We discovered it was very effective to be casual and caring: "Hi, how are you? We want to let you know that after the 18th People's Congress, 453 officials in the Political and Legal Affairs Committees in different regions have been arrested or detained. Twelve high-ranking officials in the political and judiciary divisions committed suicide for fear of being blamed for their crimes. The appalling evilness of the CCP's harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners is now known around the world. More than 30 high officials have been sued in 30 countries. The main issue in China is the persecution of Falun Gong. You should clearly understand the situation and protect yourself. I have two suggestions: First, get the software to break through the Internet firewall so you can find out what is the truth; Second, hurry up and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations!" Some officials decided to quit the CCP right away. But some were afraid and hung up.

We then called back again and told them, "In the past when dynasties or political regimes were replaced, many people were implicated. How awful to be destroyed by the CCP. Here is a QQ ID so you can get free anti-firewall software to know more. There is no harm in knowing more! All we want is for you to protect yourself!" Most of them carefully wrote down the QQ ID number, and some of them announced they wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

3. People Are Waiting for Us to Call ThemWe often speak to people who ask to withdraw the CCP with their real names, or ask us to help their family members, relatives, and close friends to withdraw.

We also meet people who want to learn Falun Gong. One time, a person who answered the phone and his four friends withdrew with no hesitation. They also said that they all wanted to learn Falun Gong and would definitely use anti-firewall software to read Zhuan Falun.

Some people who understand the truth sincerely thank us. Some even shout, "Falun Dafa is good!" "Long Live Master Li Hongzhi!" This happens frequently because people are waking up.

We also often come across people who believe in Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam, and many of them withdraw from the CCP. We usually talk about belief, and they understand that the CCP is persecuting righteous beliefs and good people. They easily understand that Falun Gong is good and withdraw from the CCP.

The Fa-rectification is moving forward, and more and more people are withdrawing in groups. For example, a woman with a Sichuan Province accent answered one of our calls. After she listened and withdrew, her husband did, too. He said, "We are a big family, and we all want to learn Falun Gong." Six people there agreed to quit the CCP.

An old man asked, "Please tell me, is the CCP good or bad?" The practitioner said, "It did not allow us to believe in Gods and launched so many political movements in which so many people died--it is not good!" When the practitioner told him about the stone in Guizhou Province with naturally formed Chinese characters on it reading "The Chinese Communist Party Perishes," the old man exclaimed, "Wow!" That call was made to a Tibetan ethnic region in Sichuan Province, where local residents believe in Tibetan Buddhism, and a local lama had told them to believe in Falun Gong. Someone else there said, "I went to Taiwan and studied Falun Gong there for over a month. Can you send someone here to teach us more?"

The RTC is also a form for mutual encouragement. After one practitioner heard another practitioner could make over 100 phone calls to China every day, he found his attachment to comfort and ease and began calling more people. The first day he was very tired, but with the encouragement from fellow practitioners he strengthened his righteous thoughts, asked Master to strengthen him, and finished all the phone calls. He helped 37 people withdraw.

You come across all kinds of people in the process of making phone calls, and sometimes you have tests or tribulations. If you can remember the Fa and keep a peaceful mind, the results are always good. Even when the people we call curse us, we can't be affected, but instead let go of ego and enlarge our compassion.

4. Training New ParticipantsMaster re-emphasized the importance of clarifying the truth at scenic spots in "Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference." Many practitioners wanted to do it, but didn't know how to start. To help them, we invited practitioners who had been clarifying the truth at tourist sites for years, as well as the ones who clarified the truth at both scenic spots and on the RTC platform, to come to our platform to train others. The training was weekly, and every time over 100 new participants crowded the training room on the platform. We also prepared reference materials to advise on how to break ice in persuading people to withdraw. Practitioners in different places around the world really appreciated the training.

One practitioner had attended the trainings for years, but still could not open his mouth. Now, after the systematic training, he picked up his phone and is also able to help other practitioners.

We also held a sharing meeting attended by trainers who are hosts in different rooms on the RTC platform. The hosts shared both their understanding of Fa principles and how to call and train others. We sincerely welcome all fellow practitioners who want to participate in truth-clarification using phone calls and going to scenic spots to come to the RTC platform for training, so that more Chinese people can be saved!

5. Elderly PractitionersOn March 4 we set up a room on the RTC platform especially for elderly fellow practitioners, which is hosted also by senior practitioners. Many participants in this room who spoke only dialects can speak fluent Mandarin now, many who've never touched a computer mouse are now computer-literate, many were shy now can speak fluently and convincingly. Many participants have gotten rid of their notion of being old and have become confident. When the participants have technical problems, the technical team helps them. Two months after this room was set up, more than 2000 people have announced their withdrawals.

We know we are still far from the requirements of Fa rectification, but we are confident we'll soon catch up and save more people! Let's cooperate better and fulfill our vows!