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Call for Graphics Illustrating That Quitting the Party Is an Issue of Morality

Nov. 10, 2014


Requirements for Submissions

Prepare graphics or illustrations to accompany discussions of the topics set forth below. Graphic composition should be simple, with characters styled in a traditional manner. The graphics should be closely related to the topics, straightforward, and easy to follow.


1. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a moral issue2. One must be true to one's word3. One is not true to one's word if one doesn't take one's vows seriously4. Consequences of not taking one's vows seriously. Examples:

1) This person hasn't quit the Communist Party organizations yet; be careful when dealing with him2) My husband hasn't quit the Party yet. He doesn't take his promises seriously – how can I trust him?3) My boyfriend hasn't quit the Party yet. He doesn't take his promises seriously – how can I marry him?4) If I don't quit the Party, it'll be hard even to borrow money! Let's quit soon!5) You say I'm a Party member? Aren't you cursing me? I'm a Chinese who's true to his words!6) My son joined the Communist Youth League. This boy doesn't take his vows seriously. He tells me that he will take care of me. Can I trust him?7) Your grandson goes to elementary school. He returns home and says, “Grandpa. I've deceived others by giving the vow and now I have a red scarf (the uniform worn by the Young Pioneers). Are you going to reply, “My boy, good job! I did the same when I was your age.”8) At a job interview: “Have you joined the Young Pioneers? Have you retracted your vow? You did? You're a responsible person.”9) Quitting the Chinese Communist organizations is good. How can I, a person true to my word, not do that?!

Please send your submissions to: editor@en.minghui.org.

Minghui Editorial BoardNovember 9, 2014