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"Physical Examinations" Conducted in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp

February 08, 2014 |   By a practitioner from China

(Minghui.org) Every Falun Gong practitioner detained in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp is forced to have a physical examination. Before they arrive at the camp, all detainees are given a code number. Then upon arrival, they are taken to the clinic for a physical. Guards wearing helmets and holding electric batons would torture anyone who refused.

The physical includes a blood test and chest CT scan. Practitioners are always checked before the criminal inmates. The guards place each blood sample in a tube, and then label the tube with the patient's code.

“This is specially prepared for Falun Gong”

The CT scans are done on state-of-the-art equipment. Officer Zhao Guoxin once said: “This was imported by our government. It is the most advanced medical equipment in the world. Very expensive. It is used just for Falun Gong practitioners.” Officers Li Shoufen and Jiao Xuexian also confirmed this. The practitioners are not allowed to see their results, but they are put in the practitioners' medical files.

“The blood test must be accurate”

Practitioners at the camp are required to undergo frequent blood tests. They have a blood test when they first arrive, one just before their release and again every six months during their detention. This means that a practitioner who is held for three years in the labor camp would have eight blood tests.

The day before each physical, guards announce the names of those to be checked and remind them not to drink or eat anything before their physical. As soon as practitioners get up on the day of their physical, they are taken to a hall where they are forced to sit down. If they need to use the bathroom, criminal inmates are assigned to follow them to ensure that they do not eat, drink water, talk to or look at others. There is an audio monitor in the women's bathroom and a surveillance camera, which is monitored by male guards. Guards Zhang Haiying and Zhao Jinfeng both stated that every corner of the labor camp was monitored.

Ms. Zhang Jiguo from the Fangshan District in Beijing once took a bite of food before her physical. Guard Zhao Guoxin saw her doing this and punished her by making her sit in the hall for a week writing apology letters. Then they gave her a blood test. Guard Zhao said, “We must follow procedures because our supervisors told us that the blood tests must be accurate.”

Ms. Zhang's leg was injured as a result of being tortured at the Beijing Women's Prison. Upon her release from the prison, she was immediately taken to the labor camp for further persecution.

A practitioner with anemia is forced to have many blood tests

When Ms. Lu Fenglan from Hebei Province first arrived at the camp, her physical condition did not meet the labor camp requirements, but she was still accepted. Before each meal and each night before bed time, guards forced her to take some kind of drug.

Ms. Lu was hospitalized several times and was anemic. However, she was still forced to have blood tests every week and take many kinds of drugs. She did not know what the drugs were or what they were intended to do.

Ms. Lu became very weak and frequently felt drowsy. She often fell down when she tried to walk. When Ms. Lu was in critical condition, she was temporarily released to receive medical treatment.