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Police Arrest Mr. Liu Zhihui for a 50,000 Yuan Award

June 25, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Zhihui was on his bicycle waiting for the traffic light to turn when about five police officers accosted him on August 25, 2013. They put a black hood over his head, and knocked him and his bicycle to the ground. They put him into the police car, cuffed his hands behind his back, took off his shoes, pulled his pants down below his calves, and taped his legs together.

The officers then made a phone call: “We have just arrested him. Who should have the 50,000 yuan (~ 8,025 USD) award money?” The other party said, “Whoever made the arrest should have the money.”

Mr. Liu's health deteriorated quickly at the detention center. Seven days later, the police released him after extorting 2,900 yuan from his family.

The officers involved in the arrest are chief Wei Lijie and deputy chief Zhang Zhangen of the Xiaocheng Police Station in Yi County, Hebei Province.

Tortured and Force Fed

The domestic security police took Mr. Liu to the Boye Detention Center on August 26. He went on a hunger strike immediately and they began to force feed him on the fifth day. They pried his mouth open with a pry bar which caused his teeth to become loose and bleed profusely. On the sixth day, the police forced him to swallow two bags of milk and pressed on his neck to prevent it from being thrown up. When he threw up, they collected whatever he threw up and forced it down his throat.

After seven days, the detention center wanted the domestic security police to transfer him for fear of them having to take any responsibility.

His wife, mother-in-law and two people from the village association waited outside the detention center. When the police showed up with him, his mother-in-law was shocked to see him and said: “You have tortured him. We can't take him. You take him back.” The detention center officers hurriedly put down Mr. Liu and left quickly. The domestic security police told the family: “We will remove his name from the black list and return his identification card to him. But you cannot file charges against us.” Mr. Liu's identification card had been held by the police since September 2009.

Brutal Torture During Prior Arrests

The police illegally arrested Mr. Liu and ransacked his stationary and sports store twice in August 2007. They seized 15,600 yuan, two cars, a notebook computer, three desk computers, and 16 printers, essentially everything he owned. After he was released he then repeatedly went to the police to ask for his belongings back. Not wanting to give things back to him, the police again arrested him and took him to a forced labor camp.

The police demanded 15,000 yuan from the family and told them that they would release Mr. Liu if they turned in the money before midnight. The family borrowed the money and turned it in on time. Having gotten the money, the police lied to the family and told them that they had taken Mr. Liu to the forced labor camp already and he could no longer be released. The next day, the police took him to the forced labor camp and returned the 10,000 yuan to the family, claiming the other 5,000 yuan was used up for lunch.

He was released when the forced labor camp found that his heart was racing and he was vomiting blood and fluid.

The police also arrested and interrogated him in April 2002, in order to find the sources of his Falun Dafa informational materials. They slapped him, whipped him with belts, and shocked him with electric batons. Since he would not talk, they burned him with lighted cigarettes, and shocked his soles and the center of his palms with electrical batons. They cuffed his hands to the headboard of the bed and forced him in an awkward position that prevented him from sitting, standing or lying down the entire night. Mr. Liu was later taken to a detention center.